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Name: joamazeme

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We have 5 of these kayaks and we LOVE them. They have proved to be very versatile. I can stand up in mine without tipping over. In fact, I've never been able to tip mine over. I've filled it with water trying but couldn't even fall out. They've been used by a variety of people from children to large adults. Even those who were technically over the rated weight limit found them to be maneuverable and comfortable. The best feature is by far the highly adjustable seat. The ability to raise and lower the back as well as adjust the back angle give the Wilderness boats a huge advantage over other fixed seat boats. The biggest drawback is the weight. A 10' boat weighs in at 48 lbs, which isn't bad but I'd recommend getting the model without a drywell (unless you absolutely need it) since it adds even more weight. Overall, this is an excellent choice for price, durability, comfort, and stability. I'd recommend them to anyone looking for a flat water, family friendly, all around kayak.

The Pungo is the most impressive recreational kayak I've ever paddled. It is responsive and stable with a large cockpit. The highlight is the AirPro Seating system. Your back will love it! The best kayak you'll ever find at a price that fits your budget. The only downside is the weight. 47lbs of polyethylene makes it a bit cumbersome for small folks like me to carry alone, but is still a great value. I highly recommend the Wilderness System Pungo 100 for beginners or advanced paddlers. You'll fall in love with the water all over again!