Speedstroke Gym Ergometer

Speedstroke Gym Ergometer Description

SpeedStroke Gym is KayakPro’s heavy-use Kayak and Canoe Ergometers, designed for high input and Multi-user use in Gyms, clubs and by professionals. It’s extremely robust Steel construction and easy operating mechanisms, allow easy use and adjustment. SpeedStroke Gym Kayak and Canoe Ergometers replicates Kayaking and High Kneel Canoeing precisely. They are fully performance calibrated for Kayaks and Canoes and gives the same “on-the-Water” feel as real Kayaking and Canoeing.

Additional Attributes

  • SpeedStroke can now be fitted with a Seat adaptor - which allows you to use your Nelo seat from your kayak- fitted directly to your Ergometer.
  • Easy adjustable paddling resistance. Provided by an adjustable air-flow casing.
  • Quick release footrest adjustment.
  • Large display On-Board console, with fully calibrated, time elapsed, distance traveled, Countdown distances or time, Stroke rate, Heart rate, functions pace speed, or projected time (For 500m or 1000m)

KayakPro USA LLC
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I found a used SpeedStroke…

Submitted by: mrfloppy on 12/30/2020
I found a used SpeedStroke Gym on Craigslist that did not have a working monitor. The machine is as everyone described although I find that the metal parts that join the ropes and bungees crash into the housing. Annoying but I've learning this is usually due to bad technique. The console is much less functional compare to the consoles on Concept2 rowers. This is surprising for a machine that costs over $2000 new. Also, I tried buying a replacement performance monitor for $240 + $30 shipping The reason for three stars is that the support has been abysmal and the replacement parts are a total rip off, and they gouge again on shipping costs. * Front wheel: $25. Buy wheels from Concept 2. $3.50 for 1. $7 for 2. * Heart monitor cable: $25. Buy an ordinary telephone cable for $5 or less. * Paddle shaft adjuster: $25. Buy an Epic Length Lock 1 paddle adjuster for $9.90 instead * Ropes and bungees... KayakPro claims they use special bungees and ropes. They don't. They want $60 for a replacement set (they must be changed periodically). You can easily buy enough rope and bungee for 5 replacements for the same price. You get the idea.

I am fan of kayak for more…

Submitted by: paddler236348 on 7/10/2015
I am fan of kayak for more than 40 years and had been in the French national team, I am now Expat in an International company where I change destination every 5 years where finally I can not practice too much but when back to France for my summer holidays.

I acquired this wonderful Speedstroke 2 years ago and really appreciate the fun to paddle for fitness 3 times a week early morning before departure for office. You feel you are paddling and fitness is genuine!


Wow! It is hard to top all…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/11/2013
Wow! It is hard to top all the raving reviews already posted on the Speedstroke GYM. They certainly speak for themselves. It is rare to find a product anymore that has such an absolute and loyal following, but after owning the Speedstroke GYM for just one week, it doesn't surprise me.

I bought the Speedstroke without having ever been on an ERG, based on the recommendation of some close friends who use it extensively. Upon unpacking it I knew immediately this was a top notch piece of equipment. It was a joy to put together and I actually let me six year old son do most of the work. (I can say this about anything else I've ever had to assemble).
The attention to detail is impeccable and you immediately feel the passion and dedication that Grayson and team put into designing and building this product.

I've only paddled it for a week, but I am so excited about the potential. I have a surfski business in Northern Michigan and the Speedstroke is not only going to allow me to train much more frequently through the winter (and probably even in the summer when time is limited), but I believe this will be a phenomenal tool for doing technique lessons with my customers.

There is no doubt it will last forever and I am absolutely thrilled with the purchase. Money extremely well spent!!!


Picked up a used Kayakpro…

Submitted by: kayak605 on 1/21/2013
Picked up a used Kayakpro Speedstroke minus electronics online about 4 months ago. Review after review rave about this product so I won't carry on. However it is curing my winter blues with the the lakes and rivers currently frozen. Can't wait til spring to see what effect this has on my stroke rate. I have an old shoulder injury that acts up from time to time and have noticed the fluid motion of this machine is actually increasing its range of motion and reducing pain. Just checked the Kayakpro website and they are offering a "Simple" model that is minus electronics. I use a kitchen timer for workout duration since I'm training for long distance and not sprints. Be aware of how much space this machine takes up I failed to check that and had quite the surprise. Thank goodness I have an understanding wife.

