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Wow. I have 3 Necky Kayaks and love each one slightly differently. My Necky Manitou is comfortable, not too heavy to carry and paddles almost effortlessly. The seat is particularly comfortable and in spite of my 215 lb weight; sits very well and not cramped.

Tracking is good and the Kayak is very stable.

I recently risked divorce and bought a third kayak. I already had the free standing Suspenz rack, and wanted to expand it's capability to hold three boats. I bought another hanger and the base extension and in the matter of minutes was able to expand my racks capabilities. If I were ever to want to add another boat it would be a simple matter to hang another carrier on it.
I highly recommend the Suspenz products. Well made and very adaptable!

I gave up on my Teva Churn water shoes - the more I wore them, the more my foot slipped forward and my toes would hit the front. I replaced them with the Sperry water shoes and wore them this weekend for the first time.

When wet they did not loosen up and stayed as firm (tight) as when I bought them. They felt good wet or dry and were just as comfortable. Time will tell, but they fit good and work for their stated purpose. Sperry has been making boat shoes for a long time and I expect this has helped in their design.

I bought the Skagit as a back up paddle. I had used my wife's (although short for me) and I liked it. My primary paddle is a Camano and while it is basically the same, the blade materials make it a little heavier.

I feel it is a good buy for the price. It has the same features - adjustable paddle angles, etc.) as it's more expensive brothers. My uses for it is for a back paddle and a loaner paddle for guests that use one of our boats. I feel the blade material will actually be more durable than Werner's next price point, which is over double the price!

Very good buy for the money and good for many levels of paddle experience.

I have recently bought several rack and paddle storage products from Suspenz and I have have been impressed with their design and quality. I discovered they now have a series of dry bags and got one. I have had a number of different manufacturers and styles of dry bags over the last 30 years or so. They ranged from heavy vinyl to a very light weight laminate. I liked the very light weight, but haven't used it enough to see it's durability - other reviewers have discussed that brand tends to 'delaminate' so the jury is out.

The Suspenz bag seems to be the best of both worlds. It feels more durable than the extremely thin bags, but is light weight. I have the smallest version and used it for my iphone, keys (with the electric fob) wallet and other 'essentials' for a 2 hour run. I tied it behind my seat where it definitely had the opportunity to get wet. It was a limited test - but everything was completely dry.

The bags also have a pretty neat feature of a clear (clear - but with a woven material through it -) strip down the bag from top to bottom so that you can see what is in the bag - I would imagine this would be most useful if you had several bags of the same size to know what was in them.

I am giving the bag a 9 due to limited use time - I will revisit this rating after the opportunity to it longer . Very good buy for the price!

I have been looking for an alternative system to hold my paddles rather than putting them into the wall. I have the Suspenz 2 boat free standing rack and am very impressed with it - and low and behold I find out they have a paddle holder that comes in a wall mount version as well as one that goes on the supports of the free standing rack . And it was inexpensive!

This is a great system - it took literally less than 30 seconds a paddle holder to install - 1 bolt and the wrench supplied with the racks. I like to separate my paddles, so even though the holders come as a pair, I think I will get a second set. They hold the paddles securely and do not interfere with taking the boats off the rack. You get a bonus with these as they come in a small mesh pouch that you can use to hold other things.

I had hand surgery so I bought the paddling gloves to help give my hands more support rather than against the cold. They are light weight, dry fairly quickly and supportive. They are half finger and not hot in the summer. They tend to run a little small, but they come in sizes up to XXL. I like them a lot.

I bought several sizes of these bags when they were on sale. I was attracted to them because of their lightweight as opposed to my old style heavy vinyl bags. The bags are lightweight and more compact. I have used the smallest the most and it has been ideal for small items like my keys, phone etc. that MUST stay dry. So far it has worked extremely well and stayed completely dry.

I have rated this bag a 9 because I have only used it for this season so far and can't comment on how well it will hold up under extended use.

I finally found a water shoe that was more like a shoe than a sandal. In design they are more like a very light weight running shoe than a sandal. They fit very true to size when in the store and dry. When wet though my foot tended to slide forward and the shoe felt 'short'. I am not sure if the lacing system just does not hold them tight enough or what. I like the shoes a lot - but I suggest trying on one size larger to make sure they fit well wet.

This is a follow up review not based on first impressions but under more 'normal' conditions. Having used my boat several times on a relatively fast river (the water level up a foot +). It performed well. It tracked well, but tended to veer a little toward the last stroke. On the more aggressive water, class 2 + it didn't turn as quick as I would have liked, but probably not unreasonably for a 14 ft. boat. It did react best to deep, hard forward strokes - not as much to a back paddle.

My only real issue, if that, was that the seat - while very comfortable - was difficult to adjust the back while on the fly . Easy on land, but harder while on the water. Other than that, I highly recommend this kayak.