Deluxe Cockpit Cover

by  Seals

Deluxe Cockpit Cover Description

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Deluxe Cockpit Cover Reviews

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This seems like a pretty…

Submitted by: jamoaque on 8/6/2015

This seems like a pretty durable cockpit cover. Sometimes they say that one is not meant to be used when transporting the boat, say on a rooftop. This one seems to handle it fine when I use it to transport my Pungo 14 which has a large cockpit. Using the cover during transport on the roof gives me a handy place to tuck in the long ends of the straps so there are less straps to be fluttering around or to have to tie down somehow. It also keeps the rain out.


I purchased my first Seals cockpit cover from LL Bean. They…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/1/2015

I purchased my first Seals cockpit cover from LL Bean. They researched the size for my 13 foot Necky Manitou kayak. I should have read the reviews prior to buying this size since everyone wrote that they had trouble getting the cover on the kayak, even with two people trying! Kudos to LLBean because I returned the cover for the next size. It might be a mite bit big, but I can get the cover on by myself and can tighten it with the drawstrings.
Overall -- good satisfaction!


I bought the Seals cockpit…

Submitted by: informed on 8/7/2013

I bought the Seals cockpit cover for several reasons . First of all it made my kayak aerodynamic while driving and second I was going to store my boat outside and hoped it would keep the critters (spiders, etc.) out of the cockpit. So far I have only used it for transporting my boat. It fits well and I like that it has a strap that wraps around the boat to add to it's staying on. So far it fits snug and the strap is icing on the cake.

It seems well made and worth the price.


Originally I purchased the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/7/2013

Originally I purchased the Seals Deluxe Cockpit Covers for 2 of my kayaks. I do like these, but the first time I traveled with them one of the loops that holds the strap to go around the boat broke. I found that I did not like driving with the covers on the boats.

So I ordered the regular Seals Standard Cockpit Covers for the rest of my kayaks. Each kayak has a different size cockpit. The size recommended from the Seals sight was an exact fit for each boat.

Mostly now I use these to keep out any type of critter or insect like spiders out of my boat when not in use. I had a friend nearly jump out of his boat when he found ants crawling all over him because he does not have a cockpit cover on his boat in his garage.

So just for the thought of keeping out ants, spiders, wasps... I like the Seals Standard Cockpit Covers!


Have used these on 2 kayaks…

Submitted by: paddler234807 on 10/5/2012
Have used these on 2 kayaks for 2 years now and am totally impressed. The fit is perfect and have driven many highway miles and there is no way these will blow off. Last vacation had a couple of days of fairly heavy rain while kayaks sat on shore with covers on and were completely dry inside afterwards. Would highly recommend these to anyone.

Sometimes basic is just the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/26/2006

Sometimes basic is just the thing. Seals makes their entry level cockpit cover better than its competitors' "better" models: urethane coated packcloth, double stitched, with a strong secure shock cord triple knotted at one end, pull U strap on the other. Easy to put on, doesn't wriggle and can remove w. one hand.

First time out drove at highway speeds about 120 miles - heavy rain for at least half of that, going home winds 15-20 gusting up to 30 at our back. Cockpit cover stayed on, just as taut, and *no* pooling. No water in cockpit. A reliable piece of protective gear for my kayak.


We're going on our second set…

Submitted by: Razor on 6/13/2006
We're going on our second set of kayaks this season and started using the Seals cockpit covers last year. Their very easy to put on, clip the front to your bungees on your deck and wrap the strap around your hull/cockpit. These covers are there to stay....even at 75mph down the freeway!

This kayak cover is worth the…

Submitted by: aorourke on 10/17/2005
This kayak cover is worth the extra ten bucks. Why buy a cover that fails to keep the water out of your cockpit? If you're in the market, don't bother with the cheaper covers. All they can do is keep the bugs out. This one is guaranteed to keep your cockpit dry in a deluge.

Great cover. Stays where you…

Submitted by: paddler231205 on 7/18/2005
Great cover. Stays where you want it. Thier cover fits my oddly shaped cockpit/seat layout on my Necky Manitou. Just with I could find a sprayskirt that works as good.

I agree with everything the…

Submitted by: BIRDZONE on 4/20/2005
I agree with everything the above reviewer said. High quality materials and construction, intelligent design, including the clip to secure the cover to the deck rigging (although I doubt it would ever come off unintentionally unless it wasn't put on correctly. fits perfectly. What a difference from other covers we tried.


After years of struggling…

Submitted by: jmcphoto1 on 4/6/2005
After years of struggling with $20-25 cockpit covers from a variety of suppliers, which with the boat on the car at speed flew off (wound up stretching bungees across the cockpit coaming to keep them attached, they stay put but eventually cause tears in the nylon) even when tightening the internal shock cord to the point that it was nearly impossible to get the cover on. Then I found the $30 Seal Standard cover which has a non-slip covering of the shock cord which reduces the fly off problem but is still made of a water resistant(?) nylon that regardless of how may times I spray them with waterproofing, leak when the kayak is upright and there is a downpour which puddles on the cover.

I bought another used boat and went to buy another Seal Standard cover and happened to notice the Seal Deluxe Cockpit cover for $40 and found all my prayers answered. It has the same non-slip shockcord cover as the Standard, but adds the following features. It appears to be made from the same heavy duty material as river rafts and dry bags, have not had a problem with water seeping through whatsoever. There is a clip on the grab loop for attaching to front deck bungies. Finally there is a nylon strap that is attached to the middle of the deck cover and has an adjustable quick release buckle for encircling the hull to prevent the cover from being pulled off regardless of how fast you drive down the highway.

As Seal makes these in a variety of sizes, and has a fit guide for virtually any kayak ever made, as my other covers wear out or I wind up with a new boat needing a cover it will always be the Seal Deluxe Cockpit Cover. Worth the $10 premium offer the standard Seal Cover, worth ten times the typical cheapie cover.