I have owned a Paddle One…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/14/2012
I have owned a Paddle One Kayak Erg. for about a year now and have had to replace the bungees twice,replace the clips, and fix the pulleys on the front. The machine does give you a good workout but at the expense of sore joints. I did get to try out one of the KayakPro ergs this weekend and was very impressed with it. This machine was so much smoother and much more realistic to an on the water feel than my Paddle one. Even though through the smoothness of the machine it felt easier than the Paddle One, it still left me sweating and breathless so the machine works really well not to mention that with the program on the net you can actually see what your progress is. The Paddle One costs around 1300usd without shipping and customs. With shipping and customs it will come to around 1750usd, so my point is spend the extra money for something that will truly make a difference in your paddling and something you won't get bored or end up with sore joints, buy a KayakPro Ergometer, you won't regret it.

I have had the machine for 2…

Submitted by: kaptynkayak on 11/4/2011
I have had the machine for 2 years now, have abused the heck out of it and couldn't be more pleased with the product. This past season due to injury and weather I was forced to train for a long race almost exclusively on my the speed stroke gym. I found time on this erg translates into significant improvement on the water. I now do most of my interval training on the erg because it much easier to monitor my performance and concentrate on form.

I use the Speed Stroke all year, doing about 4 to 6 hours per week during the winter and 2-4 hours per week during the summer to supplement my on the water training. With all of that use I have not had change the ropes or bungee cord yet even though the machine comes with an extra set.

I am generally a cheap person and don't like to shell out a lot of cash for anything but this machine is a great value.


I may be crazy but I have my…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/5/2011
I may be crazy but I have my Echo Ace rowing shell ready to deliver to a buyer in TN. Last summer I bought a QCC 700X and a Huki SX-1 Special. I have not given up nor will I ever - rowing- but have taken the Kayak plunge (I did sell my other kayaks too...).

The latest this winter was to order a rowing ergometer. Tough as it was (sticker shock) compared to my Concept2 Erg I bough a VASA and gave it a try thinking I would use the variable possibilities of the machine. I quickly realized that Kayaking only was my best option and returned it for a dedicated machine I though would be better for what I needed. As soon as I shipped the VASA I ordered a KAYAKPRO SpeedStroke, immediately listed and sold my Concept2 Ergometer before the erg arrived, and waited only 2 day and a couple of hrs to set up - and I was in heaven! I quickly realized the SpeedStroke had excellent visibility of the display (no reflections, time for distance was very accurate, the kayak handle was sturdy and light (I cut off the rubber grips that caused 2 Blisters I never had before kayaking), and the mirror I added to my wall allowed me to really see my form and improve my stroke immediately(that was from Lowes).

The SpeedStroke is smooth, quiet and though I paid a heck of a lot in shipping in this exchange, was the right move for me. My first day on the water in my Huki surfski this year (Sunday) (I'm still a newbee) was a HUGE change. I could tell immediately that I was .5MPH faster than last fall and I felt MUCH more comfortable in all aspects of my stroke and balance. I use the SpeedStroke every AM and though I sometimes dread the 0430 alarm, once I start rowing (B52's help) I don't stop till I'm done (10k) and am at work by 0700. I did learned one huge lesson from both machines - NEVER wear rowing shorts with a center seam - NEVER! Some will know what I mean.

Only complaint is that Concept2 has the ability to record data on a card and read it on your computer - everyone should have that. Otherwise I'm a convert! I've never had a better workout and have been doing this for 56 years. OK - I never trained in HS, College Rowing was fun and I had a few lapses. All is forgiven and I'm looking forward to 0430. Soon I'll be 0430 and the real kayaks(s) - after work.


9 minutes and 27 seconds for…

Submitted by: paddler233900 on 1/11/2011
9 minutes and 27 seconds for 1500 meters; good indicator I am not a racer. This is the result of my first 1500, my first work out on the Speedstroke - and it was a great workout. I'm a sea kayak enthusiast my interest is kayaking through rock gardens and taking the kayak for a surf, aside from just paddling/exploring. I'd been toying with the idea of a paddling ergometer for a while and through a chance comment to a friend/coach I end up with an e-mail from Grayson - owner of Kayakpro - saying that if I had any questions to feel free to e-mail or call him.

Echoing the experience of others the accessibility of Grayson and Steve Tingay is amazing - they respond to e-mails quickly and have no problem if you call with questions/concerns etc. I ended up calling Grayson on the eve of his departure to British indoor championships while he was in New York. Can't think of many (any?) other owners that will do that. Gray was great in answering any concerns I had without hyping or trying sell me.

So I took the plunge - everything from purchase to delivery went amazingly smoothly - they shipped to Canada - and took care of all customs/duties etc. One day (not long after ordering) two packages arrived. Putting it together (one of my concerns) was easy -instructions are good and easy to follow.

The Speedstroke is solidly built and well engineered - everything fit exactly as it was supposed to. Also it was great to get everything I needed (wires, connectors etc) should I wish to eventually upgrade to the i-race etc; there was even a spare bungee and rope(it'll be awhile before I wear out the one it comes with but nice to have the back-up). The paddling is very smooth and quite realistic - or at least I believe it to be; it is not hard for me to close my eyes and imagine pulling through a swell.

