Pescador 12.0

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This Product Has Been Discontinued

Pescador 12.0 Description

A renowned performer, the Pescador 12.0 is the ultimate in versatile sit-on-top kayaks.

The multi-chine hull, broad shoulder and tracking keel creates a boat with maneuverability, glide and stability. Plenty of speed and capacity for any size paddler to enjoy a full day on the water.

Pescador 12.0 Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit on Top / Open Cockpit
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner

Additional Attributes

  • Comfort Seating System (CSS)
  • Keepers Foot Brace System
  • Bow Hatch, Stern and Center Day Hatch
  • Tankwell with Bungee
  • Comfort Carry Handles
  • Paddle Park

Pescador 12.0 Reviews

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I rented this Pescador for a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/2/2021

I rented this Pescador for a week in Florida, I did lots of inshore fishing with it and found it to track and glide very well for a 12’ kayak, this thing is fast! It’s a tiny bit tippy for me at 5”11 200 pounds but I’ve never felt like I was going to capsize. I can even sit with two legs over the side and still be plenty stable. Over all this thing is a great all around kayak and I wish perception did not discontinue this boat.


I have about 30 of these…

Submitted by: Paddle_Marco on 10/23/2017

I have about 30 of these kayaks for our rental and tour company. Let me just say, we beat the heck out of them. Slide them, drag them, throw them.... etc. They can take a beating. When they get worn down (usually in the back), they are easy to weld with a heat gun and spare polyethylene plastic. The only issues I have had is the handles can tear and the seats fade. Other then that, I'll keep buying them. Our renters love the kayaks too.


Durable, tracks well, high…

Submitted by: Paddle_Marco on 10/23/2017

Durable, tracks well, high back seats and a cup holder... it's the perfect rental and tour kayak. - we have more than 30 of them.


Great tracking, comfortable,…

Submitted by: seanemory11 on 9/2/2016

Great tracking, comfortable, very stable without compromising speed, the storage is nice, I could go on. Perception makes great kayaks. This feels more of a recreational kayak than a fishing, though I don't doubt it would do well in that regard. My main concerns regarding kayaks are speed, tracking, and comfort. For a recreational kayak, this covers the board for me, and it happens to be quite stable too!


I found it to be initially a…

Submitted by: bobber on 3/8/2016
I found it to be initially a little unstable(not bad but a little), But soon as it started to move even slowly (forward or backward) it was stable. Today was its maiden voyage. The wind was 15 + periods of 25 mph. I was paddling in a lake about 2 miles wide and 6 miles long. The Chop was running 12 to 20 inches. The boat did very well. I had no issues as long as I was in motion. I paddled about 4 to 5 miles.

The boat handled the chop well, Stable I never felt I was going to get to swim, tracking this boat will hold a very nice line, actually I was amazed at how well it tracks. In the boat for several hours I found the seat to be awesome, I did not expect it to be near as good as it was. The 12 foots moved pretty fast in water. Price point was very good at 540ish "Academy Sports". Weight is acceptable mid 50's. The Dry hatches had ZERO water in them, No leaks on bulk heads.
Over all a very well built boat.

It's minor, but the plugs for the fishing poles were hard to get out. No big deal. That's about the only con I could come up with.


I have recently purchased a…

Submitted by: paddler236654 on 2/24/2016
I have recently purchased a Pescador used off of Craigslist. I took it out for its first trip consisting of a lot of wind and 12 miles of lake/ river. I'm a shorter person and though it seemed big I was able to paddle and maneuver with ease. It is a very well built kayak.

I would consider purchasing off of Craigslist. They are about 650$ and I got mine that has been used for 1 summer and was in great condition for 345$. I am about to purchase another for another member of the family. If you are an expert, a novice, or a complete beginner I would recommend it.


I purchased this kayak last…

Submitted by: lchoyle on 8/5/2015
I purchased this kayak last fall after I got tired of the uncertainty of renting them. My choice of water is the quiet reservoir near our home as well the local state park lakes-no white water for me. I love the stability of the Pescador 12 and even with the rocking from a few larger boat wakes I've never felt like I was going to end up in the water. I am 5'9 and there is plenty of leg room and I don't feel cramped even after a couple hours on the lake. The seat is better than most others I tried out but as our trips get longer I may need to add a bit more lower back support. There are scupper holes under the seat so I recommend plugs for them if you like a dry seat. I was so pleased that I purchased two Pescador 10's to have for use by friends and kids.

