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I have used my BetSEA PFD for 5 paddling seasons. I am short and chubby, the cheap basic life jackets we originally got to use with our canoe chafed and were just plain uncomfortable. When we switched to kayaks I invested in a BetSEA. It is much better in the kayak seat as the back is thin enough not to hang up on the seat. Armholes are generous and no rubbing or chafing. Plenty of room for the girls, too. Nice bright mango yellow is holding up after several immersions and use as a seat cushion during lunch stops. It does ride up a bit after several hours of paddling, otherwise I would give it a 10.

I would like to expand upon my review of 2010 of my Glide [2010-09-13]. I have had 4 paddling seasons in this yak, and still like it very much. We have paddled in lakes, tidal/salt water inland bays, and mild whitewater-up to Class 2. The boat does not always track straight through moving current and riffles but is manageable. Good stability in moving water -I have flipped it usually when grounded in shallow water with a strong current. It is easy to right and drain.

The seat is very comfortable for daylong paddles, and there is adequate storage for a dry bag in the bow. I suspect this would not be the case if I was taller with longer legs!! I do wish for amenities such as a cup holder and a sealed hatch - but this was an inexpensive yak and there are trade offs. It has held up well considering that most of our paddling is in rocky-bottomed rivers, and I have scraped and banged over ledges and rocks with little more than scratches on the hull. My Glide is light enough for me to lift into our truck on my own, although it is much easier with two of us!

Bottom line - this was a great value boat and I am still very pleased with it.

We bought the Glide recently for my husband. After some changes in plan, I got to use it - maiden voyage was last week (9-6-10). We paddled an easy stretch of the South Branch of the Potomac - a few riffles, some very low water - the Glide was terrific. Easy to maneuver, comfortable for this short, chubby, middle-aged female, and extremely stable. I also liked the inflatable flotation device behind the seat - a nice touch. Several of the others in our group tried it out, which resulted in two more Glide purchases! For an inexpensive kayak this one can't be beat.