So why buy the ergometer?? Well, my winters are definitely not paddling times (an occasional day but far and few in between) and even in season there are times that being on water is not feasible. So I wanted some way of maintaining any hard gained stroke improvements through the inactive times, plus the overall fitness value of being able to "paddle" as realistically as possible without being on the water.

As noted, dealing with Kayakpro (Gray and Steve) is a pleasure and the machine is excellent... the one downside is price. But I've considered that as well - the price is very commensurate with quality - it is excellent value for many. That's the immediately tangible - the other perhaps more intangible is that it is an investment. It's an investment in the sport I enjoy and hope to continue for as many years as I have and it's an investment in my health....looked at in that light, the cost is a small price to pay.

I would and will encourage any of my friends and any of you out there to certainly consider Speedstroke - come to your own conclusions - but I don't believe you can do better than Kayakpro.
Thank you Grayson and Steve.


This unit is really nice…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/20/2010
This unit is really nice product, everything about it says quality, which is normally not the case in the world we live in today. I am very satisfied with all aspects from ease of assembly (everything fit together perfectly)to the quality of the materials and design. From the very first time on the machine I knew I was going to like it. You feel the workout in all the right places, It's also nice to be able to work on technique and conditioning without having to think about anything else. I would recommend this unit to anyone who is serious about their paddling.

I've used the KayakPro SpeedStroke GYM for about three months. First, the pre-buying…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/1/2010
I've used the KayakPro SpeedStroke GYM for about three months.
First, the pre-buying experience was outstanding. I had some questions, so I E-Mailed them in. Grayson Bourne, the company founder (and World Champion and 5X Olympian), promptly called me to answer all my questions personally.

I found it straightforward to assemble.
Using the machine is amazing. I find that I am getting better cardiovascular workouts than anything else I've ever tried. I've found that both my technique and strength are improving (in addition to my cardio fitness level). The built-in HR monitor receiver & display is a nice touch. The console display is simple and useful.

I had a slight problem with the original console -- it had some kind of partial short that drained the batteries quickly. Once I informed the company, they immediately sent a replacement.
The customer service has been completely above reproach. This thing appears built to last forever.

I haven't used any other kayak ergometers, but I did notice that this one is longer than any others generally available (e.g., the PaddleOne K, the Vasa Kayak Ergometer, the WEBA Sport Kayak Ergometer, the Vermont Waterways Kayak Adapter to the Concept 2 Indoor Rower). I'm told by those who appear to know that it is vitally important that the rope go to as forward a point as possible -- otherwise, the catch (and/or the return) is quite a bit different on the erg than on the water.

My only real complaint about the GYM is that the footplate kind of hurts my heel while paddling. It isn't really too bad -- I've kind of gotten used to it. But this is one of the VERY few things about this machine that could use improvement, in my opinion.

I have no reservations whatever recommending this machine. The cost may seem a bit high, compared to some others, but if you compare the cost of this to a good surfski, they are about the same. Here in the midwest, you can only use a surfski perhaps seven months a year. For the rest of the year, this thing is going to be keeping you in shape and helping you train for your next in-water session. You might even use it sparingly during the summer (it is much more convenient to get a quick workout in in your basement than to put a rack on the car, load the boat, travel to the put-in, and do the reverse after your paddle).


The Kayakpro Gym is provides…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/22/2010
The Kayakpro Gym is provides the best workout of any machine I have ever owned. Quality and design is 10/10. After two weeks, I have seen major improvement in my stroke and power. I live 300 meters from SF bay, yet have often opted for the ergometer, instead of getting on the water with the wind and rain to contend with. Can't say enough about the high quality of this machine; as an engineer, it reflects true craftsmanship and attention to detail seldom seen in this type of equipment at any price. Wish I had learned of it sooner.

Just upgraded to the new Speedstroke Gym from my old Speedstroke…

Submitted by: paddler233451 on 12/16/2009
Just upgraded to the new Speedstroke Gym from my old Speedstroke ergometer. What a fantastic difference.

The Gym is quieter and smoother and the seat now sits higher than the foot rest. The seat is also shaped differently and is more comfortable. The computer is the best improvement with a large readout that shows distance, cadence, time and heart rate. This is an awesome training tool that now can be hooked into the internet for real time racing against anyone else with a Speedstroke Gym that also has the i-race software. Assembly took about 1 hour and everything went together smoothly.