Best all around boat for the…

Submitted by: topher0711 on 7/28/2015
Best all around boat for the money! Good tracking, fast, light, and stable! Easily rigged for bay, inshore, river, or ponds. I have 3 and would buy more if need be. Large hatch for dry storage. 2 smaller hatches for convenience in mid and rear, spacious rear well with bungies will accommodate medium coolers or all the gear one could need. 10 out of 10 again and again

Probably my favorite Yak for…

Submitted by: WaterWacker on 7/2/2015
Probably my favorite Yak for fishing. I fully rigged mine with all the goodies I'd need for river fishing. This is the same boat as the older Tarpon 120 @ a lower cost. I give me the edge over my Tarpon 100 with the increase in speed. Very easy to paddle and stable. I'm a 64 yr old fat guy fly fishing out of these and it's suiting me just fine. I bought mine as a left over discounted and never regretted a singe min of use. Room to take your dog along

I take river(between 1 and 4…

Submitted by: paddler236242 on 5/27/2015
I take river(between 1 and 4 days at a time) camping trips yea round and this boat is perfect. Plenty of dry storage. *I notice a few people said their storage took on some water? No problem with that here. Make sure the front lid is centered!! I like it better than both of my pelicans.

This is my second Kayak and I…

Submitted by: paddler236018 on 11/20/2014
This is my second Kayak and I must say I love it. The Pescador is a confidence building machine. I am not worried about paddling this thing any place. It is at home in very choppy water, as well as smooth as glass lakes. The kayak is well built and easy to enter and exit. It is a bit heavy at 60# but I will take the weight for the safe secure feeling I have when I am an hour from shore. I have read everything I could about this kayak and understand a lot of the information is subjective, however I keep seeing this underlying theme, everyone loves this boat.

i purchased an almost new…

Submitted by: Ernieinpilot on 10/27/2014
i purchased an almost new 2014 Pescador 12 after trying various brands off sit in and sit-on-top kayaks. I'm 6'2" and 220#s. Th boat is a perfect fit.

I put scupper plugs in the front 6 scuppers but left the aft 2 open. These keep the front perfectly dry. So far I've taken it out on a windy day in an area with a use fetch and up a couple of rivers with class 1 Rapids. It tracks very easily and hold a straight coarse unless caught in a strong cross current.

It's very stable, I'm not afraid to keep mini-iPad in my lap for photo ops. I can load it myself onto my roof rack using a simple extension device copied from the Internet.

Many people call this an entry level boat. For me it will be my primary kayak for many years to come.


Great Kayak for the price! It…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/21/2014
Great Kayak for the price! It is a nice go to kayak for fishing in bays, creeks, the flats and surf. I would highly recommend this to anyone beginning kayaking or that wants a well made sit on top kayak for a low cost.

I bought the Pescador because…

Submitted by: paddler235986 on 9/17/2014
I bought the Pescador because my Heritage Angler 10 was great on the river but less so on open water. The Pescador is perfect for local lakes in South-Central Texas and on the river when my daughter uses the Angler 10. I've had it for over a year now and it has handled everything I throw at it, including a short overnighter. It is light enough to lift onto the top of my Jeep (though some days are easier than others) and stable enough to pull in a 10lb catfish or a 5lb bass. You can't beat the Pescador for the money, and for $19.00 you can add a second flush mount rod holder.

The Pescador 12.0 may be the…

Submitted by: tjhawaii64 on 9/14/2014
The Pescador 12.0 may be the best entry level kayak on the market. Ready to fish right out of the "box" it features two rear pole holders & a front Scotty adjustable rod holder. Three storage areas make for easy access to your dry goods with two located easily within the paddler's reach and a large one up front for larger items. A generous baitwell area holds lots of extra cargo and fishing gear or your favorite pet! A very comfortable seat with a padded bottom and easily adjustable backrest give it the comfort beginners will enjoy. Complete the package with an anchor kit, lots of tie downs and adjustable footrests and all you need to do is grab a fishing pole! What you'll love most is the ride. It's wide enough to be super stable with its 28" beam but sleek enough to slice through rough waters.You'll gain confidence easily while learning it's capabilities. I have ridden the Pescador in 12' swells off the coast of Honolulu with surprising ease. It tracks beautifully, is highly maneuverable and is faster then I expected. I'm thrilled with my purchase and would recommend the Pecador 12.0 to any beginner who loves to paddle and fish!

I'm from Puerto Rico - North…

Submitted by: paddler235809 on 8/4/2014
I'm from Puerto Rico - North side is Atlantic Ocean south Caribbean. On both it did good in waves calm water of Caribbean sea. A little heavy but can handle it. Fast and reliable. Excellent purchase for a beginner like me. HAVE FUN!

