Corryvrecken Paddle

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Corryvrecken Paddle Description

The Corryvreckan is Werner's largest premium High Angle blade, designed for those who want powerful strokes in all directions. The perfect paddle for the coastal play environment, or for those strong enough to move lots of water and cover the miles fast.

Additional Attributes

  • Full-size blades are and ideal fit for the larger, well-conditioned paddler.
  • Available in Straight or Bent Shaft
  • Custom shaped
  • low profile

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why was it named like this,…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/31/2022

why was it named like this, but over all a great paddle. kinda skeptical on the name tho smh :/


I carved my own Greenland…

Submitted by: jluman71 on 8/31/2016
I carved my own Greenland paddle to go with my new Venture Jura HV and was generally happy with it for a season. Eventually the weight became bothersome after 3-4 hours (there is also a neck injury I have to contend with) and I set aside denial that I just wasn't getting enough thrust out of it. A more experienced paddling friend also noticed that I am naturally a high angles paddler. On top of that, the high deck height of my Jura almost forces a high angle form. I tried his Lendal and fell in love... then found out how much they cost. So began the search for a high angle replacement. I liked the Ikelos but again, cost. After a lot of research, and considering the known quality of my girlfriend's Camano, I was lead to the Corryvrecken.

It is a big blade but this is what I need. At 6'2" and with a 23" wide boat, the 215CM length turned out to be perfect. I don't have a lot of experience from which to compare paddle designs but understand that the power and catch of this blade gets me moving and allows for an almost relaxed cadance to keep a decent speed. Direction changes are markedly improved and I feel like I am in a different world handling wave and wake. Fatigue is lessened. The quality is outstanding. I like it a lot. Under hard acceleration, I have noticed a very slight flutter, which I did come across in a review or two, though don't consider it a big deal, but figured it was worth a mention. It is noticeably heavier than the Camano, but my neck and shoulders have yet to bother me using it.

After a good shakedown of the Corryvrecken, I decided the Greenland would be a nice conversation piece, if not a spare. Then my lady asked me to refinish it and mount it on the wall. Done.


Great paddle. I have one on…

Submitted by: clutchless on 7/1/2015
Great paddle. I have one on long term loan from a friend working overseas for a couple of years. It has a bent shaft and feels about as light as my own AT Xception, but with more power and a better feather angle lock system that does not slip. It grabs the water and pulls well and appears to drip less than the AT paddle. My new favorite.

My wife and I found ourselves…

Submitted by: mangonboat on 2/19/2015
My wife and I found ourselves paddling our SOT's more than I anticipated in moving water, especially boulder gardens and ledges. Each of us needed a paddle with more oomph to get on line and to eddy out, so I got her a Werner Shuna with straight carbon shaft and fiberglass blade and it proved to be a super paddle, so I checked with Werner customer support about how the larger fiberglass blade on the Corryvrecken would hold up in the boulders and shoals compared to all-carbon. They were re-assuring so I pulled the trigger.

It's a great paddle...very light swing weight but minimal flex in the blade and power to spare when you need it. I am out every weekend, weather permitting, bashing it into rocks and gravel bottoms, even pushing a SOT upstream through the sluices.

This is my new favorite paddle; if it had a bit of extra glass or kevlar to reinforce the edges it would be perfect.


I have been using a Werner…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/26/2013
I have been using a Werner Corryvrecken all carbon fiber paddle for about 4 years. I abuse it to no end. I have never been afraid to use it to push off rocks when launching, landing, or just in water that's really too bony to float over. Even so it has survived tremendously. In fact after four years I did manage to break it... not by paddling though... I dropped my kayak on it and snapped the shaft in two. I love the paddle so much I immediately purchased another one. Go Corryvrecken!

I have owned my Corryvrecken…

Submitted by: paddler233196 on 6/29/2009
I have owned my Corryvrecken for about two years and use to to paddle my scupper pro. I paddle at least once a week to go spearfishing. The Corryvrecken does the job but when I really want to move I use my Werner Molokai paddle. They look identical but the slight difference in design makes the Molokai really grabs the water and moves you. Paddle for paddle the Molokai is a better paddle if your strong enough to use it. When I am not feeling up to it, I use my Corryvrecken which gets me there.

I bought the glassblade…

Submitted by: paddler232947 on 11/20/2008
I bought the glassblade Corryvrecken (straight shaft 215 cm) a few weeks ago and used it for touring (about 150 km total) and for river racing (about 10 km). I was very satisfied with the feel during racing. I think it's a good paddle for stronger paddlers (big blades!). It's very light and has a nice catch.