The kayak ergometer is a very…

Submitted by: paddler233402 on 10/2/2009
The kayak ergometer is a very high quality kayak machine. It is built with very good products and very durable. It does stimulate the feeling of kayaking in the water very well. The monitor does give good feedback and is placed where you can see it well. The kayak ergometer will make you stronger and keep you in shape for the summer months. It is institutional quality. I would give the actually machine a 10 for 10.

I am very happy with the quality of the Kayak ergometer, but frustrated with the computer technology. I bought it for the whole package. The e-monitor program does give great feedback as you are kayaking. It also communicates well with the machine. All number continue with the exception of the stroke numbers. That will stop at 999, which is fine if you do short intervals or workouts on it. When your done you get all the feedback, which is excellent. However, the fitness log only saves the information on a daily basis. If you want to see how you are progressing, you have to constantly click on each day you worked out. The fitness log is not very usable, so I created my own fitness log on an excel program, so I can see how my numbers are improving from month to month.

Virtu-race - It's a pretty cool program to break up the monopoly of the basement workouts. It's kind of fun to be on a river with ultra rabbits by your side. They do stick with you and paddle slightly in front and behind you. The virtu-race is a little easier that the e-monitor program. Your watts and speeds will be a little faster. We really enjoy the program. It does not come with any fitness log. The feedback that you get at the end is all you get. It seems like they put out a computer program and left out some important aspects. I was looking for the whole package system with quality machine and excellent computer programming.

In all due fairness, I'm into biking and have a virtual biking system. I do both the racermate and realaxiom. The programs are outstanding. Bottomline, I was a little disappointed on the computer programming. However, they were willing to listen to suggestions and make some improvements.

Gray is very good at getting back to you on email and by phone. The overall customer service is great.
I would refer anyone to his kayak ergometer.


Where to begin? From the…

Submitted by: paddler233350 on 9/8/2009
Where to begin? From the superb service to the truly amazing kayak ergometer, Grayson Bourne, owner and creator of the KayakPro Speedstroke Gym, has done everything right. Before ordering I had some questions so I emailed Gray and had my answer the same day (within a couple of hours!) I then decided to phone Gray with another question and, reaching him immediately, placed my order then and there! It is so rare these days to actually get a response in a timely fashion from many companies so to have such excellent pre-purchase service made buying the KayakPro an easy decision. Once I got the Speedstroke Gym, I had a couple of questions after it was assembled so I emailed Gray and had my answer in less than an hour! With this kind of service you can purchase in confidence knowing that you will receive whatever support you require no matter where you are located.

Now for the KayakPro Speedstroke Gym itself...WOW!
As an old flatwater kayak racer and now recreational kayaker in Nova Scotia, I was very impressed from the minute we opened the two boxes. My husband, a metallurgical engineer, was not only pleased with the quality of each of the components, but he was very impressed that instead of just giving you a bag of nuts and bolts, that each piece had the nuts and bolts in place so that all you had to do was take them out and attach the pieces and put them back. No mistake as to what goes where or trying to find a missing piece in a bag somewhere! Also, all the tools you need are included (except for a Philips head screwdriver needed to attach the ropes to the handle.) My husband had the Speedstroke together in less than two hours - I supervised and brought tea :)

Now for the best part...it truly is as close to getting on the water as you can get and there is no awkward feeling like being on an exercise machine. In fact, after only one day, my husband and I can already see that we are getting a better workout on the Speedstroke than in our recreational kayaks. Also, from my own perspective of one with a health challenge (MS), the Speedstroke will enable me to not only get a better workout, but will also allow me to easily workout on days that I might not be up to going out on the water and, better yet, it will enable me to workout all-year-round at my favorite sport versus having to find an alternative in the winter months.

We rate both Gray's service and the Speedstroke Gym as a 10++, I guarantee you will not be disappointed if you purchase one!
P.S. Make sure you assemble it where you want to use it as it is long!


I received my Speedstroke Gym…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/17/2009
I received my Speedstroke Gym ergometer about a week ago and I have used it almost every day since. I always had a problem keeping up my paddling during the winter and even in the warmer weather it is sometimes hard for me to get on the water due to my work commitments. I decided to get the Speedstroke so I could be more consistent with my paddle training. I love it so far. It is extremely sturdy and well made. The workouts I have done on it are tough. It definitely has an "on the water" feel to it. Great machine. I love the convenience.

KayakPro Speed Stroke Kayak Erg is an AWESOME MACHINE! I decided to get…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/20/2009
KayakPro Speed Stroke Kayak Erg is an AWESOME MACHINE!
I decided to get more intense and stepped up my personal kayak goals in the summer of 2008, then before I knew it the paddling season was over due to cold weather but I was still motivated to keep going so I started shopping for an erg machine. I got mine in November and have been enjoying it ever since, its solid, and the overall feel is realistic to being on the water. I enjoy using the computer to compete to improve my time in 500m, 1000m and distance in an all out 30 min work-out. The computer feeds consistent, detailed, and accurate information to me which is exactly what I was looking for in a kayak machine. I have enjoyed creating a graph to chart my progress. Anyway to sum it up, I'm a happy camper and more than satisfied with my purchase.

