Name: mangonboat

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The worlds most comfortable seat for all day paddling , with adjustable seat back position. Easy to paddle with either low or high -angle strokes, easy to customize with rod holders, anchor lines, The storage area behind the seats is perfect for scuba gear , big enough for a milk-crate tote. I re-purposed the rear wheel bracket to a hinged skeg bracket, using a SUP middle fin as the skeg...makes the 12' track and paddle like 14'. The small covered storage bin between the legs is a disappointment- the lid never stays securely on. While not the ultimate boat for any specific activity, it is suited to white water, fishing rivers, lakes and ocean, maneuverable enough for tidal creeks and mountain streams, sturdy enough to play in the breakers at the coast.

My wife and I found ourselves paddling our SOT's more than I anticipated in moving water, especially boulder gardens and ledges. Each of us needed a paddle with more oomph to get on line and to eddy out, so I got her a Werner Shuna with straight carbon shaft and fiberglass blade and it proved to be a super paddle, so I checked with Werner customer support about how the larger fiberglass blade on the Corryvrecken would hold up in the boulders and shoals compared to all-carbon. They were re-assuring so I pulled the trigger.

It's a great paddle...very light swing weight but minimal flex in the blade and power to spare when you need it. I am out every weekend, weather permitting, bashing it into rocks and gravel bottoms, even pushing a SOT upstream through the sluices.

This is my new favorite paddle; if it had a bit of extra glass or kevlar to reinforce the edges it would be perfect.

I bought my gently used OT Columbia in 1987 and have paddled it on lakes, tidal creeks, the ICW and black water rivers. It is a joy to paddle and plenty stable for canoe camping , fishing, etc. It's also easily repairable.