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I would rather paddle my Walmart kayak for hours than the Jackson for comfort!

I bought my rogue at the beginning of the year I have done a lot of paddling in it, hoping my problems with the outfitting would go away after countless adjustments! 1: If u get any bit of dirt or baby rocks in the skeg it will not release so have fun with that every time you get ready to put in the water. 2: the rear bulkhead cover takes in water just paddling in the lake open water, it's just a flimsy rubber cover, you would think they would have designed that better so now they have a drain plug in the rear bulkhead, instead of in the cockpit area where u would think most of the water would come in lol! 3: is the outfitting it is probably the thing I hate most about this kayak. It has inadequate cushion for the backrest exp for long trips. I just didn't a overnight 2 hour paddle trip and when I got out my back was in so much pain it was unbearable, the adjustments are just these little ropes that lock in place and dangle right over ur knees so when u go to lock ur knees into the pads the rope gets stuck in between ur knees and the pad, try to adjust that when you have a spray skirt on! I really had high hopes for this kayak and not really finding any bad reviews when I decided to purchase it! Well least maybe this will help anybody else on not purchasing this kayak! Since i have owned this kayak I've been able to tackle some whitewater and my budy has a dagger and the seats look so comfortable and that's what u want in a kayak not a thin piece of foam! It also has the happy seat it's a bean bag seat attached by velcrow it's ok...