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This review for for the new Hurricane ten foot sit on top. It is a high level, high cost $1200 sit on top kayak. I am a very experienced kayaker of seventeen years, with only one one roll over in all that time. This craft has a canoe style bottom, that makes this kayak very unstable. With in less than twenty minutes, I flipped this kayak twice. Did you hear that. TWICE! Thank God, the company, Village Kayak, in New London N.H. that I purchased it from, took it back for a complete refund.. It is very unstable. This is the second Hurricane I have purchased. I had the first one for ten years. Johnny

Excellent kayak. Very fast boat, very easy to paddle, even in high wind. I went into 23 mph wind and it moved threw the water lake a dart. Surprising stable, despite the bullet like form. Wonderful boat.

This is a brilliant looking kayak. It is very responsive in the water and turns and stops very well. It heals over well also. It is a bit slow because of its weight and beam. I found it difficult to handle out of the water, being large and a bit heavy - still loved it over all.

The look, speed and agility is wonderful. It is a bit tight in the cockpit for gear, but has a very dry hold in the stern. It has all the bungi straps you could want. The only serious problem I found it there is no strength on the deck, to help you get out of the kayak. The hull is also very susceptible to cracking, because it is so thin. Hurricane Corp customer service is the best. I seriously damaged the hull, and they sent me a new boat without me asking.

This my second Santee 116. I love the boat, I used it year round in the Mass. Ocean. BUT, the boat it too delicate. It tends to flex, or buckle every time I enter or exit. They also crack very easy. Hurricane corp is the best. They replaced my first boat, due to the hull broke open, without me even asking. It is just too flimsy. Other than that, I love it.