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Name: Ernieinpilot

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i purchased an almost new 2014 Pescador 12 after trying various brands off sit in and sit-on-top kayaks. I'm 6'2" and 220#s. Th boat is a perfect fit.

I put scupper plugs in the front 6 scuppers but left the aft 2 open. These keep the front perfectly dry. So far I've taken it out on a windy day in an area with a use fetch and up a couple of rivers with class 1 Rapids. It tracks very easily and hold a straight coarse unless caught in a strong cross current.

It's very stable, I'm not afraid to keep mini-iPad in my lap for photo ops. I can load it myself onto my roof rack using a simple extension device copied from the Internet.

Many people call this an entry level boat. For me it will be my primary kayak for many years to come.

Rented this unit for a 2 hr trip down the New River launching near Radford, Va. My wife and I are evaluating kayaks for a future purchase. Overall, it was OK. But, our initial observations, immediately upon launching, was this boat was lacking in control and maneuverability of single kayaks. Towards the end of our 2 hour trip we encountered strong winds blowing upstream. It was a chore to keep pointed on our mark.

The standard seat supports are weak. I wish they were stiffer and higher.
The kayak we rented had no dry storage, paddle holders or adjustable foot rests.
I sat in the stern but felt as thought I was sitting higher than my partner in the bow.

May be OK for recreational use on lakes, but we will continue looking for our dream kayak (light, dry storage lockers, paddle holders, adjustable foot stops, easily controlled in strong currents and wind).