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My wife and I, both relative novices, tested many kayaks this spring, and we each concluded that we preferred the Equinox (14') to a variety of more expensive kayaks. I suspect that they are the lightest and most versatile kayaks for under $2,000, and from our perspective handle as well as kayaks costing much more. We were recently on a large pond at Martha's Vineyard and got caught in a sudden and unexpected squall - from dead calm to wind and rain and whitecaps - and my wife, after some serious initial concern, concluded that she was in fact completely safe and stable as we paddled through it. And they look beautiful.

We really like our Seals Tropical Tour spray skirts. The recommended size for our kayaks fit the boats perfect, are easy to get in place around the cockpit notwithstanding the tight fit, and keep us dry. And the cockpit covers for traveling are just as well made and indispensable.