Pescador 120 is the exact…

Submitted by: paddler235703 on 7/5/2014
Pescador 120 is the exact mold of the WS Tarpon 120. Some have considered it to be one of the best kayaks ever produced. The ride quality is second to none for a conventional kayak. Good in any environment, tracks well, has plenty of storage space and 350 lbs capacity. I bought two and continue to look for good deals on used ones.

This is my first kayak and…

Submitted by: paddler235707 on 7/5/2014
This is my first kayak and I've had it now for over a year and I love it. The only reason I give it an 8 for ratings is that I can't stand up in it, but I knew I wasn't going to be able to when I bought it. Also another reason for the 8 is it only had 1 flush mount rod holder. I know the Ascend FS12T has two flush mount rods and another one in front but I have a friend who bought one and he says he wishes he would've gotten Pescador perception sport. We've got the same paddle and when ever were going to our fishing spot I always have to stop and wait on him to catch up. The Ascend is wider for more stability but if I can't stand in it then I wasn't to worried about losing a little stability. I can actually sit side saddle in my Perception and turn around and reach for things in the back. I'm not a little guy either. I weigh 240lbs and 6ft tall. So if you're looking to get your first kayak I would strongly recommend the Perception Sport Pescador 12ft.

After reading other good…

Submitted by: paddler235641 on 7/2/2014
After reading other good reviews of the Perception Pescador (match mold of the prior Tarpon) and finding it at Academy for $499-529 depending on the model, I had to give it a try. Very pleased with the boat. I also have a Perception Kingfish which is a flatter bottomed boat and thus more stable, however the Pescador is faster and coasts better.

Initial stability is less, but secondary stability as you get further over is fine. I weigh 240-250 depending on the day and without any extra gear, I have water gushing up thru the floor scupper holes rather than draining out. Scupper plugs with an easy pull handle or cord are required to have a dry foot well. Same goes for the storage area behind the seat. The position of the drain holes allows you to drain the boat well though before dragging it to shore and having water all over the seat in the process.

Hull thickness is very sturdy as compared to the Kingfish, though I have a sail rig for the Kingfish and its hull handles that easily, therefore so should the Pescador. Pescador tracks far better and thus is a bit harder to turn sharply. I was able to trim a foam stadium butt pad and permanently insert it under the seat for a bit more cushion. Good boat at a great price.


Bought this as my second…

Submitted by: paddler235599 on 6/18/2014
Bought this as my second kayak after purchasing a Future Beach Trophy 126 sit-in. Wanted a sit on top for the warm Texas weather. I use it mostly on a slow moving river that always has a lot of wind (10-20mph). Haven't had any stability problems at all. In fact, my 70lb lab often rides with me. Lots of storage space. Some problem with the hatches leaking and water in the hull. Not sure where it's coming from. Seems to track well and handles the waves from all the boats well.

A fantastic kayak for the price!


This may not be the best…

Submitted by: spliffed on 4/2/2014
This may not be the best kayak out there but it is definitely the best for the money. It tracks well, glides nice and paddles fast. I can get up to 5 mph with a moderate pace on flat water. It is very stable as long as your bum stays in the seat. You can sit sideways and soak your feet on a hot day.

Plenty of storage with 2 compartments within reach while paddling. It even came with a rod holder for us fisherman and space to add more and a milk crate fits perfect right behind your seat. It handles chop well and stays dry if you have the scuppers plugged but I keep them unplugged near my feet and a little water comes in but it does not change the performance and if a big wave or boat wake hits, you will not get swamped. Even if swamped you will still float.

If you are a beginner on a budget, do not hesitate to buy this.


I have had my Pescador 12 for…

Submitted by: paddler235462 on 3/12/2014
I have had my Pescador 12 for a year now and love it. I use it in Sarasota Bay, would buy it again and recommend it to others.
  • A very good value when I bought it - came with an anchor, paddle, rod holder and foam car top carrier and is nicely outfitted.
  • The seat is comfortable -- not as comfortable as my Necky Manitou 13's with their Active Comfort System full seats, but certainly ok.
  • I find it very stable compared to sit-ins. It tracks well and is fairly fast and easy paddling for a sit-on-top - particularly compared to other sit-on-tops I have used which are tub-like and less streamlined. I like its look.
  • I have not had any problems with materials or failures nor any problems with water entering the hatches. I do get some water into the front foot-well area through the scuppers, but only enough to keep it damp and it's not an issue for me. I don't have any problem with water in the seat area. I am 6'0" and 195 lb. You mileage may vary with your size.


  • Cons are hard to come by.
  • I suppose the biggest con is that I wish I had picked a different color, but the camo blue-green was the one available at the time of my impulse purchase. I am kind of hankering for a yellow.
  • I wish it were a bit lighter (or I were a bit younger), but that is part of what you get with a sit-on-top and I am now accustomed to putting it on the upper rack. Some day I may want to move it to the lower rack.

