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The Rogue 10 is a kayak brought to you by Jackson Kayak. Read Rogue 10 reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

Rogue 10 Reviews


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Rogue 10 Reviews

Read reviews for the Rogue 10 by Jackson Kayak as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

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Ignore bretts review as its…

Submitted by: ksetuni on 8/9/2018

Ignore bretts review as its so inaccurate that its pathetic. Anyone that supports a walmart pool toy over a jackson is clearly a jackson hater for no reason. (or any other quality manufacturer for that matter) Also try adjusting ANY boats fitting with a skirt on. I bet you cant do it right? Why not? Because a skirt is designed to seal the paddler and boat from water entry. So please show me any boat that allows you to adjust anything without popping the skirt first.

First you need to realize what this boat is. It is a crossover boat. That means its a whitewater boat first, with some additions to help it on flatwater areas. In this capacity it works great and the outfitting is wonderful. The outfitting is designed to be able to be repaired in the field, by carrying some extra paracord. Try doing this with plastic or ratcheting systems. I bet you can't. The rope and cleat system is simple, yet functional. Some prefer it some don't. However as designed it cannot be beat for reliability and ease of repair. However with the rope and cleat design, you can get that perfect fit, not hope that the click adjustments match up properly. Too often with those you get a lil too loose or a lil too tight. It comes back to preference.

Some wonder what some of the differences from this boat and the newer jackson traverse are. The rogue has the sweet cheeks seat vs the traverses molded and padded seat. The sweet cheeks allows you to have a custom fit on the seat bottom. Many have said its actually a bit more comfortable. I myself am neutral on it and I found both to be comfortable. The rogue has footpegs and a foam divider between the legs, the traverse has a unishock bulkhead. The rogue is rated to class 3+ whitewater, the traverse 4+ because of this bulkhead. Also the skeg mechanism on the rogue is a lever/cable type vs a rope/cleat type on the traverse. Both function well and are spring loaded to assist in deploying

The footpegs work well. They are comfortable and easy to use. It does give something to get caught on during a wet exit, but few had problems with this. It is nice when you want to stretch as you can slip your feet past the footpegs and relax some.

The boat is maneuverable, yet reasonably stable. Once you drop the skeg it tracks well, especially with good paddling technique and leaning forward.

its hard to go wrong with this boat for most paddlers. Especially since it can often be found used cheaper than a traverse. Paddling both the rogue and traverse, its hard to tell much of a difference between the two. 10 hours on the water and the boat was still comfortable and enjoyable to paddle.


I would rather paddle my Walmart kayak for hours than the Jackson for comfort!

Submitted by: paddler381346 on 8/21/2017

I bought my rogue at the beginning of the year I have done a lot of paddling in it, hoping my problems with the outfitting would go away after countless adjustments! 1: If u get any bit of dirt or baby rocks in the skeg it will not release so have fun with that every time you get ready to put in the water. 2: the rear bulkhead cover takes in water just paddling in the lake open water, it's just a flimsy rubber cover, you would think they would have designed that better so now they have a drain plug in the rear bulkhead, instead of in the cockpit area where u would think most of the water would come in lol! 3: is the outfitting it is probably the thing I hate most about this kayak. It has inadequate cushion for the backrest exp for long trips. I just didn't a overnight 2 hour paddle trip and when I got out my back was in so much pain it was unbearable, the adjustments are just these little ropes that lock in place and dangle right over ur knees so when u go to lock ur knees into the pads the rope gets stuck in between ur knees and the pad, try to adjust that when you have a spray skirt on! I really had high hopes for this kayak and not really finding any bad reviews when I decided to purchase it! Well least maybe this will help anybody else on not purchasing this kayak! Since i have owned this kayak I've been able to tackle some whitewater and my budy has a dagger and the seats look so comfortable and that's what u want in a kayak not a thin piece of foam! It also has the happy seat it's a bean bag seat attached by velcrow it's ok...


I actually own a 10 foot and…

Submitted by: sandramadison on 7/1/2015
I actually own a 10 foot and 9 foot Rogue. I love this kayak. It was bought with the intention of having a boat that would be good for Michigan rivers and some low level white water and it does both very well. The drop down skeg works flawlessly! I found even in a Class III white water it did really well and very stable. Turned and functioned (with the skeg up of course) very well on white water. I would not give up this boat for anything. The seat is very comfortable with multiple adjustments including how much air you want to leave in for cushion.

I used my friend's Rogue on a…

Submitted by: tcsspitts on 9/28/2014
I used my friend's Rogue on a lake paddle on a mild day. The seat is reasonably comfortable and the back band provides adequate support. With the skeg down the boat tracks fine with a small amount of concentration on flat water,but with the skeg up keeping the boat straight takes a considerable amount of work. I can tell with the large volume bow this boat is intended more for moving water which is what my friend enjoys. I'm more of a flatwater kinda guy. The maneuverability in swift water is an obvious advantage and the boat would become much more fun. I could easily see it working well in class 2 or 3 rapids. If I ever use it I will have to re-evaluate it, but for flat water it would make for a tiring day.

I bought my Rogue 10 last…

Submitted by: paddler235696 on 7/5/2014
I bought my Rogue 10 last year. I've done some overnight trips and a trip down Cumberland river KY. I've flipped it a couple times and the dry hatch never leaked. The skeg works great just drop it down on flat water and the boat paddles straight and moves along at a pretty good pace. I would recommend this boat to any wanting to do two or three night trips but still want a boat to handle rough water. Oh and the seat us very comfortable wouldn't trade my Rouge for anything love it

I bought a Jackson Rogue 10…

Submitted by: clint501 on 4/24/2013
I bought a Jackson Rogue 10 last year. It is truly a great boat. Handles great, tracks true (the drop down skeg is great for flat water). The dry hatch stays DRY. If you do get water in the boat draining the water out is so easy. The way Jackson designed the drain holes around the lip of the cockpit is ingenious. Flip the boat over and it ALL the water comes out. I've been on 14 mile flat water river trips as well as class 2 rapids. Hope to get on some class 3 after I learn to role. The seating is so comfortable. The Sweet Cheeks cushion and adjustable back strap are well thought out and easy to use.

I would highly recommend the Jackson Rogue to anyone who wants the ease of a recreational boat and the ability of a white water boat. I'm 65 and I love it!!


Very well built kayak, well…

Submitted by: paddler234956 on 4/18/2013
Very well built kayak, well thought out and nice quality, fun to paddle, the skeg keeps it pointed in the right direction, it really likes moving rivers but is fine with lakes, you won't be the fastest one on the lake but if you just want to play in the open water and dink around its fine. Watch out for small pebbles jamming the skeg if you get it close to the bottom. But this is probably common with any kayak with a skeg.

If you're looking for that all purpose boat, Look no farther. The Rogue…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/9/2012

If you're looking for that all purpose boat, Look no farther.

The Rogue 10 is what i feel is my first REAL kayak. I also own a Future Beach Fusion 124, fishing kayak, sold a future beach fusion 10 (cockpit was so big it might as well have been a sit-on-top) And a Perception Sport Rhythm 11 (read my review)

The Rogue has it all. Drop the skeg and track your line. put it up and spin it on a dime. Learned how to roll with this boat in just 3 classes. Best of all, this boat was designed with REAL whitewater capability! I haven't had the time to put any real miles on this one yet, but I can spend 6+ hours rowing and rolling the Rogue on the lake and never feel exhausted.

If you only want 1 boat, buy a Rogue. Enough said.