Santee 116

11' 6"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

Santee 116 Description

Maybe your right arm is stronger than your left; maybe your body tilts east when you really wanna go west; or maybe your personal gyroscope hasn’t worked since the '90s. Whatever the case, the inability to paddle your recreational kayak in a straight line makes your experience on the water, well, challenging. Not to worry. That problem is solved with the Santee 116, a rec kayak that’s easy to paddle in a straight line! The Swede form design makes it simple (and fun and rewarding and spirit-lifting) to get from point A to point B . . . without wandering to all points in-between. You can toss enough gear in the ample rear hatch for a serious day trip, hit a river or lake or coastal inlet, and cut a smooth steady trail across the water. As a bonus, you won’t tear a rotator cuff putting the 116 on your roof rack because it tips the scales at a svelte 38 pounds. (Spoiler alert ― the Santee 116 won’t fight you when you paddle. It’ll work with you, so you’ll end up having a blast.)

Santee 116 Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Additional Attributes

  • Bulkheads, ABS Plastic, Bow & Stern: Provide positive flotation
  • Hatches: 5.5” Bow Bulkhead & 10” Stern provide storage compartment access
  • Bow & Stern Deck Bungee: Provide storage for dry bag & gear
  • Paddle Holder: Secures paddle to deck
  • Security Bar: Cable lock your boat to the car or in storage
  • Outfitting: AireStream seat and foam thigh pads
  • Twist loc footbrace system: Easy adjustment from seated position
  • Luggage Grab Handle, Bow & Stern: Comfortable grip when carrying kayak during portage

Hurricane Kayaks
Santee 116 Reviews

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Bought about 10 years ago at…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/10/2021
Bought about 10 years ago at a kayak demo where they had many brands and models to test. Used on streams and lakes, low and high water. Easy to haul, goes anywhere I want to be with ease. Have been in several others since (giving others a break from their heavy dragging, extra paddling boats) and have zero regrets. Love my boat!

Lightweight craft that tracks…

Submitted by: paddler848711 on 8/11/2020
Lightweight craft that tracks fast and very easy to paddle. A little difficult to get in and out of.

I have had my kayak for 6…

Submitted by: paddler837460 on 7/29/2020
I have had my kayak for 6 years. I loved it. I'm 64, and it was easy to handle. I'm very disappointed that it has 2 splits in the hull. One is crosswise in the middle about 2". The other is lengthwise about 8" long. I have other kayaks and I have never had this problem for 20 years. I'm disappointed I spent the money for this quality. I have not mishandled it in anyway, and not sure if I can fix it properly.

Recently got to test paddle…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/2/2018

Recently got to test paddle the Santee 116 lightweight boat. I genuinely loved it almost slid thru the water by itself. As senior citizen , I was looking for a light weight boat. Yes... the water was calm that day ...but it is a calm water boat in my opinion. seat was comfortable for the time I spent in it. If $ 's were not a subject, I'd add this boat to the fleet or 1 of the other Hurricane boats.


As a 65 year old paddler, I…

Submitted by: erniemclaney on 7/2/2018

As a 65 year old paddler, I can't say enough good things about the Santee 116 Sport which I've had now for about two years. First of all, it's a beautiful and well-made boat. I chose the bright orange on white for high visibility since I often paddle alone on North Carolina's lakes, rivers and coastal waterways. The second best feature is the weight, coming in at 39 lbs., it allows me to easily raise it on to my RAV4 as well as haul it to my put in spot. Another key feature that is very important in selecting a boat is how this recreational kayak tracks for its size - very impressive. I also have a Necky 13 and the Santee 116 tracks just about as well. An over-sized cockpit allows me to easily enter and exit as well as set up my camera on a tripod for wildlife photography. I can also take along a grandchild with plenty of space for both of us. It has all the other features you would expect such as sufficient decking bungee, excellent dry storage, a paddle holder, and an attached metal security bar to run a cable through to lock it up if needed. Kayaking should be fun and something you look forward to. I’ve had five different make and model kayaks over the past fifteen years and right now, this is my top boat. As a senior citizen, the Santee 116 Sport by Hurricane is truly an incentive to get out and explore the great outdoors. I fully expect it will serve me well on into my 70's. The only reason it didn't get 5 stars from me is the lack of a drainage plug and the foot braces sometimes give way in the locked position.


The look, speed and agility…

Submitted by: Florist on 4/29/2016
The look, speed and agility is wonderful. It is a bit tight in the cockpit for gear, but has a very dry hold in the stern. It has all the bungi straps you could want. The only serious problem I found it there is no strength on the deck, to help you get out of the kayak. The hull is also very susceptible to cracking, because it is so thin. Hurricane Corp customer service is the best. I seriously damaged the hull, and they sent me a new boat without me asking.

I have had my Santee 116 for…

Submitted by: Agentilis on 12/18/2015
I have had my Santee 116 for at least 5 years. I bought it when there were fewer lightweight kayaks on the market. As a smaller woman I have liked the weight of it. My only complaint is that it doesn't track as well as I would like. I have put it on and off my vehicle numerous times, even in a single day, and had it drop accidentally more than once and it hasn't broken. This year I took it into the BWCA on the east end where there are rocky portages and landings. We took it over 14 portages on the way in and the same portages on the way out. I encountered waves on a larger lake, but with a spray skirt I stayed dry from the lake. With 18" waves I was making little headway but turned in the shelter of an island into a slightly quieter part of the lake paddling where I needed to camp for the night. It survived the trip just fine. I'm looking for another kayak only because I now have a dog I want to bring in my kayak and it won't fit in the cockpit. Among the kayaks that top my list is the Santee 126 Sport. I'm hoping it is as durable as my 116.