I purchased this kayak by…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/13/2013
I purchased this kayak by using reviews from various sites. The cost was reasonable at $499 + Tax at Academy in Selma, TX outside San Antonio TX. Took it for a paddle in Canyon Lake and was not disappointed in the handling or ease to propel. Would have loved more features, but after looking at more expensive kayaks and researching add-ons, I can see why it only has what it has. The wells do collect water so scupper plugs will be a future buy but I had planned for the wet seat and did not get uncomfortable.

Initially unstable but quickly found the stability and did not have a problem. The seat was comfortable and was easy to adjust which made the paddling much easier. At 50lbs it was not too heavy to lift onto the J cradles on the roof rack of my Escape, but the weight distribution did make it awkward trying to seat it in the racks.

I still need a few more excursions to get use to it but feel it was a good buy for an initial entry level kayak.


This is probably my favorite…

Submitted by: paddler235256 on 8/5/2013
This is probably my favorite fishing kayak for people on a budget. For around $500 you get a kayak with a comfortable seat, plenty of room for fishing equipment and storage, and high quality materials. The kayak tracks well and seems very stable to me. My friend said his butt gets wet which has never happened to me but I solved this problem by giving him two scupper plugs to put into the scupper holes under the seat.

If you are looking for the most bang for your buck in a fishing kayak I would definitely check this one out. Please remember, a lot of what is good about a kayak comes from personal preference so please try one out whenever possible before making a decision.


Have had this kayak for a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/24/2013
Have had this kayak for a year. Very stable, easy to get in and out of. Enjoy fishing from this kayak. Have never tipped, and it is easy to maneuver and turn. There is plenty of dry storage room and the open storage in the rear is perfect for a medium sized cooler. I have spent many hours on the lake and river, This kayak performs just as well as one that is twice as much money. I believe I got more than my monies worth with this kayak.

I rented one of these this…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/24/2013
I rented one of these this past weekend and was very satisfied with its performance. Plenty of space and storage; tracks very well and very stable. Only complaints are: needs a more comfortable seat, and not a fan of the hatch covers.

The Perception Sport is a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/22/2013
The Perception Sport is a stable platform for fishing. It is compact enough for small rivers and is tracks well on large lakes. It can be set up for trolling with a compact downrigger or used as is for fly fishing.

Purchased my Pescador 12 a…

Submitted by: paddler235094 on 7/14/2013
Purchased my Pescador 12 a month ago for recreation and fishing. I find the kayak to be very stable (I am 5'10 180lbs) because I tipped over trying to rescue an abandoned water bottle, but was able to get back inside the kayak on my first attempt. Moreover, all of my equipment that was laying adrift in the kayak remained inside. For fishing, I would tend to believe that the Pescador 12 should have a larger hatch between my legs so I could place a bag with ice in it to keep a fish or two. Carrying the kayak is easy as my wife and I are able to carry both of our kayaks and she's 5' and 100lbs. So, for those looking for a recreational kayak that you can fish out of, I highly recommend the Pescador 12.

My Pescador 12 was my first…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/28/2013
My Pescador 12 was my first ever kayak and I've had it for 1 year and 3 months at the time of writing this.
  • Low price
  • Very comfortable seat compared to other kayak seats I've used
  • Light weight: it is very easy to load and unload compared to other fishing kayaks I have experience with (Tarpon 140, Native Slayer 14.5)
  • Came with a Scotty mount and rod holder and one flush mount rod holder behind the seat. There's also another spot behind the seat that is obviously meant for you to add another flush mount.
  • My kayak came with lots of nice little convenient things that saved me the trouble of having to add the myself such as: the stretchy cord in the back and around the center hatch (the one in between your legs), little rings on the side for attaching stuff for easy access while you're out, an anchor cleat, and it is ready to rig up a rudder system.
  • Fast for a 12' kayak


