Name: shortmarie

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For older ladies that love to kayak, this yak is a dream. Stable, comfortable and easy to maneuver.. Having the option to pedal and paddle makes kayaking in less than perfect conditions a pleasure. I had to hunt through 6 states of outfitters to find one. and drove 500 miles to pick it up. But it was worth every minute in the car!

As a senior gal who loved long paddles (15+ miles), I need every advantage I can get. And this should be at the top of every gals list. I bit the bullet and bought a small shaft, bent shaft carbon paddle, and LOVE it...

Since this is the ONE thing every paddler should wear, the entire time on a river or lake, it tops the list of gear. I bought this PFD knowing I'd be wearing it for long days so comfort was important. I'm a short gal, and this comes close to being a perfect fit.

I've bought about 50 used kayaks, always looking for a good deal. I finally broke down and bought a new 14.5 Tsunami. I had to buy new, because NOBODY ever sells their Tsunami. That should tell you a lot. If I had bought this boat first, I wouldn't have bought the other 49...
Great boat, very stable, easy to maneuver

Love, love love this yak. Anytime I'm going to a new river with rapids and shoals, up to class II, this is the boat that's going with me. Stable, quick, easy to maneuver. My go to girl!

What fun! If you're looking for a thrill, and LOTS of attention, add one of the sails to your kayak. But be ready for some speed! I've actually had cars stop on bridges to watch me fly by. Really is a lot of fun!

I'm a little old lady that loves to kayak! I go on long flatwater river paddles that are 15 ± miles long. This cushion saves me from terrible cases of TB (tired butt). Couldn't paddle GA's coastal marshes and rivers without one!

I'm a solo paddler, and love long touring yaks. I couldn't get them loaded or unloaded without the assistance of the Hullavator. It makes tie down on the top of my BIG SUV easy, as it's done at door handle height. Best, most secure way to haul a yak!

As a little, 62 yrs old woman, I've been paddling for at least 50 years. I've owned many kayaks and one of my all time favorites was a fiberglass Sealution XL. The only problem was that in Atlanta, there are not many places to launch or land a fiberglass boat. With much sadness, I sold her.

Last week, while paddling on the GA coast, I purchased a 1995 plastic Sealution XL. I'm so excited! I've been restoring her, re-decking the bungee, rescue cords, and am about the replace the seat. This is my all time favorite boat. I don't need to learn to paddle (lol)... so I always use a rudder. Makes life so much easier and lends for a very pleasant paddle...

All of my kayaks are Wilderness Tsunami's except this one. I own a 12.5, 14.5, and now this one. Beautiful boat in the water. The fish form is amazing. Good luck finding one! Wish Wilderness would make it again!

I've owned about 50 kayaks and the one boat I will not sell is my 125. It's a comfortable, stable ride and handles like a dream. I'm 62 yrs old and have paddled all my life. This boat makes it easy for me to continue my favorite activity. I like it so much, I just purchased a tsunami 145 to add to my fleet.