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Cuda 14 Description

If you are looking for speed and stability, then you are in the right place. The Cuda is the answer to the big water fisherman’s dream because it has both the speed needed to trek long distances quickly, and the stability to stand and fish when you get to your destination. Designed for fishing flatwater, tidal waters, and those fishing beyond the breakers. The Cuda 14 comes complete with a full range of features that accommodates fly fisherman and conventional anglers alike.

Cuda 14 Reviews


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Cuda 14 Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit on Top / Open Cockpit
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Additional Attributes

  • Ram and GoPro Inserts
  • Rod Tip Protector
  • Therm-a-Rest Lumbar Support
  • 32 oz Nalgene / Central Beverage Holder
  • Tackle Management and Plano Boxes
  • RAM Rod Holders
  • Yakattack Gear Tracks
  • Center Hatch
  • Rear Tackle and Rod Holders
  • Paddle holders/stagers
  • Adjustable
  • Two-Layer Standing Pad
  • Line Cutterz
  • SealLine Seat Pouch
  • Fish Grips

Jackson Kayak
Cuda 14 Reviews

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As a fisherman I had high…

Submitted by: maxsmartinwi on 8/31/2015
As a fisherman I had high expectations of the Jackson Cuda 14 and it hasn't disappointed me. In fact it's the best fishing purchase I have ever made. The cross linked material is more durable than I expected. I've gone over rocks at shallow depths and have never had a problem. This kayak is extremely fast and easy to maneuver even in windy conditions. Jackson has definitely made me a customer for life. I hope to get the big rig soon for fly fishing and increased stability, but for now I'm more than content with this great kayak!

I purchase a 2014 Jackson…

Submitted by: catamaran on 7/28/2015
I purchase a 2014 Jackson Cuda 14 about 1 month ago. I've paddled it on flat water 8-10 times. The features I appreciate the most are the adjustable seating position, the generous amount of both rod staging and gear stowage.

This is a monster of a kayak at approximately 85 lbs. and that is about the only drawback. I'm rigging the kayak with a few more options (a rudder, sound deadening mat, longer stand up strap, standup bracket and and anchor). I haven't decided on which rudder system to install yet. The Jackson factory option rudder or a Sea-Lect Designs Trucouse rudder. I want to fly fish the rivers here in Indiana and up in Michigan. I hope that the rudder system will make it easier to guide the kayak in a current so I can have my hands free to handle the fishing equipment.


I purchased a 2014 Jackson…

Submitted by: orlandojack on 7/24/2015
I purchased a 2014 Jackson Cuda 14 about 2 months ago and love it. It tracks really well and the raised seat helps keep you dry. I would recommend the Jackson brand of kayaks.

I've owned a Jackson Cuda 14…

Submitted by: paddler236158 on 3/23/2015
I've owned a Jackson Cuda 14 since the spring of 2012 and could not be happier with my choice. I spend the majority of my time fishing the marsh and flats around the upper Texas coast where I enjoy sight-casting redfish in supper skinny water.

The Cuda tracks well without a rudder and has good speed for a kayak that gives you the ability to stand. The Elite seat 2.0 is a major selling point for me because I stay dry and comfortable all day without any back soreness. I can carry plenty of gear in the center storage hatch and you can add or remove accessories without drilling into the kayak thanks to the Yak Attack gear tracks. Great American made product.


I was able to try the 14 foot…

Submitted by: gofishtx on 9/8/2014
I was able to try the 14 foot Cuda out right after paddling the Cuda 12. Again a good stable boat with excellent stability, speed and tracking, Lots of stuff included. Lots of storage and the same comfortable High low seating as the 12 foot Cuda. However I felt like the 12 foot was a little easier to maneuver than the 14 foot. I didn't notice any discernible speed difference between the 12 and 14 footers, but I am sure the 14 foot will be a little faster. It is a good decent Yak and comes ready to fish. You can't go wrong with either the 14 or the 12 footer. Paddle both and pick the one that will handle best for you.

Being a fairly large fella,…

Submitted by: 24tesla on 7/2/2014
Being a fairly large fella, 6'3" at 305lb, I have to be careful of what Yak I choose due to stability. This kayak does the trick. I can sit off the edge with the opposite side of my seat almost pressing against my back and this thing still wont flip. (Not saying it cant flip, it will, but it has a lot of room before you reach that spot.)