  • This is not a very stable kayak, which is probably the Pescador's biggest downfall.
  • I can't stand up and fish because it is too unstable (I'm 6'0 215lbs). I can stand up in it, but it is very unstable and impractical. I have fallen out of this kayak while standing up in it once and nearly fallen out of it while standing/trying to stand in it many times.
  • It's difficult to reach the rear storage area and impossible to reach the front hatch storage while still in your kayak. I see that some people here recommend sitting side saddle to access these, but this kayak is not stable enough for me to do that.
  • My Pescador 12 always gets water inside of it. My front hatch does not completely seal and it wiggles around some when closed, I believe that this is how water gets inside of it. I'm not sure if this is a problem all Pescadors have or if it is exclusive to my kayak, but it is a pretty big problem. I don't take on enough water to sink my kayak, but it is unsettling and just a pain. I can't put anything in there that I don't want to get wet, but I don't really use it anyways because I can't access it while I'm in my kayak. I'm looking in to putting some sort of a gasket inside of it for this right now.
  • The tracking isn't amazing and you will get spun around in a fast moving current very easily. The kayak comes ready to install a rudder system, I haven't added one yet but it would make life a lot easier.
Overall this is a nice kayak and I do like mine a lot, but it is not perfect and I will eventually be getting a new kayak and keeping my Pescador as a loaner. I would at least look in to a Heritage Redfish or Perception Caster before getting a Pescador, I haven't used either of them but they are similarly priced ($500ish) and don't seem to have some of the problems that Pescadors have (from the minimal research that I have done- look in to them yourself and draw your own conclusions).

Recently purchased a Pescador…

Submitted by: rnsparky on 8/10/2012
Recently purchased a Pescador 12 and a Pescador 10 to have some warm weather wet fun. Both boats are great, the 12 is faster and the 10 is more responsive and fun in the waves.
Stable, plenty of hatch storage, and comfortable seats. Both are a 10!

I have had mine for about 4…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/8/2012
I have had mine for about 4 months now and I love it. I use it for both bay fishing and btb fishing and it handles like a dream. tracking and comfort excellent. I weigh about 175 and it is perfect. Slide up to reach front hatch and side saddle to get to the back as mentioned previously. Your money goes a long way with this one. Highly recommend it!

Recently purchase the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/12/2012
Recently purchase the Pescador 12, also have an Old Town Vapor. I love them both, but the Pescador 12 is a fantastic yak. The only downside is it weighs 60 pounds, but I have learned how to load and unload it on my jeep and am really enjoying it. Highly recommend it, very stable and great for fishing.

I just purchased the Pescador…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/3/2012
I just purchased the Pescador Sport 12, I love it. I've been using my Old Town Dirigo Angler for the past 4 years and I'm telling ya it's the best kayak out there for the money. It tracks great, it's comfortable; in my old kayak I'd get sore and restless in in it. I spent 4 hours on the lake and didn't get sore one time. It maneuvers great and handles a Cadillac on water. Plus I get to sit sideways. Now we're gonna get one for my girlfriend in a couple weeks . Best thing I've spent my money on in awhile

New to the amazing world of…

Submitted by: paddler234587 on 6/14/2012
New to the amazing world of kayaking, we did a copious amount of research before purchasing our first yaks. After closely considering speed, stability, versatility, and price, the choice became quite clear; Perception Sport's Pescador 12 is a winner.

Based on Wilderness System's 2008 model of the Tarpon 120, the Pescador hits all marks on what is considered to be a classic among quality SOT kayaks. It tracks well (faster than Ocean Kayak Caper and Big Game from our experience, but not as stable), boasts a comfortable seat, has plenty of storage, and is truly a beautiful boat. At $500, it's value is unparalleled.

We bought three. I'm 6' 250, my wife is 5'2" 160, and my sister is 5'10" 200. No issues. We were ducks to water in our Pescadors!
Explore in your Pescador!


After doing a fair amount of…

Submitted by: paddler234573 on 6/6/2012
After doing a fair amount of research and trying out a couple of demos, I decided that the Pescador 12 was the yak I wanted. Now comes the good part, I found a red one with an anchor and Scotty rod holder at a local Sports Authority store on clearance for $409, the sales guy told me that the low price was due to it being a 2011 model. At the same store they had a camo model that also included a paddle and cheap foam car top kit priced at $749. It was explained to me that the higher price was due to it being a 2012 model. Needless to say I was more than happy to take the 2011 model. Whats more I was able to apply a 20% off coupon to the purchase price which resulted in a final price of $327 b4 tax. One of the best deals I ever had on anything.

I've had it out on a local lake twice and couldn't be more pleased, very stable, tracks great and pretty fast for a SOT. Looking forward to years of enjoyment with this yak.


Well, I'll start by saying…

Submitted by: paddler234570 on 6/5/2012
Well, I'll start by saying for the price you cannot beat this kayak!!!! It's great for skinny water (bays, marsh, lakes, etc.). For that kind of fishing I give this kayak a 10/10, its quick, turns great, and you can easily sit side saddle, scoot forward and reach stuff in the front hatch, or sit side saddle and reach anything in the back. I'm around 200-210lb and the foot area keeps about a half inch of water with no scupper plugs in - no biggie, my feet are normally wet from sitting side saddle anyway!

