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I bought this kayak in May and have used it for about 3 months. It was replacement for the very used Eddyline Merlin XT which I bought cheaply and used happily - but it had lot of damage to the bottom of the boat and I was ready to upgrade to something in better condition. I had paddled various Hurricane models previously, including at the classes offered by Quiet World Sports in Jackson, MI and really like the Tampico models. The 140S model has just enough room for my size 11.4 shoe under the deck. The built in thigh braces are great for edging --- I haven't had a chance to do any overnight trips yet, so I have tested the storage areas but they seem generous for this size and type of boat. The boat tracks very well; I have paddled it on medium size like in fairly rough water without a problem. And the boat is very light --- I transport it on top of an Odyssey minivan, so have to hoist pretty high to get it on the racks. I would definitely recommend trying this boat out if you are looking for a light touring boat.

My wife owned this boat as her first kayak for two seasons. Light weight and being able to get the boat on and off the car were high on her list of criterion for selecting this boat. Actual experience with the boat, which was used by myself occasionally, a teenage daughter, and my wife, was mixed.

It was very stable and very well manufactured. And light. But it did not track well for any of us, and that aspect was very frustrating. This year we traded the kayak for a Hurricane Tampico 135L and that is a much more satisfactory boat. For the first time, my wife feels that she can actually control the boat and is enjoying our trips together, rather than always complaining about the tracking of the boat.