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My wife and I purchased our Speedstroke as a Christmas gift for each other this year. We wanted something that would be specific to our exercise needs that would help us stay in shape and be more ready for the flatwater racing season here in Maine that starts in late May. We used it exclusively during the winter and I continue to use during the racing season on days when the weather prohibits practice out on the water. It was the best investment in exercise equipment that we have ever made. The price I found to be comparable to other quality exercise machines.

I found that the machine recreates the full dynamics and motion of the paddling stroke whether you are a recreational paddler or racer using a wing paddle stroke and the resistance is adjustable. You can get one heck of a workout from this machine. You can do a variety of different types of workouts from distance, to intervals, to sprints. The only thing that is missing is the water and the waves.

It was easy to set up and light weight and easy to move around and is very stable with no movement of the machine while it is in use. It is well made and we have had no mechanical problems since we started using it.

I would highly recommend it for anyone out there looking for the perfect alternative when weather conditions or time is a factor in your ability to get a good practice in.

I have been paddling many Wilderness Systems boats for years. I was excited about the design of the Tempest series. I took this one out for a class and tour and came back with all three hatches full of water even though I had properly attached the rubber hatch covers with their special bungees. Another person in the class tour also had the Tempest 170 and found the same thing. The Pro models don't have this problem. What I suggest is double drybag anything that is of importance to you in the rotomolded versions.

I am a Master Maine Guide for Sea Kayaking and work alone, with an outfitter, and race besides. I have owned a kevlar Isle au Haut for over two years. I honestly can say that I use it over most of my other boats or those that I have access to (Wilderness Systems, Current Designs, Hurricane).

It is easy to carry especially after a long paddle when you are tired. It follows a line easily and performs well whether using a regular touring paddle, a wing paddle, a bentshaft paddle, or a greenland style. The chines make it very stable (great for rescues of others). I don't weigh very much, yet I find that it tracks well regardless of wind, wave, and other conditions even without a rudder or skeg. Before I have to deal with weathercocking, others have lowered their rudders or deployed their skegs.

I have raced in it and found that it wasn't quite as fast as some of the 15' boats, and without a rudder very difficult to turn a quick hard hairpin turn needed sometimes in racing.

I would prefer to have a few of the extras found on the Eggamoggin (day hatch and special cockpit storage). My biggest complaint comes in the back band/rest assembly. It just doesn't work as installed or even changed. I would suggest that the rear of the coaming be lowered to allow easier greenland style rolls and to change the backband/rest to a different model and installation.