The reason why I give this an 8/10 instead of full is its performance offshore (btb). I've had it beyond the breakers (btb) fishing for sharks and bull reds on the Texas coast twice in waves/swell less than 3 feet, but it just doesn't feel stable, every wave/swell feels like it may tip you if it catches you off guard.

In the end: If you want a fishing kayak great for bay fishing, or somewhere that not as open as the ocean, this is GREAT!!!! If you are looking for something to use for big fish on big water - test drive one before you buy it, you may want to reconsider.


Bought this boat back in…

Submitted by: paddler234556 on 5/30/2012
Bought this boat back in December and floated it down a flooded creek and through a swamp, jump shooting ducks. Very stable, even swinging a 28" barreled duck gun blazing away with 3.5" magnum shells. Loaded decoys, gun, lunch, etc... and paddled out on a lake to set up on an island. All of this while wearing chest waders, heavy winter gear, and yes, a life jacket. Very pleased with this boat, although I might get a 12' next time around.

As mentioned, this is the old…

Submitted by: paddler234531 on 5/18/2012
As mentioned, this is the old Tarpon 120 with the older style leak proof hatches and half the price. I picked up one for a buddy kayak from T&G Canoe and Kayak for $499 in a sand color. I installed a Wilderness Systems rudder with SEA-Lect foot controls, two hatch bags, and a Scotty flush rod holder. Next up, a fish finder...

The boat tracks well, fishes great, isn't heavy, and is pretty stable. Hands down the best kayak for $500 new. Nothing else comes close!


I picked up a Pescador angler…

Submitted by: paddler234488 on 4/11/2012
I picked up a Pescador angler version on clearance at Dick's sporting goods. I've owned several OK (Scrambler XT & Scupper Pro) as well as the Perception Caster 12.5. This boat (to me) is the best all round. Good balance of speed, tracking and stability. This boat just "feels right" from the start.

I rate this a 10. The Caster an 8 (could track better), the Scrambler a 6 (no room and very uncomfortable) Scupper Pro a 7 (lacks stability). I recommend the Pescador highly. Great value/performance.


After researching kayaks for…

Submitted by: paddler234490 on 4/11/2012
After researching kayaks for months I decided on the Pescador 12. Picked it up at Academy for $499. I am SO pleased with this yak!! It tracks wonderfully. Handles great in the wind. Sits side saddle very well. I am mainly a bay fisherman and it has been a joy. Weight is not an issue I can very easily get in and out of truck by myself. Also for those campers there's enough room to put you gear for a couple night outing. Stop looking and purchase it. I heard its gonna be discontinued soon because of gripes from higher in stores selling the Tarpon Wilderness 120 since it's the same model. Tight lines!!

Picked up my Pescador 12 two…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/22/2012
Picked up my Pescador 12 two weeks ago got it in tan brand new was 499.99 from my local dealer. It seem's they have added scupper holes beneath the seat on my model so no more soggy bottom. Tracks well and rides nice I couldn't have asked for anything better. I'm 6'1" and 190 lbs.

I picked one up hardly used…

Submitted by: paddler234408 on 1/13/2012
I picked one up hardly used for $375, and couldn't be happier. I've paddles mostly flatwater so far, and it is comfortable, roomy and stable. I have paddled in strong head winds and it moves better than others I have used. It tracks very well, almost too well in turns. I plan to use it for overnight camp/ fishing trips and have already dry fitted all my gear. I love the fact it is red for visibility, but that's personal choice. I don't think you can go wrong with this yak!

I just bought a perception…

Submitted by: paddler234403 on 1/10/2012
I just bought a perception Pescador 12' and am writing a "first impression" review, which I'll amend with more time. I am writing for those of you, who like me, who have spent a lot of time considering a first time purchase and haven't spent much time with one. I have been on a kayak maybe a half dozen times before this so I am very green.

To address one comment, I think they addressed the wet seat issue, as there are scuppers hidden underneath the seat. This led to a slightly wet bottom, but I air-dried by the time I got back. I launched into a lake, but intend on using it in coastal waters.

The kayak was easy to paddle and very maneuverable paddling forward or backward, even to someone unversed in proper technique. The kayak was very stable when facing forward or sideways. I twisted and faced backward several times, and wobbled a bit on my first attempt, but got comfortable afterward. I purchased the kayak to fish from, but am going to take it out one more time, this time into Tampa Bay, before I try casting anything.


