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Name: Razor

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Reading the last review, I have to wonder why someone would offer an innaccurate critique of a boat considering their confessed lack of experience.

I don't own a Bahiya, but I've demoed one several times and I've found I have no trouble edging the boat and carving turns....Back paddling to assist in turning as mentioned by the previous poster? I don't think so. YOU HAVE TO EDGE THE KAYAK! The boats initial stability is fairly solid, however, with some inexperienced paddlers, it may feel a little "playful." I can't comment on secondary stability due to the paddling conditions.

Rolling the boat was smooth and required very little driving of the knee to bring it upright.

I would probably consider owning this boat, but I wasn't as comfortable in the cockpit as other boats I've demoed and now own.

I don't mean to get into a debate about the Bahiya, but based on the info by the previous poster and the fact they're a beginner (in a more advanced design), and a rating of 5 out of 10, Come on!

We're going on our second set of kayaks this season and started using the Seals cockpit covers last year. Their very easy to put on, clip the front to your bungees on your deck and wrap the strap around your hull/cockpit. These covers are there to stay....even at 75mph down the freeway!