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Name: Pat-Loftus

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I first saw the SpeedStoke training device at Paddlesport in NJ last Spring. It was a show stopper. Tried it at the show and purchased a SpeedStroke for conditioning and technique improvement in my barn. Like most paddlers I do not live on or near the water and with the SpeedStroke I can put in 3 miles or so in the early morning before I go to work or at night after I get home.

The Speedstoke is as close as you can imagine to actaully paddling on the water and helps with focusing on torso rotation and technique. A terrific fitness device so that when you do get on the water all the muscle groups are tuned up and ready to go.

Unit has electonics to measure time, distance, max speed, average speed etc so you can really see if you are making progress.

While this is used by lots of Olympic and racing types it is also a great off water aide for even a 60 year old serious amateur like me!