Name: Odinthorsdad

Most Recent Reviews

Very easy to use, almost idiot proof. I have used the Sawyer Mini on several occasions and it has performed very well. It has great flow with minimal suction and very easy to back flush.

I just purchased the Malone Stax Pro2 Folding Kayak Carrier and I love it. It was super easy to install on my factory roof rack and held my 2 new kayaks with ease.

I purchased this paddle when I got my first kayak for under $30 as a starter paddle. I have used it on a few occasions and I am very pleased with it so far. I don't have much to compare it to but it suits my needs for now.

I just purchased the Pelican Bounty 100 Angler Kayak from Academy. This is my first kayak and so far I am very pleased with it. I am 6' and 230 lbs and was not cramped when I took it out for the first time at Big Sugar Creek in MO. It tracked much better than expected and was easy to paddle up and down stream.