My husband and I bought the…

Submitted by: paddler232958 on 12/1/2008
My husband and I bought the Speedstroke after previously owning a much inferior kayak trainer which regularly required frustrating repairs. We've had no such problems with the Speedstroke - as others have said it is extremely well made, strong and robust. Ours has migrated with us from Canada to Scotland (removal men are always confused: "What's this then, a rowing machine?") and we use it regularly since we don't live close to water and would like upper bodies like Gray's... So excellent piece of equipment, highly recommended. Customer service is superbly helpful and friendly.

I have been borrowing a friends SpeedStroke for the past month…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/24/2008
I have been borrowing a friends SpeedStroke for the past month and love it. The tension throughout the stroke (especially the catch) is realistic. I paddle a surf ski (Huki S1-X Special to be specific) and only get out on the water 2x/week because I have 2 little girls at home. The erg allows me to paddle everyday at home.

The most useful exercise for me is the ability to REALLY fine tune my stroke. I use mirrors and video cameras to look at each aspect and then try to take that stroke out onto the water. I've been so impressed by the SpeedStroke that I just purchased 1 from Gray at KayakPro today. His customer service has been GREAT!

I would recommend this training tool to anyone serious about training and/or racing.


I have owned my SpeedStroke…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/18/2008
I have owned my SpeedStroke since 2003. It is, hands down, the most effective piece of aerobic exercise equipment I have owned. Mostly, it is effective since I am more dedicated to using it than I ever was to any other piece of equipment. The Speedstroke is a terrific aerobic exercise, especially for someone that also wants to tone and strengthen his or her upper body.

I have had my KayakPro…

Submitted by: paddler232495 on 3/21/2008
I have had my KayakPro SpeedStroke Erg. for a week and it is one of the best pieces of training equipment I could have purchased. I have already gained thousands of meters that I would have missed due to inclement weather. Well worth the money.

It's all true. Great piece of…

Submitted by: cliffrnatp on 1/9/2008
It's all true. Great piece of equipment to own. It seems like a lot of money, but it is well built, and the main structure can truly last a lifetime. Because of this, I wish I had shelled out the money sooner. It is kinda like an aluminum canoe, in that you buy one and use it for 5 years, or 50 years, and you will still be able to sell it as a useful piece. Great customer support.

I bought mine used about…

Submitted by: paddler232415 on 1/2/2008
I bought mine used about three months ago and paddle it at least 4 times a week. I normally paddle a surf ski and I feel the KayakPro simulates the stroke very well. Great work out and worth the cash; you won't be disappointed.

Well, I've got about 650…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/27/2007
Well, I've got about 650 miles on the erg coming into the 2nd winter with it. No parts have fallen off, so that is good.

The stroke simulation to a k-1 type boat is quite realistic. There is a lot of adjusting to do for one to get comfortable on the seat. The "knotmeter" will have to be calibrated - there are instructions on the KayakPro website for this.

This is a pretty good way to stay in good paddling shape - or build up the endurance base for next season. I would buy another one if presented again with the decision.


Having recently moved from…

Submitted by: paddler232301 on 9/4/2007
Having recently moved from South Africa to Bogota´- Colombia, I was was having serious paddling withdrawal symptoms with the closest water being 2 to 3 hours away. I managed to get hold of Gray, and after serious customs negotiations, finally got the Speedstroke through the relevant authorities.

A really great machine, and I can´t believe the similarity of the machine, compared to paddling on water! I am doing the Fish River Canoe Marathon back in SA in a months time with my daughter, thanks to the Speedstroke.


I acquired my SpeedStrok at…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/17/2007
I acquired my SpeedStrok at the beginning of 2004, so I guess I have spent enough time on it to give fair review. Speedstroke replicates the kayak forward stroke fairly well, in fact, I would rather work on my form/technique using the speedstroke and mirror/camcorder than on/in the water.

While living in Florida, I was able to trained while hurricanes did not allow me to get on the water; it allowed me to train with a tight schedule (when for 30min did not make any sense to get wet but a great difference at the end of they -even though I used to live right on the water). Nowadays, I moved to the Atlanta area: about 8 miles from Lake Lanier. Without the speedstroke I would be dead with such a cold winter and so far from the water!!!

I truly love it...


