Name: Agentilis

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I have had my Santee 116 for at least 5 years. I bought it when there were fewer lightweight kayaks on the market. As a smaller woman I have liked the weight of it. My only complaint is that it doesn't track as well as I would like. I have put it on and off my vehicle numerous times, even in a single day, and had it drop accidentally more than once and it hasn't broken. This year I took it into the BWCA on the east end where there are rocky portages and landings. We took it over 14 portages on the way in and the same portages on the way out. I encountered waves on a larger lake, but with a spray skirt I stayed dry from the lake. With 18" waves I was making little headway but turned in the shelter of an island into a slightly quieter part of the lake paddling where I needed to camp for the night. It survived the trip just fine. I'm looking for another kayak only because I now have a dog I want to bring in my kayak and it won't fit in the cockpit. Among the kayaks that top my list is the Santee 126 Sport. I'm hoping it is as durable as my 116.