This kayak is made from the…

Submitted by: paddler234391 on 12/29/2011
This kayak is made from the same design as the classic Wilderness Systems 2008 model Tarpon 120; there is no difference between the 2008 Tarpon 120 and this Perception Sport Pescador.... they are even made in the same factory. Some people to this day prefer the 2007-2008 model Tarpon 120 over the new model Tarpons because the older model has leak free hatches and with the pescador you can have the preferred model for half the cost.

The Perception Sport Pescador gives the rare opportunity to purchase a high-end Kayak that is NEW with budget pricing. Academy Sports offer's the best price of anywhere else at $499.99 you would be hard pressed to find a better kayak used on craigslist for this cheap.

Great kayak that is stable has plenty of room to fish out of nice storage and is very maneuverable and quick for a 12 footer. You can't loose with this beauty.


Its a great yak; its very…

Submitted by: paddler234390 on 12/28/2011
Its a great yak; its very stable, fast, and dirt cheap. bought mine at dicks sporting good for 375. Great for the cost. It compares to the 1000 model

Already enough has been said about this great boat. It is a 2008…

Submitted by: paddler234387 on 12/22/2011
Already enough has been said about this great boat.
It is a 2008 Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 with a different label and actually built by the same company as the Tarpon 120. I fell in Love with the Tarpon 120 back in 2008 when I first paddled one but was bummed out because I the price tag on those boats were between $900 and $1000 and I could not afford one. I was so happy to find out the Pescador is an exact copy of my favorite boat and I bought two; one for me and one for my wife and ended up selling the two kayaks we already had (Big Kahuna Ocean Kayak and a Heritage Redfish 12')

I hope you all can have the opportunity to purchase this great yak as word has it that it will be taken off the market to satisfy kayak specialty stores who have been upset for loosing sales of there $1000+ Tarpon 120's they are trying to sell because of the Pescadore.
Tight lines everyone


This is by and far the best…

Submitted by: paddler234377 on 12/9/2011
This is by and far the best boat you can buy for the money. I own a fleet of Tarpon 140's and 120's, but lost my arrangement to get them below retail. So I switched to these boats. I pay the same retail as I did for the Tarpon 120's and these now come with two rod holders, anchor cleat and anchor! I use them for fishing charters and rentals. I've had hundreds of people use them with little to complain about. I can sell my used Tarpons for more than these run new!

bought the Pescadore 8 weeks…

Submitted by: paddler234324 on 10/10/2011
bought the Pescadore 8 weeks ago. i did my research first, this kayak is great. I can reach every thing i need its very stable, tracks well. I did buy scupper plugs so my seat does not get wet. I'm going to buy another one as soon as they go on sale again.

Pescador 12, I got mine last…

Submitted by: WaterWacker on 8/29/2011
Pescador 12, I got mine last summer, I was looking for a bigger version of the Tarpon 100 I had and this fit the bill well. All the reviews were good, and a call to the company verified it was a old version of the tarpon model, very stable, med fast, tracks well. How DW fell off his twice in one day on a lake I have no idea, I can all but stand up on mine.

Tried out various kayaks and…

Submitted by: paddler234234 on 8/19/2011
Tried out various kayaks and found the Pescador to be the best one for me for the price. I'm 5'11 250 lbs. The built in seat is great, it is stable, tracks well, is stable and everything else I would want

Saw some yaks at Pensacola…

Submitted by: paddler234225 on 8/17/2011
Saw some yaks at Pensacola Beach and fell in love. Researched online for a couple of weeks and thought I wanted the Tarpon 140, but it was pricey. Looked around some more and found the 12' Pescador by Perception with is a copy of the 2008 version of the Tarpon 120. Bought it at Academy Sports on sale for $439 after they knocked off $30 for a broken eye (minor fix, DIY for $2.00).

I am 5'11" and weight 265 lbs. I get a couple inches of water in the scupper holes, but it tracks well and is easy to paddle. Great copy of the 2008 Tarpon 120 for half the price.


I recently purchased the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/3/2011
I recently purchased the Pescador 10 as our first kayak. We have only had it out three times, but feel that it is perfect for medium to large (6'5" 235/6' 190) folks interested in easy going on lakes. It is very stable and seems to track reasonably well with only moderate effort. When moving slowly, direction is slightly affected by gentle breezes and wakes of medium to large pontoon boats, but if moving at a normal rate, it tracks well (based on a beginner's knowledge). May have to buy a second one for my wife.

Awesome yak! After nearly a…

Submitted by: paddler233476 on 7/20/2011
Awesome yak! After nearly a year of shopping and almost settling with the Pelican Castaway I saw and bought Perception Pescador at Academy for a steal at $499. This kanyak is everything I wanted and more. The seat is incredibly comfortable, it tracks well, handles in the right spots, lots of DRY storage and a built in pole holder. I rented a wide variety of expensive kayaks last summer but am still the most satisfied with the perception. My only complaint is that the cup holder is too far forward. You will not be disappointing if you get this kayak.

