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I own the Sawyer Products…

Submitted by: ezflow on 10/10/2016
I own the Sawyer Products SP124 Mini Water Filtration System Gift Package which includes 4 complete units, each in a different color so each family member can easily keep track of their own.

Each of these 4 sets include a 16 oz reusable squeeze pouch, a drinking straw, and a cleaning plunger. Each filter is rated up to 100,000 gallons which is more than I plan to drink in my lifespan. They work well for filtering out bacteria. With the included straw you can drink directly from your water source. Also, you can fill a disposable water bottle from your water source and then screw the filter directly onto it as the filter will screw onto most disposable drinking bottles.

I've only had this set for 5 months but I have used them quite a bit during that time and have encountered no issues with water flow or anything else. It takes little effort to suck the water through the filter. I am always sure to backwash the filters after every use which is quick and easy to do and which is recommended by the manufacturer. If you need to drink from water which appears excessively dirty I would pre-filter the water as I can imagine you could clog this tiny thing up quickly that way.

This is perfect to take on a backpacking trip. They are very small and each filter only weighs a couple ounces. Not only is it way better than trying to haul a bunch of heavy water bottles around, it is a nice feeling knowing you will not run out of potable water...provided there are water sources in the area. Drinking directly from a pond with this tastes as good if not better than drinking from a bottle of water purchased from the store. For the going prices of this filter I find it to be the most economical compact water filter and it functions very well.


These are solid filters. Each…

Submitted by: seanemory11 on 9/2/2016
These are solid filters. Each kit comes with everything needed, which was pleasantly surprising as many of the kit's I shopped around for came with just the straw-type filter or the filter itself. The basic kit that got for $20 included the filter which can be adapted to a water bottle, a pouch to use as an alternative to the bottle, and a syringe for backwashing and cleaning. I was so impressed I purchased the next level up as well, with the larger pouch and squeeze filter.

When you're outdoors, the number 1 priority is clean drinking water. I have no doubts this filtration system will provide that and fit in my pocket at the same time.


I love my mini sawyer water…

Submitted by: greatwaves on 8/10/2016

I love my mini sawyer water filter. It's so small, I don't mind taking it even in a fanny pack for a day trip. While I am often on Lake Superior and comfortable drinking the water, if there's any doubt, I now have the easy assurance of filtered water.

It's fast and simple and inexpensive. Very highly recommended.


Very easy to use, almost…

Submitted by: Odinthorsdad on 6/21/2016
Very easy to use, almost idiot proof. I have used the Sawyer Mini on several occasions and it has performed very well. It has great flow with minimal suction and very easy to back flush.

Very easy to learn to use.…

Submitted by: ShirleyDanford on 5/31/2016
Very easy to learn to use. Small. Lightweight. Easy to attach to most bottles. No problems so far. Remember to backflush to keep it working at its best.

Having used the Sawyer for a…

Submitted by: RikJohnson on 1/27/2016
Having used the Sawyer for a bit, I have a few extra thoughts...
  1. backflush the thing! Sawyer gives you a syringe for this but the easiest way is to turn the system upside down and squeeze a mouthful of clean water backthrough the filter into the dirty bag. Systen flushed!
  2. prefilter! You MUST be aggressive whr prefiltering the thing. Those mirotubes are so tiny it doesn't take much to clog them so prefilter and prefilter again. The internet and youtube will give you dozens of ideas on how to do this or make prefilters.
  3. the original bags suck! Sawyer has, I am told, fixed the bags so they no longer burst when squeezed. Thank you.
  4. Freezing! If you are in cold areas, shove the Sawyer into a zip-lock bag and carry it inside your jacket to prevent the thing from freezing and breaking the tubes and the bag will prevent you soaking your clothes as the filter drains.
Properly used, the Sawyer promises to put everyone else out-of-business. BUT, remember to prefilter and backflush to get that promised million gallons.
let's do the math. A gallon a day per person = 365 gallons a year times 100 years = 365,000 gallons. Wow! properly used, I can filter all of my drinking and cooking water every day for more than 250 years and still have a good filter. I can filter water for my entire family for every trip we do for a lifetime and my grandkids will still be using the thing.. IF... it is properly used.

It's a great item so long as you remember to prefilter, backflush and avoid freezing the thing.


I absolutely love it. I am a…

Submitted by: joejarman on 7/8/2015
I absolutely love it. I am a prepper at heart; so I have tried this and many others. It has many adaptable uses; like connecting to bottles and straws and it comes with a collection bag. Its small and cheap. The only downside is that to get maximum use one needs to flush it out. It is an easy choice for any outdoorsman.

I have the Sawyer filtration…

Submitted by: paddler235705 on 7/5/2014
I have the Sawyer filtration bottle. I use the bottle for kayaking and camping. The bottle is easy to use, carry and store. The bottle doesn't impart any "plastic" taste to the water. The filter uses you as a motive force to get the water through the filter media. So it's not like drinking through a straw but it's not difficult. The bottle comes with several mouth piece straws and a back flush syringe. The flip open top protects the straw when the bottle is not is use. Bottle fits great in the cup holder on my kayak.

I recently purchased the…

Submitted by: RikJohnson on 5/5/2014
I recently purchased the Sawyer as I believe in redundancy and always carry two filters. I like the idea of a pump and gravity system so carry the Platypus gravity and the Katadyn Hiker, which meets all of my needs. I got the Sawyer because it was on sale and was smaller and looked more portable.

The common complaint with the Sawyer is that the 'dirty' bags rupture when you are squeezing them through the filter. I never tried that, choosing to use the Sawyer as a replacement for my Platypus gravity, which means I wanted to hook a large bag to the intake and let the water drip into my clean bags.
Unfortunately, this requires a series of adapters that you can purchase from various companies, including Sawyer. extra money.
Plus I needed to make a pre-filter for the thing. These ultra-small micron filters clog so easily you MUST be aggressive in your pre-filtering. Although my Katadyn Hiker pump filter is more forgiving, the Sawyer is not. Check the internet for ways people have modified the Sawyer. It can be done and once accomplished, you have a good lightweight gravity filter.

So, if you want the Sawyer as a drink-and-go system I cannot help you, though the reviews say this works well, so long as you dump the supplied bags and replace them with decent bags. As a gravity filter, IF pre-filtered, it works very well indeed.