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BetSEA PFD Reviews

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Since this is the ONE thing…

Submitted by: shortmarie on 7/2/2014
Since this is the ONE thing every paddler should wear, the entire time on a river or lake, it tops the list of gear. I bought this PFD knowing I'd be wearing it for long days so comfort was important. I'm a short gal, and this comes close to being a perfect fit.

I have used my BetSEA PFD for…

Submitted by: barbcrane on 6/30/2014
I have used my BetSEA PFD for 5 paddling seasons. I am short and chubby, the cheap basic life jackets we originally got to use with our canoe chafed and were just plain uncomfortable. When we switched to kayaks I invested in a BetSEA. It is much better in the kayak seat as the back is thin enough not to hang up on the seat. Armholes are generous and no rubbing or chafing. Plenty of room for the girls, too. Nice bright mango yellow is holding up after several immersions and use as a seat cushion during lunch stops. It does ride up a bit after several hours of paddling, otherwise I would give it a 10.

As another "well endowed"…

Submitted by: volklgirl on 11/11/2013
As another "well endowed" "larger" female paddle, I have to say that I love this PFD. The high back doesn't interfere with the seatback on my Perception Zone seat, there's plenty of room for the girls, no chafing or restriction, plenty of air flow, and absolutely no ride-up. I was concerned about buying the L/XL, figuring I probably needed the XXL (Universal Plus), but the myriad of adjustments on this vest means the L/XL can actually fit larger sizes than it's stated chest measurements.

I Highly, HIGHLY recommend this vest for any and all women, especially those larger or more well endowed. It was love at first wear for me after trying lots of other disappointing PFDs.


I am a "larger" woman at 5'5"…

Submitted by: rcipric on 8/13/2013
I am a "larger" woman at 5'5" 185 lbs. I purchased this jacket because of the ergonomic shape and support it advertised. The fit is true to size, I got the XXL. The color was beautiful deep pink. I love the zipper pockets for convenient ease of storage, and the hand pockets for warmth for those cooler spring and autumn paddle days. I would highly recommend this jacket.

Great PFD/life jacket for…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/9/2007
Great PFD/life jacket for women w/ "more than average" chest. I bought the Stohlquist BetSEA before I'd bought a kayak! The rental PFDs were _SO_ uncomfortable.

The BetSEA by Stohlquist has "sculpted" the front foam - read there are cup-shaped "cut outs" in the front where the bust fits. The foam is thicker below the bust and also sculpted a bit thinner at the armhole edge and much thinner at the upper chest.

Shoulders are stretchy w/ adjustment straps to take up slack, if any, so PFD sits properly on torso, not lifted off shoulders.

Along w/ waist strap and under arm strap to adjust circumference of PFD, there's a "cross chest" strap from mid back to upper chest that also helps hold the PFD in the correct place on the body.

Unfortunately, mine is powder blue, which is not the fault of the PFD, but the boat shop, because that's the only color they had. I'd prefer a more Hi vis color.

There's just one front pocket and one front lash tab on the BetSEA. If you want/need more pockets and a back lash tab, check out the Stohlquist women's Motion - built on the same chassis as the BetSEA.

I've progressed brom beginner to intermediat kayaker wearing this vest. I kayak on lakes and ponds, slow rivers (no bumps or whitewater) and some ocean/bay (not yet surfing). The armholes are cut out abit and rarely chafe me, so Stohlquist has figured out that some well-endowed women have narrow rib cages. They say it's short and doesn't interfere w/ the back deck - as I don't (yet) "have" a roll, I can't comment on that.

All in all, GREAT (umm, maybe ONLY) PFD for the more than averagely endowed woman kayaker/boater. (Other Mfrs attempts at women's models did not accommodate my DD chest.)