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Name: Paddle_Marco

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We have the new 2020 Tribe 13.5 FT kayaks. The seat-backs are much nicer than the previous years. They do have more hardware on them and we have had some issues with bolts coming off, but it's an easy fix. Parts are hard to source, so you'll have to visit the hardware store to fix them yourself during covid. No more water leaking through the plastic storage area - the new model uses a rubber lid. Overall, the new model is much better than the previous tribe models.

The magellan 12 FT kayak is the same as the perception pescador 12 FT kayak - it's great, same mold just a different name. Academy outdoors had 500 of them made and too bad its discontinued forever :(

If you are a beginner, then this kayak would work for you... but if you want a kayak that goes straight and has comfortable seats / foot rest, then don't buy this kayak. Get the Tribe 13.5. This kayak is very durable (and heavy) and will last a long time... but it doesn't track well.

Pros: Tracks well, comfortable seats, straps for storage, replaceable plastic in back for scraping/dragging., stack-able.

Cons: Fills up with water no matter what - even when storage lids are closed. Straps break easily when carrying them. Not as thick as the Rambler/Rhumba model, so it will crack easier.

I have about 30 of these kayaks for our rental and tour company. Let me just say, we beat the heck out of them. Slide them, drag them, throw them.... etc. They can take a beating. When they get worn down (usually in the back), they are easy to weld with a heat gun and spare polyethylene plastic. The only issues I have had is the handles can tear and the seats fade. Other then that, I'll keep buying them. Our renters love the kayaks too.

Durable, tracks well, high back seats and a cup holder... it's the perfect rental and tour kayak. - we have more than 30 of them.