I was looking for a light…

Submitted by: eilkal on 9/8/2015
I was looking for a light weight recreational kayak for use mostly on lakes. The Santee 116 is made of Tryon which needs a bit more attention than the standard kayak but the smooth surface glides thru water like butter - or faster. The Santee 116 tracks exceedingly well. I love the paddle holder and the ease of adjusting the foot rests. This model has a very adjustable seat - the absolute most comfortable kayak seat I've ever had the pleasure to use. Besides all this, the Santee 116 in neon green is gorgeous!

The Santee 116 is my first…

Submitted by: wallacmi on 7/31/2015
The Santee 116 is my first Kayak. I purchased it at the recommendation of a friend. I was a little bit skeptical of a kayak that weighed less than 40lbs but I fell in love with the fit and finish and the light weight was a plus. I couldn't be more pleased.

The Santee is quite fast and tracks well even in somewhat turbulent coastal water. Furthermore, the customer service at Hurricane is outstanding. When my girlfriend's Santee was badly cracked during transportation, she received a lengthy email with detailed instructions on options for doing the repair.

The kayak's weight is due to the use of Trylon for it's construction. Repair required special preparation and materials and it was all detailed for us. They offered free material and parts. I'm so glad that I purchased a Hurricane.


This my second Santee 116. I…

Submitted by: Florist on 7/9/2015
This my second Santee 116. I love the boat, I used it year round in the Mass. Ocean. BUT, the boat it too delicate. It tends to flex, or buckle every time I enter or exit. They also crack very easy. Hurricane corp is the best. They replaced my first boat, due to the hull broke open, without me even asking. It is just too flimsy. Other than that, I love it.

I picked up an older (2009)…

Submitted by: mudfly on 12/31/2014
I picked up an older (2009) Santee 116 a few months ago for $300. It is a great little boat for exploring the creeks, marshes and cypress swamps around Wilmington NC. The light weight and short length makes it easy to get on and off the truck rack. It tracks well and is very easy to maneuver. The cockpit is smaller on the older models so I am able to use the spray skirts from my other boats(Seals 2.2)

My only complaint is the high back seat back. It makes self rescues and recoveries more difficult and is also uncomfortable for me. Fortunately the seat back is removable without modification and was easily replaced with a NRS backband. The toe room is tight. If you have feet larger than size 11 you will be bare-footing.


I had the Santee 116 kayak…

Submitted by: hankypou on 7/3/2014
I had the Santee 116 kayak for quite a few years and loved it, it was comfortable and easy to handle, had to give it up because it was to hard to get in and out at the age of 72, got a cheap model with a long cockpit, should have got the 116 sport model instead. Still promote Santee.

I purchased my Hurricane…

Submitted by: paddler235159 on 7/25/2013
I purchased my Hurricane Santee 116 last year after borrowing my sister's. With Hurricane's composite material, it is the lightest weight kayak I could fined of its class. It glides through the water, has comfortable rigging, a large storage area, and plenty of room inside for me. Additionally, it is one of the best looking boats on the water. I always get compliments. I love my Santee and recommend it to everyone who wants a roomy, lightweight flat water boat.

I've had my Santee 16 for a…

Submitted by: gougem on 7/22/2013
I've had my Santee 16 for a few years and it has become our "go to" kayak. It's such a stable, sturdy and lightweight kayak. It's width makes it less tippy and therefore perfect for the novice paddler. It tracks straight and I can almost keep up with my husband in his Santee 135. I find it great for checking out the quiet coves with my camera.

Recreational kayaks must…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/2/2010
Recreational kayaks must compromise between tracking and maneuverability. The other compromise is between speed and stability. The Santee does all of these things remarkably well. It is also light, stiff and beautiful as well as durable. If you don't love this boat after you've paddled it, you just need to learn to paddle.

My wife owned this boat as…

Submitted by: ksng52 on 7/21/2009
My wife owned this boat as her first kayak for two seasons. Light weight and being able to get the boat on and off the car were high on her list of criterion for selecting this boat. Actual experience with the boat, which was used by myself occasionally, a teenage daughter, and my wife, was mixed.

It was very stable and very well manufactured. And light. But it did not track well for any of us, and that aspect was very frustrating. This year we traded the kayak for a Hurricane Tampico 135L and that is a much more satisfactory boat. For the first time, my wife feels that she can actually control the boat and is enjoying our trips together, rather than always complaining about the tracking of the boat.


Just picked up a used…

Submitted by: paddler233105 on 6/4/2009
Just picked up a used Hurricane Santee and could not be happier with the boat. The boat looks great and is light as a feather. The trylon material it is made of looks like a fiberglass boat. The boat is as stable as a rock and tracks very well too. The storage in the bow and stern are very handy and very uncommon on a boat this size. Love the boat and looking forward to paddling it more.

I enjoy the few times I have…

Submitted by: paddler232123 on 6/25/2007
I enjoy the few times I have been out immensely. My experience is limited though, so I can't really give a review versus owning another kayak.

It does really well. I can track straight in it, and it does pretty well in all the environments I have had it in. I do wish it had a little more seat to it though.

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