Name: hankypou

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I have been looking for some time now for a kayak that would be easy to get in and out since I am 77yrs. old and require a long cockpit and a wide kayak, I have had many kayaks over the years and many great expereances, with all the different kayaks that fitted my needs at the times with different needs I bought the Pelican Mustang and was not disappointed with the looks the set up and most of all how comfortable it is with the seats and the molded foot rest and how easily it glides thru the water even with heavy head winds , very stable and handles well like I said so I am thrilled to own this kayak.

I had the Santee 116 kayak for quite a few years and loved it, it was comfortable and easy to handle, had to give it up because it was to hard to get in and out at the age of 72, got a cheap model with a long cockpit, should have got the 116 sport model instead. Still promote Santee.