I love my KayakPro…

Submitted by: paddler229683 on 3/7/2007
I love my KayakPro Speedstroke! I purchased it last year and during the cold weather here in Massachusetts it has been fantastic. I'm an older athlete(?) training for kayak marathons and the Speedstroke and the software has really helped my to periodize my workouts and to do real power-based training. Pyramid workouts with 5 different power levels are a snap!

It's a great way to refine technique and it also lets you "test" every few weeks to check your progress. I increased my Time Trial output from 54 watts to 70 watts in 8 weeks of Speedstroke training-nearly 50% increased power.

Support from KayakPro has been excellent too.


I got the Speedstroke my…

Submitted by: paddler231930 on 2/12/2007
I got the Speedstroke my first winter kayaking and use it at least twice per week year round, supplementing on water work in the summer. I don't race and have no desire to race, but I do like speed and being fit enough to enjoy paddling with people who do race. I also use a greenland paddle, own greenland style boats, and go out at least one day a week just to work on rolls. So why a Speedstroke?

First of all, you don't have to be a racer or even use a Euro paddle to benefit from the action of this machine. It works perfectly well simulating the greenland forward stroke -- to the point where nuances in the stroke, such as crunching at the end and snapping the paddle out of the water on completion, registers on the computer.

This season I sprung for the add-on software and so far have found it very helpful. The software produces a power curve that allows you to adjust your technique to the type of paddling you do, and even out your strokes. For a greenland paddler, this allows you to play with delivering power at the end of the stroke where the paddle is the most efficient at converting it to forward motion. For Euro users, you get a very vivid depictions of how quickly after the catch you accelerate the paddle and produce power.

As an added benefit it also provides a good platform to do certain stretches that are beneficial but hard to do off the water.

The other reviews were spot on about both the workmanship of the unit and the attitude of the company. This is a very helpful machine, even for non-racers.


In a word, this is an…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/17/2007
In a word, this is an excellent training tool, especially for the winter. The simulation is geared to K1 or a fast surfski. Stroke development is also a benefit of the Speedstroke. I personally have more awareness of what is right or wrong with my stroke when using the erg. It has definitely carried over to my stroke on the water.

A bonus is that more time can be spent training, and not transit to and from the dock and so forth. This is a big plus for me after 4 hours of commuting every day and 10+ hours in the office. Build quality is solid, except for the seat, which I find a bit flimsy. It has not failed. In the interest of disclosure, this paddler is 6'3" and 245 lbs. The speedometer can be calibrated pretty accurately, although this may take some doing.

Again, a really well built erg, with a very positive effect on being able to maintain paddling fitness off season, and develop that elusive foward stroke.


Buying a Speedstroke sight…

Submitted by: paddler231913 on 1/15/2007
Buying a Speedstroke sight unseen is taking a big plunge, but I let myself be persuaded by the Olympic team commendation. I'm not disappointed. Forward stroke exercise is realistic and pleasurable. There are several ways to customize it to fit different resistance preferences. I found I could experimentally shorten the rope for extra resistance by unscrewing the paddle, pushing one side of the rope through the middle, and tying a knot six inches further down. The flywheel also makes a pretty good fan for your dog on a hot day.

An excellent ergometer. The…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/15/2006
An excellent ergometer. The ultimate is also a fantastic programme and a must have add on. No regrets buying 2 ergos at all!

Kayakpro ergometer - I have…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/6/2006
Kayakpro ergometer - I have almost 200 hours on my kayakpro erg over three winters, so I've tested it thoroughly. (I actually do 1/3 of all my annual paddling on this machine!) There are no signs of wear and I think that it might last indefinitely. Resistance is very close to an actual ICF K1 or racing surfski along with the speed that registers on the computer. The feel is very much like actual paddling though it might take an hour or two to adjust to the differences from paddling on water - and this is because there is obviously more freedom of movement on the erg. I think that this erg is absolutely required equipment for those paddlers that live in the north where you can't paddle for a few months out of the year. At first, the price seems high and hard to justify because it's not a boat, but it's well worth it if it keeps you paddling-fit; allows you to paddle at night; get your quick interval workout in when you don't have much time, and when you consider that it may outlast all your other boats.

I have been using the Kayak…

Submitted by: paddler231447 on 2/2/2006
I have been using the Kayak Pro Speedstroke and recommend it. I was always on the fence about these machines, not because I didn't think they work, but because I didn't think I'd have the desire to use it. I'd typically just go run on a cold dark night rather than work on the machine. Last winter was particularly long and cold and if one becomes desperate for the feeling of paddling this will save your sanity till spring or a winter trip to FL.

I've not used any other K-1 Machine to compare, but I can say that this speedstroke "feels" very much like paddling a K-1. I think the long length of the bench allows the rope to exit the pulley at very flat angles unlike some other machines that look more like C-1, or rowing machines adapted to a K-1 stroke.