The boat tracks very well for me, and actually handles the wind better than I expected, considering how high I sit above the boat. The built in features are excellent, leaving plenty of storage room for all my gear, plus some. The boat comes ready to fish, and little needs to be done to modify, but keep in mind, if you decide to add to it, a lot of this has been thought out ahead of time, and the indents, cutouts, etc already exist, all you do is install in the location already designed into the mold for the addition.

I would recommend this Kayak to anyone, from beginner to pro. Well thought out, well built.


I did hours upon hours of…

Submitted by: paddler235191 on 7/27/2013
I did hours upon hours of research for my new kayak. I wanted one that I can sit in comfortably for hours and possibly stand up and fish in. Oh, and it needed dry storage. The Jackson Cuda does not disappoint. At the moment I have put in over 40 hours in the kayak and only having it for 3 weeks. I have paddles creeks, rivers, very large lakes, large lakes, and small lakes along with ponds in it.

I am very happy with the durability and structure of the Cuda. It is strong plastic and I am not worried about damaging it at all. It tracks straight and turns very well for a boat it size. I have no worries about taking it on rapids. The hull storage is amazing. Lots of storage that you can access in the front, back, or center. Although I do find it it a little tricky getting my poles in with the round hatches, I think the Cuda 14 would not have this issue at all. The Hi/Lo chair is amazing. I used to have pains after sitting down for a couple hours, but no more. Every now and then it feels good to stretch but no pain like before! I find that I prefer the high position for comfort. On top of all of that it comes with three rod holders and 3 RAM ball mounts. Two right behind the seat and one that you can screw in front. The rocket style holders work great for my long and short butted rods. I found that I do not use the rod holder in the front at all and will be putting an arm for my fish finder. I will also be adding an anchor trolley.

A couple things that I knew about before purchasing but wish was better was the off center carrying handles. When two people are lifting it via the handles it leans to one side. Not awful, but can be a pain when you have gear on it. Also, they advertise that it is so stable you can stand up right away, this I don't think is true. You CAN stand, but it just takes a little practice and time. After putting in many hours on the water and slowly practicing every time I was out I can now stand and fish without any problem. It probably took me 5-6 times in all to practice before I felt relatively comfortable standing and fishing. The last thing that I found is the open storage in the back. I like to have a crate, some folks just have their gear in the easy accessible center hatch. But you need a special size crate because there are two tackle box storage lifts that make the crate off center. Other than those couple small things this kayak is fantastic!

The Jackson Cuda is easy to paddle, comfortable, and is a very versatile kayak!


I am 5'11" 240 lbs and I…

Submitted by: piscisergosum on 11/4/2012
I am 5'11" 240 lbs and I bought this boat mainly for fishing in open water windy situations. Let me say that is has surpassed my expectations. I have become confident to head out into the Gulf of Mexico, Mississippi River or open reservoirs. If it is windy or I am paddling for speed and distance I sit with the seat in the low position. If I am in the flats looking for fish I can stand easily from the chair's high position. It is possible, but not recommended, to switch positions while floating. I find it very stable and fairly fast, though not a fast as a WS Tarpon 14. I recently went 5 miles with some friends in sea going kayaks and I kept up with them fine. The stow hatches hold plenty of gear for two days of camping or even a 2 piece rod and reel. It was real nice to take the seat out and use it in the camp. The last time I was in the Everglades I broke off a rod tip in the Mangroves. I look forward to using the Rod Tip Holders next time I go.

I have heard some say that water shoots up through the scupper holes but that has not been my experience. Some water comes in but then goes right back out. I can see where a rudder would be great for boat control while drifting but it is really not needed. I recommend a 240cm high angle paddle especially with the seat in the high position. There are two buckles that hold the Center Hatch down. I recommend leaving the farthest one unbuckled on the water because its hard to reach when you need to access its contents.

What could make this boat better would be:
1) "Aim" the rod holders 90 degrees out instead of straight back. This separates the lines for trolling purposes.
2) Put some scupper holes in the rear deck. Not for drainage but so you can mount some wheels under it easily.
3) Make it lighter. At 74 lbs it's a beast to load and port
4) Add a break away stringer mount. So when you wish to keep fish on a stringer a shark, gator, or large grouper wont drag your boat under.
5) Finally add a Slide Trax mounting system. This is one place Jackson Kayak was sleeping.