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I carved my own Greenland paddle to go with my new Venture Jura HV and was generally happy with it for a season. Eventually the weight became bothersome after 3-4 hours (there is also a neck injury I have to contend with) and I set aside denial that I just wasn't getting enough thrust out of it. A more experienced paddling friend also noticed that I am naturally a high angles paddler. On top of that, the high deck height of my Jura almost forces a high angle form. I tried his Lendal and fell in love... then found out how much they cost. So began the search for a high angle replacement. I liked the Ikelos but again, cost. After a lot of research, and considering the known quality of my girlfriend's Camano, I was lead to the Corryvrecken.

It is a big blade but this is what I need. At 6'2" and with a 23" wide boat, the 215CM length turned out to be perfect. I don't have a lot of experience from which to compare paddle designs but understand that the power and catch of this blade gets me moving and allows for an almost relaxed cadance to keep a decent speed. Direction changes are markedly improved and I feel like I am in a different world handling wave and wake. Fatigue is lessened. The quality is outstanding. I like it a lot. Under hard acceleration, I have noticed a very slight flutter, which I did come across in a review or two, though don't consider it a big deal, but figured it was worth a mention. It is noticeably heavier than the Camano, but my neck and shoulders have yet to bother me using it.

After a good shakedown of the Corryvrecken, I decided the Greenland would be a nice conversation piece, if not a spare. Then my lady asked me to refinish it and mount it on the wall. Done.

I bought this spray skirt to go with my new Venture Jura HV 19X36 cockpit. It goes on very easy but stays put for the journey. Less confident paddlers like myself tend to fall out when the surf gets rough and this skirt peels away nice so as not to induce panic. Excellent quality of materials'and stitching. It is quite comfortable. Should last a long time.

I got this paddle as a B-day present for my girlfriend when I inherited her my Prijon Calabria and made a Greenland paddle for my new Venture Jura. I had a cheap Aluminum/plastic one but it broke, has been repaired, and is an emergency backup only. Frankly, I am jealous of the Camano now. The paddle is so well constructed and light weight that I want to ditch the Greenland altogether. It is not in the budget at the moment but for sure I am getting another one down the road. Worth the money.

The fit adjustment is really nice on this PFD. It was one of the few that felt right for my larger frame in a size XXL. I am 6'2" and 260 lb. In fact, the adjustments can bring it down to fit my 5'9", 155 lb girlfriend really well too. Adjusted properly and comfortably, neither of us can pull the straps over our heads. It is also not a very bulky vest and is welcome for our sea kayaks. I wish it had a couple more external attachment points but the pockets have considerable volume.

If you are a larger paddler around the 6'2"/260lb variety with tree trunk legs and size 14 feet, looking for a plastic boat with outstanding quality, get this. The deck height should accommodate most NBA players' shoe size.

After a lot of research and lusting after several models and manufacturers, fit and fate led me toward the Jura. I tried an MV at Rutabaga in Madison WI and knew I was done looking. If I managed in the MV, I had no fear ordering the HV.

This is my first, and possibly last, sea kayak. I tend to buy and keep toys and equipment a lot longer than some and I think the Jura will stand the test of time with care.

It is a beautiful boat and I have received plenty of compliments already. I love the lines on it. Mine is orange but the colors for venture boats have a mild, off color speckled-look up close. The bucket seat and cockpit adjustment is outstanding. 4 hours in the saddle with no complaints. It can hold me in as tight as I want or let me lay back and stretch. The ratcheting back rest is a welcome feature. Love the convenient paddle-park.

The boat tracks excellent without the skeg positioned until the crosswind or current calls for it. The full-down rudder position really does the trick on a winding, turbulent creek. Operation is smooth and predictable. I used permanent marker to draw hash marks next to the adjustment slider to give me a position gauge.

A couple marks against the boat might be a little tinkering but I enjoy that sort of thing:

  1. I found the aft deck rigging a little sparse so I added a couple more bungees. One across the "jura" name and one diagonal next to the day hatch. This holds the spare paddle much better than before.
  2. I also had to adjust the rudder lines once, but this is easily accessed via the "inspection panel" in the aft. Not sure how they got loose or stretched in the first place but everything has been working great ever since.
  3. Gotta be a little careful getting in and out so as not to leave skin on the ratchet teeth.
8.5 - 9 so far.

This being my second boat and me being no expert, I give the boat a 7 to be fair with some slight complaints. I love it over my Pamlico 100, which I enjoyed thoroughly. I know this is hardly a comparison but this boat handles chop and wake so much better. I would say 2 ft swells on a busy local river.

Having to be budget conscious, I was looking for something used but a good all rounder that would handle my 6'2" 245lb frame. I was mostly concerned with speed so I could explore more open waters and go against a slow river and still get somewhere. Having researched Prijon among many, I was aware of the material quality and at one time a Kodiak was on my short list of dream boats. I found this barely used Calabria locally on Craigslist. It came with the float bag and a spray skirt for $500 (no rudder). It had been sitting in storage so was dusty. A good scrub and some protectant and it looked brand new. It is more stable than I expected and I am quite happy with the speed It seems to be a good ride for a first timer too. My GF took to it with ease. I know I need instruction and practice to wring more potential from the boat, yet am becoming aware that this will be an intermediate ride until I can shell out money for something better.

I have about 5 years experience kayaking. Not what I would call a ton, but I know enough at this point that I should have instruction while trying to roll, wet exit/enter. Tried on my own with laughable results. Perhaps it isn't the best boat to learn those skills but a more expert opinion should judge that. I would agree that it doesn't track as well as I would like. I may invest in that rudder one day.

My plan is to keep it as my buddy boat for kids and friends after my skills and confidence grow and I figure out my real abilities and taste. For now I find myself craving getting back in it after 3 days and a great run.