I live in MA and keep it in the garage where it's cool to cold which I find more pleasant than in a warm basement.


Some time ago I decided I…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/1/2005
Some time ago I decided I would get a paddling machine to train year-round. After some research, I found two machines that were kayak specific, including the Speedstroke. I chose the Speedstroke mainly because I knew people who had bought it and were very happy with it.

I've been using the Speedstroke for one week, 5 sessions (it replaces the real thing while I wait for my new boat).

I must say that I am very happy with it. The machine is extremely well made; assembly was easy due to the excellent fitment of parts. The flywheel requires adjustments due to the magnetic contact for the computer.

Despite its size, the lightweight allows for easy moving around. I leave it close to a wall and slide it when I train to make the required space.

I find it replicates very well the paddling stroke. It promotes good form and technique of the Hip rotation, and torso, which requires good posture.

I'm fortunate to have a full gym at home. I make good use of all my equipment. The Speedstroke fits nicely in the puzzle. It measures up to the best of any equipment you can buy. If you are a paddler and want to train despite the weather 12 months a year, you owe it to yourself to get one.


My wife and I purchased our…

Submitted by: heronsflight on 8/31/2005
My wife and I purchased our Speedstroke as a Christmas gift for each other this year. We wanted something that would be specific to our exercise needs that would help us stay in shape and be more ready for the flatwater racing season here in Maine that starts in late May. We used it exclusively during the winter and I continue to use during the racing season on days when the weather prohibits practice out on the water. It was the best investment in exercise equipment that we have ever made. The price I found to be comparable to other quality exercise machines.

I found that the machine recreates the full dynamics and motion of the paddling stroke whether you are a recreational paddler or racer using a wing paddle stroke and the resistance is adjustable. You can get one heck of a workout from this machine. You can do a variety of different types of workouts from distance, to intervals, to sprints. The only thing that is missing is the water and the waves.

It was easy to set up and light weight and easy to move around and is very stable with no movement of the machine while it is in use. It is well made and we have had no mechanical problems since we started using it.

I would highly recommend it for anyone out there looking for the perfect alternative when weather conditions or time is a factor in your ability to get a good practice in.


The Kayakpro Speedstroke is a…

Submitted by: paddler231279 on 8/25/2005
The Kayakpro Speedstroke is a great alternate off the water training tool. I recently purchased one and I was impressed with the mechanics and smoothness of the Speedstroke. It simulates the kayak stroke very well. The Ultima software is also great. I can see where my power phase is in my stroke and can vary it to see if it makes any difference in virtual boat speed. My goal is to translate these changes to on the water paddling to get more boat speed. I would highly recommend getting one.

I am not a competitive…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/13/2005
I am not a competitive kayaker but rather love to sea kayak in remote areas like the upper Amazon or Greenland. Sometimes these trips are in the middle of our cold Midwestern winter. So how do I get in shape for these trips when our lakes and rivers here are covered with ice?

I use the KayakPro SpeedStroke and find that it simulates sea kayaking amazingly accurately if I make my adjustable paddle shaft as long as possible to increase the resistance. (On the advice of the always helpful Grayson Bourne I extended it so that the two halves overlap about 6". Before I bought my Speedstroke I tried all kinds of home-made devices, but this is the way to go!

Now I can both build up my endurance and improve my technique at home before I go.


My wife and I purchased a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/4/2005
My wife and I purchased a Kayak Pro in Dec 04. My wife competes in the Yukon River Quest as a solo kayaker. Unfortunately here in the Yukon our paddling season is relatively short, Early April to late October, with a lot of that fringe period being fairly cold and downright freezing for our southern friends. The Speedstroke has been everything we had hoped for, by far the best piece of exercise equipment we have tried. The Speedstroke does a great job of imitating a real paddling stroke and works every muscle the same as being on the water. For us older folks I can't recommend this enough as it is a tremendous low impact workout in only 30 minutes a day. Having used the Speedstroke for only 3 months (had a 3 week holiday) I can attest to the benefits I have personally seen for my conditioning. Simple fact is, Get one, you will not regret it!

I first tried the Kayakpro…

Submitted by: paddler230954 on 2/18/2005
I first tried the Kayakpro Speedstroke ergometer at the Canadian Sprint Racing Canoe/Kayak Championships in Wellend, Ontario in August of 2003, and couldn't believe how well it simulates the real thing. I bought one a couple months ago and my only regret is not buying one earlier.

The Speedstroke is not only great for specific strength and fitness training, but also for technique. I have set mine up with a mirror in front of me so I can practice technique and watch what I'm doing to ensure I am paddling technically correct. With no requirement for balance, no worry about wind and waves, it is a perfect tool to practice technique.

