Name: paddler773998

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This paddle bag is very well designed and of high quality. The separation of the medium protects the paddle from scratches. The carrying strap makes it easier to move around when our hands are cluttered. I highly recommend this product. I love it!

The very light akiak paddle is very well balanced, facilitates the movement of the shoulders without fatigue for long hikes, the size of the handle is also good, which helps with the retraction. The finish and materials are very good. The paddle of your dreams! I love it.

This bag is ideal for storing your objects that are not too bulky and perfect for short and long hikes. I love the size, which makes it easier for me to enter the compartment. It is very easy to use and really waterproof, it is available in several sizes. A waterproof bag like no other! Another great product from gearlab, I recommend it.