Paddle Bag

Paddle Bag Description

Gearlab Outdoors presents the Paddle Bag, designed specifically to carry and protect two-piece Greenland-style paddles. The slim and fitting silhouette holds the paddle snuggly with precision to prevent shifting, and to protect the paddle from scratches and bumps on the move.

Paddle Bag Specs and Features

  • Material Description: 450D DWR Hydrolysis Resistant Fabric

Additional Attributes

  • 360° Protection
  • The New Paddle Bag is fully padded from top to bottom
  • hard EVA shell on the bottom protects the fine paddle tips from impact
  • Large zip opening offers quicker and easier access to insert and take out paddles
  • The New Paddle Bag could carry two-piece paddles from 210 to 230cm
  • Length of the bag could be easily adjusted by the special buckle design outside the bag, to fit the shape of your paddle
  • paddle could be hand carried by carry handle or shoulder carried by sling
  • Fits all Gearlab paddles with custom precision and most two-piece Greenland paddles in style

Gearlab Outdoors
Paddle Bag Reviews

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Already have paddle bags,…

Submitted by: rayrik on 2/1/2022

Already have paddle bags, did not intend to buy another one but the Gearlab dealer send me test Kalleq in the bag- ordered it right away because it is better than all I have. Intelligently designed, solid material, fits perfectly. Nice surprise was how good it fits while cycling.


Purchased this bag so I…

Submitted by: paddler1418046 on 4/12/2021

Purchased this bag so I could travel with my AWESOME Akaik paddle. Love that it fits snuggly and securely for the airlines that don't treat my gear as gently as I do. My one complaint is that the carrying strap is not removeable - I have to tape it down to check the bag - but otherwise this bag is worth the extra money to have such a secure fit.


Excellent, the paddles are…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/15/2021
Excellent, the paddles are safe for transporting

Purchased an Akiak a while…

Submitted by: tzolkin on 1/5/2021
Purchased an Akiak a while ago and later, while looking for a bag for this and other paddles, i spent hour looking at the paddle bag offerings. The new paddle bag was out of stock everywhere, including Gearlab. Purchased another bag for my Werner after an exhaustive search. i could have put the Akiak in there too but decided to get the Gearlab product. Wish everyone made quality products like this. Suggest Gearlab start making Euro style paddle bags. You'll keep selling out. Get one !!!!

This bag is so good and well…

Submitted by: paddler528431 on 12/30/2020
This bag is so good and well made I just bought my second one for my second GearLab paddle. The Kalleq.

great bag... I never travel…

Submitted by: paddler901152 on 11/27/2020
great bag... I never travel with my Kalleq without my bag.

Truly essential when cycling…

Submitted by: paddler852318 on 8/14/2020

Truly essential when cycling to kayaking, otherwise excellent protection for the blades.


It suites my Kalliq paddle…

Submitted by: paddler803017 on 6/22/2020
It suites my Kalliq paddle perfect, Its slim and sleek and protect my paddle very well. I think this is the best bag for the Kalliq paddle.

I just received my new…

Submitted by: Manx on 6/19/2020
I just received my new Gearlab paddlebag for use with my Gearlab Akiak paddle. I have to say I was reluctant to spend $49 for a case, but this is one nice case! It's made of a sturdy nylon with a woven pattern that resembles the carbon fiber pattern on the paddle itself. The long zipper makes it easy to insert and withdraw the paddle. It has both a carry handle and a shoulder strap and a cinch-strap to adjust the length of the case to the paddle. My Akiak paddle fits snuggly in the case. The reinforced tip of the case provides extra protection for the tips of the paddle. The orange zipper, hand strap and Gearlab logo all match nicely. The overall design and quality of the case is topnotch. I was reluctant to spend $49 on a case for my $348 paddle, but I'm glad I did!

I can't tell you what the…

Submitted by: porkrind on 6/16/2020
I can't tell you what the difference is between this new style of bag and the old, but I can say this is a very nice, well thought out bag. The fit is snug so there's no flapping material or extra space taken up, and the end folds over with a strap and a clip to accommodate the various lengths of paddle. Three best features... 1. The strap is actually useful and well balanced for shoulder or hand carry 2. The padding in the middle really protects the paddle from marring due to rubbing between the halves. 3. I didn't know this when I ordered, but the paddle tip end has a hard cap to protect the business end of the paddle from impact. Well worth the price.

This paddle bag is very well…

Submitted by: paddler773998 on 5/11/2020

This paddle bag is very well designed and of high quality. The separation of the medium protects the paddle from scratches. The carrying strap makes it easier to move around when our hands are cluttered. I highly recommend this product. I love it!


It is really hard to get…

Submitted by: North-Aus on 5/9/2020
It is really hard to get excited about a paddle bag. This bag fits a Gearlab paddle and does its job of protecting it. No fear sticking the paddle into the side of a rucksack and sending it into the airport luggage system. It also balances well on the shoulder with its own strap so that you can carry your paddle like a quiver of arrows. Very cool. It works and looks to be well made. That is about all there is to this product and all there should be,

The New Paddle Bag is perfect…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/28/2020
The New Paddle Bag is perfect place to safely store a Kalleq when not out on the water. It's well padded, easy to insert/remove paddle, closes securely and well constructed. Very happy with this purchase!

This fits very nicely. I’m…

Submitted by: paddler528431 on 2/7/2020

This fits very nicely. I’m not quite sure why the small end is designed the way it is and connects back to the bag with a quick release. Perhaps this will become obvious with use. It’s a bit pricey for what it is, but seems to be made well.


This is the icing on the…

Submitted by: fishingman9 on 1/24/2020

This is the icing on the cake for my new paddle. Super well designed bag with padding and a snug fit. Carries my paddle comfortably by the handle or shoulder strap. I like knowing my paddle is protected from unnecessary bangs and scrapes.


A perfect fit for the Kalleq

Submitted by: paddler562889 on 10/21/2019

A perfect fit for the Kalleq


Extreme protection for your…

Submitted by: Alex-Martin on 10/10/2019

Extreme protection for your paddle, I love it! Will be switching to this paddle for my Kq. Much appreciation for this paddle bag! Zipper is very durable and easy to undo with gloves, clips are strong, padding is abundant. Could use a little more drainage perhaps but I haven't noticed any downfalls. Would recommend this bag over the old one if you are travelling with your paddles and worried about breaking while shipping/travelling. Well worth the (inexpensive) price to protect your paddles!


When ordering my Kalleq…

Submitted by: paddler555532 on 9/19/2019

When ordering my Kalleq paddle, I ordered various accessories from Gearlab (Paddle Bag, Float, Deck Pod, Port and Dry Bag). The craftmanship of all Gearlab products is exceptional. I love the attention to detail. For the Kalleq i have no words to express. It's absolutely amazing! From now on, i´m dancing with the sea ;-) Greetings from Bavaria and many thanks for so much perfect paddle equipment.