There are a few disadvantages:
- not suitable for rocky whitewater (tips of blades are not reinforced with kevlar or metal).
- the joint of the two paddle parts has too much tolerance. The joint is not stiff.
- the price is too high (I paid 300 Euro's) for this paddle.

When I need a new paddle I'll probably look for another one.


Just an update to my previous…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/21/2008
Just an update to my previous review. I've used the Corryvrecken for a couple of years now and I still love it. I've had to have shoulder surgery from an old baseball injury an without the Corryvrecken, I wouldn't have been able to get back on the water as quickly as I have. This paddle has taught me how to properly feather a paddle (thanks to the bent shaft) and it has held up well to the myriad of beach landings and launches. My wife is now looking for one for herself.
Great paddle, wouldn't leave shore without it.

I got a full carbon, cranked…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/8/2007
I got a full carbon, cranked shaft at 210cm and at 800g love this paddle, it is superb in every way! I now paddle on the 45 degree feather (so I get no minor confusion when rolling LH forward as this feather is the same as my WW boat)and the paddle weighs virtually nothing yet has a super clean catch and exit from the water, very little splash. It suits my build and I can put down the power when needed.

The build quality is utterly brilliant and Werner should be recognized as "the best" in my opinion! (My "spare" is a 210cm, Glass bladed Lendal Kinetic Touring which is also very good, but the paddle blade area is less and the build quality not on par with Werner IMHO). Well worth the money...


The Werner Corryvrecken…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/5/2006
The Werner Corryvrecken paddle is a superior high angle paddle that is great for flat-water speed. A larger blade than many other Werner paddles, including the more forgiving Shuna, the Corryvrecken is the paddle of choice for moving the aqua. A fine choice for rapid and workout paddles, my Corryvrecken is the fiberglass model, with transparent thin blades and the adjustable ferrule which is a Godsend on windy days to adjust your feather; the wind likes to catch the generous blades as much as the water. Feathering can become mandatory, and for those that prefer a nonfeathered paddle, this might not be a good choice in windy conditions. My shaft is straight and I find this very comfortable on my wrists. A solid choice for high angle paddling expeditions, and a worthwhile investment.

I have had this paddle for…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/23/2005
I have had this paddle for over a month now and it’s fantastic. I have not developed any shoulder joint pain but I am more fatigued after using it.

The reason for this is I am going faster and farther I am enjoying myself so I paddle longer. This is such an efficient paddle. It’s not the lightest I have a carbon fiber Kaui that’s lighter but it doesn’t have the power of the Vrecken.

I have had one problem. The salt water seems to have disintegrated the glue that holds the plastic feather angle indicator on. Now I have no idea what the feather angle is. I feel that 1 Month is too soon for something like this to happen.

Would have easily given a 10 but defective angle indicator so...


I use this paddle more than…

Submitted by: paddler231233 on 8/5/2005
I use this paddle more than any of the other paddles I own. I have the fiberglass straight-shaft version (215 cm).

I find it has enough bite for rock gardening and surfing, yet I do not get fatigued when I use it on long paddles. I have done crossings up to 38 NM with this paddle without feeling a strain in my shoulders.

The weight of the paddle is reassuring. It is relatively light, but has a solid feel. I have a carbon fiber paddle that is lighter. You'd think the lighter paddle would be better for long crossings, but my fiberglass Corryvrecken has the right weight to give it a solid feel and it contributes to a nice rhythm.

I use the straight shaft because it permits me to move my hands to any location quickly. I also have a bent-shaft paddle but I seldom use it any more.

The Corryvrecken is probably the most useful and versatile paddle I have ever used. I would buy another.


I purchased a 210cm straight…

Submitted by: Hawksnest on 10/5/2004
I purchased a 210cm straight Corryvrecken fiberglass paddle a few weeks ago, and have used it on lakes, rivers, and smaller streams. It is rapidly becoming my favorite paddle for smaller creeks where I need power to position the boat quickly. The paddle works very well. I use a more vertical stroke with it, and it does the job.

I have had my bent shaft 210…

Submitted by: wet_one on 9/8/2004
I have had my bent shaft 210 cm corryvrecken for about 10 weeks now, and I have to say that it works great. Light and nimble, it is easy on the shoulders for hours at a time, but when you want acceleration it digs in. Great for rolling or surfing, but just a little tough to handle in the wind. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one if anything happened to the one I have now.

What a joy! I purchased my…

Submitted by: paddler230762 on 8/27/2004
What a joy! I purchased my bent shaft Corryvrecken from Jersey Paddler two weeks ago when I was on a business trip. Couldn't wait to get home and try it out. I spent most of yesterday evening on the Chesapeake Bay and I absolutely love this paddle. I have retired my Mid Swift to the deck decoration status, and I'm not missing it at all.