In the two months I've had the Speedstroke I've trained on it most days and I am amazed at the quality and workmanship of this machine. I can't see how anything will breakdown in the next 10 years - it really is well made. It is also equipped with a really handy computer that is a great training aid. It can be calibrated for different types of boats so it can be used by everyone. It tracks speed, distance and time, and it is amazing how close the times are to my times on the water, thanks to Grayson's calibration tips which come free with the purchase. The computer is perfect for long paddles or short intervals or even time trials - it's like having a coach in the room with you.

Living in Ottawa, Canada, the season is short (6 months). I believe that paddling year round is going to make a huge difference in my sprint racing results. I can also see how I will use the Speedstroke during the summer for a second short workout after an on-water workout, or on days when it is +2°C and windy in October. I may just say "not worth it, I'm going down stairs".

It is an amazing time-saver. For a one hour workout on the water, it takes me about 3 hours including travel to the canoe club and a shower. On the Speedstroke it takes 1:10 for the same workout.

Finally, the help and advice I've received from Grayson Bourne has made this purchase a great experience. I still E-mail Gray regularly and he is always helpful and a lot of fun to chat with about paddling. It's a lot of fun for a hacker like me to chat with a 5 time Olympian. His advice is priceless.

Do not hesitate to buy this machine. It is the best exercise equipment I've ever seen - for paddlers it's a necessity.


With the relatively short…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/15/2004
With the relatively short season to train in upstate NY, one needs to take every chance to get in shape whenever possible. This is the case if one kayaks to compete or recreate. The SpeedStroke erg is an outstanding device to workout with. The only thing missing is the wind, wet and cold hands and feet, and running to your vehicle to warm-up prior to putting your kayak on the rack! Rather than just staying in good aerobic or strength shape during the winter it provides extremely specific training for kayakers. I know this year I will not have to spend anywhere near the length of time I have had to spend developing base miles in the kayak.

Using the Paddle Monitor software available through KayakPro allows one to personally coach oneself. The data are depicted in an extremely usable form so that one could work on technique and train without having the benefit of a coach or even training partner. The software program is sufficiently engaging enough to easily allow me to pass the time while I get in 5 - 10k on the erg.

Whenever I had a problem, calling the folks at KayakPro got me excellent service, especially at getting things up and running when I first got the erg.


Last year I decided to get…

Submitted by: Murn on 3/8/2004
Last year I decided to get back into racing shape. So as I was scrolling through the Internet I came upon the Speedpro in an ad. So I called Grayson up and he just happened to be going to Oakland, CA for a race. That is where my sister lives. I was able to try out the machine while visiting CA. A big smile broke out on my face as I started working out...11, 12, 15 km per hour were no problem for me. The machine felt really good. So then I borrowed Grayson's boat and tried it out on the water. The machine feels so much like the kayak it isn't funny! So I went back and tried the Speedpro again and found that it was so similar to paddling that I placed my order right then and there. Late last October the machine arrived. So after a little bit of work we got it all set up and tried it out. I could not believe how great it felt. The seat and the foot rest were fantastic. So then I went out and paddled my kayak. It was so similar, it was amazing! Now on to part 2...

Last November I had surgery on both my hands and went two months with no upper body workout at all. I started using the machine about 10 minutes at a time, a couple times a week. I started to train for cross country ski racing and still used the Speedpro once or twice a week with some pretty good workouts (up to 45 minutes at a time). In February '04 I was back in CA for another kayak race. I borrowed a surf ski that I had never paddled before. After getting over the instability (not being in a boat for 4 months) I started the race and went right to the front. I was paddling like I had been in a boat all year long...no BS...I raced with several guys all the way and then out-sprinted them at the end to win. So if you are looking for the high quality training machine and can't get to the water because of daylight, cold water, distance this is for you! Call Grayson and talk to him. Listen to him very carefully. He is a world-class paddler who knows the sport inside and out. He will not steer you wrong. DO IT!


I first saw the SpeedStoke…

Submitted by: Pat-Loftus on 12/18/2003
I first saw the SpeedStoke training device at Paddlesport in NJ last Spring. It was a show stopper. Tried it at the show and purchased a SpeedStroke for conditioning and technique improvement in my barn. Like most paddlers I do not live on or near the water and with the SpeedStroke I can put in 3 miles or so in the early morning before I go to work or at night after I get home.

The Speedstoke is as close as you can imagine to actaully paddling on the water and helps with focusing on torso rotation and technique. A terrific fitness device so that when you do get on the water all the muscle groups are tuned up and ready to go.

Unit has electonics to measure time, distance, max speed, average speed etc so you can really see if you are making progress.

While this is used by lots of Olympic and racing types it is also a great off water aide for even a 60 year old serious amateur like me!

Speedstroke Gym Ergometer