I just bought the Perception…

Submitted by: paddler234117 on 7/8/2011
I just bought the Perception Pescador 12. I spent four hours at the lake with it. I fell off twice in calm water. It was very unstable. It is a pretty kayak though. I spent most of my time trying to keep it from falling over. If you like the water, this is the kayak for you! "You're going to spend most of your time falling in it".

Just bought this kayak last…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/8/2011
Just bought this kayak last week and so far I love it. Academy Sports had them on sale for $449. At first I was a little skeptical as this looked like a great kayak but the price actually seemed a little low. I wondered if this was a bad model they were trying to get rid of but after a few trips on the water I can say with confidence that this is no "bad" model. Sturdy, fast, very maneuverable and a joy to paddle.

Good craft handles well in…

Submitted by: paddler233972 on 5/6/2011
Good craft handles well in the heavy wind. Cuts the waves nicely and comfy. I am 250 lbs and can fish all day out of this Yak. Academy Sports has them on sale now May 5 2011 for 499.00
Great Buy for a Great Boat!! They are Red! But that is a good safety point: You will be seen!

I purchased my Pescador about…

Submitted by: paddler233774 on 8/20/2010
I purchased my Pescador about 4 months ago and have had it on lake conroe, lake woodlands, even 2 miles offshore in the gulf of Mexico at a gas rig. I have caught 5 foot bullsharks, spanish mackeral, Gafftop, blacktip sharks, black bass, blue cats etc. out of her and I have no complaints about this boat. For the price you just cant beat it.
Tight lines!

I have 3 of these boats…

Submitted by: paddler233633 on 6/8/2010
I have 3 of these boats (under the Tarpon 120 label) purchased in 2005. I've paddled on mostly rivers and some flat water.

After about 150-200 miles I only have two issues with the boat. The seat contour is a reverse slope and forms a pool, so any water that get in this area won't drain. This makes for a soggy tush all day. The other is no seat bottom. I believe the new Tarpon design has remedied this; but I don't know if a padded and dry tush is worth $300+ dollars.

AS far as performance, the hull design is very efficient. The v-hull minimizes wind push, yet is shallow enough to float in 4-5 inches of water. I've also had the 10 foot size, but recommend the 12-footer as the best size for speed and maneuverability on rivers and lakes.

I just saw them on sale an Gander Mountain for $549.99. That's less than I paid for my Tarpons five years ago.


A great deal of homework over…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/4/2010
A great deal of homework over many months pointed towards this 12' kayak, which I'll use for local saltmarsh and inshore fly-fishing.

The boat is very sturdy and feels quite fast through the water. I bought scupper plugs immediately as a lot of water came into the boat at my feet and right behind the seat.

I spoke with Perception and they confirmed the Pescador is exactly the same boat as the 2008 Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 (Perception and WS are the same company), so I feel I got quite a good deal on a 12' sit on top kayak well suited for fishing, all for under $500. The seat is very comfortable and feels durable. I also wanted a boat without graded foot wells, so this fit the bill. At 60lbs the boat feels quite heavy, but I can lift it on and off the car quite easily. Storage in the boat is very good.

Overall this seems like exactly the boat I was looking for for calm water fly fishing. Sturdy, fast, and durable. Not sure what modifications have been made to the new Tarpon, but if you're on a tight budget and want to save a few hundred dollars (actually i think it's nearly half the cost), I'd recommend a close look at the Pescador.


I just picked up a Perception…

Submitted by: paddler233297 on 8/10/2009
I just picked up a Perception Pescador 12 a few weeks ago, I did some research on this Kayak because it looks just like a 2008 Wilderness Tarpon. The dealer that I got it from and the folks at Perception confirmed that it was the same as a 2008 Tarpon. I got it for $330 without a seat.

I have had it out a couple of times on the Class I River I live on here in WV. I have never paddled a Tarpon, but I have Redfish 10. This Pesacador is a very good Fishing Kayak. All I have done is added a Scotty Rod Holder in front and an Anchor Cleat. It is not quite as stable as my Redfish but stability is still very good. It tracks really well and is considerably faster than my Redfish.

The hull of this girl is excellent, I hit some good size hidden rocks in the Shoals and expected to see some gouges when I got home but there was nothing more than surface scratches. I highly recommend this Kayak especially for fans of the 2008 Tarpon because I see no difference between the two. I believe that only Dick's and Gander Mountain carry them and apparently they were only made in Red. I got mine off Ebay so if interested you could check there as well.