Name: clutchless

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Awesome power paddle. I had been using an AT carbon fiber paddle but it had begun to have problems staying locked at the proper feather angle. The Werner has a firm positive locking system so no worries about rotation slip. The bigger blades dig in smoothly and allow for a better power workout when paddling for exercise, along with the great acceleration and speed attained. Very light and easy to handle, this is an expensive paddle that is well worth the price.

This was given to me but I had to repair a torn seam. It is circa 1999 and the owner replaced it with a newer model after she failed to repair it. In good shape overall.

It holds air but I am reluctant to head far from shore. It is slow compared to my 16 foot hard kayak, but stable and fun for 2 people if they can organize their paddling. Tracking leaves something to be desired, but I understand a skeg or rudder is available.

I think it may be good for fishing or for the kids to play with, but overall prefer my other boats.

Great paddle. I have one on long term loan from a friend working overseas for a couple of years. It has a bent shaft and feels about as light as my own AT Xception, but with more power and a better feather angle lock system that does not slip. It grabs the water and pulls well and appears to drip less than the AT paddle. My new favorite.

This is a great sit on top kayak that looks like a canoe, or a work of art. I have paddled for years and have several older Heritage (Nomad, Expedition) sit on tops and got this for my wife as she likes a dry ride and more stability as a novice kayaker. Bought it from the guy who built it who was selling it to finance his next CLC project!

The Sassafrass 12 provides room, stability, high weight capacity, plus the speed to keep up with the Heritage boats. It tracks well yet steers easily due to its length. There are no covered storage areas, but plenty of open room to store stuff. I recommend a longer paddle due to the width and height of the sides. Due to the wood construction it only weighs 25 pounds. I think the bottom will need repainting every few years, but that is a small price to pay for such a beautiful efficient boat.