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Name: Burrfish

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I purchased my Pungo at East Coast Canoe and Kayak Symposium after demoing a number of other boats. My criteria were 1) had to fit in my small apartment, 2) be a reasonable paddle for my size 6 ft 200 lbs, and 3)be roomy enough to fish with. The Pungo best met my criteria.

I was somewhat afraid of a short boat since most of my paddling experience came as a guide using much longer boats (that I didn't have to store). The Pungo won't set speed records but its great for small marsh creeks. I've paddled it in some pretty good chop and it perorms fairly well but you will get wet. At no time did I think I was in any danger of dumping. The stability is a major plus and I like the addition of the bulkhead in the rear of the boat.

Boat is extremely comfortable. If I have a complaint it is pretty picky and that is I would like a little more deck rigging (I'll add my own later) since I'll use it for fishing. Otherwise a solid little boat for having fun in the marsh.