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I just received my new Gearlab paddlebag for use with my Gearlab Akiak paddle. I have to say I was reluctant to spend $49 for a case, but this is one nice case! It's made of a sturdy nylon with a woven pattern that resembles the carbon fiber pattern on the paddle itself. The long zipper makes it easy to insert and withdraw the paddle. It has both a carry handle and a shoulder strap and a cinch-strap to adjust the length of the case to the paddle. My Akiak paddle fits snuggly in the case. The reinforced tip of the case provides extra protection for the tips of the paddle. The orange zipper, hand strap and Gearlab logo all match nicely. The overall design and quality of the case is topnotch. I was reluctant to spend $49 on a case for my $348 paddle, but I'm glad I did!

I've been researching different deck pods for my sea kayak and I decided on the Gearlab for several reasons: First, I had previously purchased a Gearlab Akiak paddle and their new paddle case and I was impressed with the quality of both items. Secondly, I liked the design of the Gearlab in that it has external straps to secure a bilge pump and paddle float (or in my case, a water bottle). The internal zippered compartment is roomy enough to store my GoPro accessories and waterproof case that contain my cell phone and wallet and some snack bars. It's easier to access items in the deck pod than in the day hatch making it great for the often used items. The case secures tightly to the deck using the included straps which attach to the deck rigging. The orange carry handle is sewn to the case in a manner that it naturally folds under the case when mounted to the deck so it will not be confused with the skirt loop if you need to make an emergency evacuation when upside-down in the water. The case will hold a hydration bladder, but I prefer to attach and insulated water bottle to the outside of the case because I paddle in hot temperatures and I like an ice-cold beverage to drink. The small opening intended for the hydration bladder tube, is also useful for stuffing energy bar wrappers back into the bag without needing to undo the zipper. Lastly, I like the low profile and design of the case. Time will tell how well it holds up under Florida sun and salt water exposure, but so far, I really like this deck bag.

I just purchased the Gearlab Akiak Greenland-style paddle from a local dealer in Florida. My first impression is this is a quality product. The fit and finish are exceptional. While it isn't as light weight as the Kalleq, it has a great feel to it. I love the elegant and simple design of the Greenland paddles. There are many manufacturers of wood paddles, but very few making a carbon-fiber version of the Greenland paddle. Gearlab makes the most affordable ones I could find, but that doesn't mean they aren't quality items. I was really impressed the first time I fit the two halves together right out of the box and they slid together smoothly and locked in place tightly with no wiggle at all between the two halves. I bought the shoulderless version and I love the way my hands are free to slide smoothly from handle to blade during bracing and rolls. It took me a little while to familiarize myself with the canted stroke, and I still have to work on it, but this thin little paddle packs plenty of power. I can't say enough about the quality of this product. I also appreciate the replaceable polymer blade tips. Mine came with orange tips installed and a spare pair of black tips. Great product.