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Name: clint501

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I've paddled the Zen 75 for a little over 2 months now on some good solid class 2 rapids. I also own the Rogue 10 which I love. My goal is to get into at least some class 3 rapids and learn to roll (I get close but keep carping!!)

The Zen is really a nice boat for surfing and is very comfortable. I love the adjustable foot bulkhead. Pull the cord and push with your feet for the right fit. It's a breeze to adjust. No screws or bolts to mess with. The seating is very comfortable. I really like the way it maneuvers and it's superb stability.

The previous reviewer is "right on" with his remarks. If you are interested in a "white water" boat I can highly recommend the Jackson Zen. I'm 65 years old and I'm lovin' this boat.

I bought a Jackson Rogue 10 last year. It is truly a great boat. Handles great, tracks true (the drop down skeg is great for flat water). The dry hatch stays DRY. If you do get water in the boat draining the water out is so easy. The way Jackson designed the drain holes around the lip of the cockpit is ingenious. Flip the boat over and it ALL the water comes out. I've been on 14 mile flat water river trips as well as class 2 rapids. Hope to get on some class 3 after I learn to role. The seating is so comfortable. The Sweet Cheeks cushion and adjustable back strap are well thought out and easy to use.

I would highly recommend the Jackson Rogue to anyone who wants the ease of a recreational boat and the ability of a white water boat. I'm 65 and I love it!!