Mirage® Revolution® 13

by  Hobie

Mirage® Revolution® 13 Description

Catchy too, with dual rod holders and generous tackle storage. Experience the MirageDrive 180 with forward and reverse pedal power + patented Kick-Up Fin Technology. Designed for maximum comfort with our premium Vantage CT seating that is easy to adjust. Loads of storage to keep your gear tucked away and dry. Whether fishing or exploring, the Revolution 13 loves a twisty, challenging course. Equipped with an accessory mount, the lightweight, rotomolded hull sings when under optional Sail kit power. Get maximum sunshade with our optional bimini.

Mirage® Revolution® 13 Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit on Top / Open Cockpit
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Additional Attributes

  • Large Covered Bow Hatch
  • Lowrance Ready
  • MirageDrive
  • Rear Cargo Area with Bungee® Tie Downs
  • Sail Mount
  • Twist and Stow Rudder
  • Two 8" Twist and Seal Hatches with Gear Bucket
  • Two Mesh-Covered Stowage Pockets
  • Two Molded-In Rod Holders
  • Two-Piece Paddle with On-Hull Storage

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Mirage® Revolution® 13 Reviews

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I have owned this model…

Submitted by: kross on 12/27/2023

I have owned this model Hobie for a couple of years now. Like all Hobie products it has some good points and a lot of bad. The Mirage drive is wonderful, especially the older less complicated drive without kick-up fins or 360 option. The kayak is fairly stable. The hand-controlled rudder works well. That's all I can think of for good points. However, it also expensive and extremely heavy. For a 13 foot kayak to weigh almost 90 pounds (fitted weight) is ridiculous. The hatches are very leaky. It steers horribly without the rudder, so landing and launching, particularly in any kind of surf, is a problem. It paddles very slowly. The plastic of the hull is very soft making it much more prone to scratching and damage than other rotomold kayaks. And the 2-year warranty is about the shortest in the industry. Especially for a hull that is prone to cracking. The 3-star rating is generous. I have shoulder problems that prevent me from paddling long distances. That's the ONLY reason I own a Hobie.


Mine is a 2017 model, which…

Submitted by: karen2 on 5/5/2020
Mine is a 2017 model, which came with the beach-chair seat and the reversible MD180 Mirage drive. I bought it so I could vary my daily workout (paddling EVERY day resulted in a mild but very persistent case of golfer's elbow) and still enjoy being out on the water. The good: (1) Pedaling it feels so decadent. I don't bring beer, but it feels like I should! (2) That seat is exceedingly comfortable for pedaling. (3) The kayak has handled wind and waves quite well. I have never felt in danger of tipping over. Going diagonally downwind in big lake waves is an interesting experience (the bow describes a circle with each wave), but if you stay relaxed you'll soon realize it's not actually dangerous). I have not had it in the ocean so can't speak to that. (4) The clever twist-n-stow rudder system protects the rudder for transport. (5) The carry handles on the sides are very sturdy and well-placed right at the center of gravity. I use them to tie on my homemade PVC kayak cart. Now, the bad: (1) The high seat back interferes with the body/shoulder rotation you need for proper ergonomic paddling. This is not an issue for me at all, since I didn't buy it to paddle it! (2) The MD180 Mirage drive started squeaking loudly soon after I switched to Turbo fins. Nothing I tried fixed the problem, and the last thing I tried (tightening up the chain tension) pulled things alarmingly out of alignment. When I took the spine (bottom part) apart to peek inside, I discovered the bearings were plastic and they and their races (also plastic) were badly damaged. There was no grease in there, either, which might have been the initial problem. But also the design seemed suboptimal, with the chains acting on the spine in different locations from the fins instead of aligned with the fins as is the case with the nonreversible drives. So in late 2018 I traded it for a nonreversible Mirage drive, which seems engineered to last. So far, so good.

Hobie took the paddle out of…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/13/2018

Hobie took the paddle out of the hands of the masses, and changed kayak fishing forever. Ive heavily fished the 'Revo' since 2011 and feel its about perfect for my use. As a serious cyclist its a natural fit, and it can cover huge distances. The torque the Mirage drive generates in rough conditions is often overlooked. I feel it could easily pull any propeller driven kayak backwards in a tug-o-war. I recently weighed my bare hull at 69#s, and that's not too shabby for ANY pedal yak. I still fish from paddle yaks, but I spend more time with the rods in my hands when on the Revo.


I purchased this kayak after…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/18/2018

I purchased this kayak after paddling an 11 foot sit on top kayak for years. It was like night and day going from paddling to peddaling. The peddaling is sooo much easier which lets me traverse longer trips. Of course, I can pull up the pedals and paddle if I want to for a break from peddaling. I have equipped my kayak with a depth finder. This words well with the transponder mounted inside of the hull. I also have a sail for my kayak. This works well even without outriggers. When the wind comes up, I get a fast ride.


The Hobie Revolution 13: No…

Submitted by: guamaniac on 6/21/2016

The Hobie Revolution 13: No kayak is a perfect 10 as no one kayak can perform exceptionally in all conditions. But the Revo 13 is so close... Hands-free kayaking is the game changer for kayak fishing and Hobie's attention to detail makes the Revo shine! I paddle a 2011 Revo 13 (since new) and fish so much more of the time on the water because I rarely pick up the paddle. The Revo 13 doesn't have a reverse unless you flip the Mirage Drive around 180 degrees so I plan my route carefully and rarely need to back up. The peddles and the rudder make fighting a big fish much more manageable!

The 2011 Revo 13 is a wonderful kayak but does have it's drawbacks. The cup holder is more useful as a lure holder and the seat area can hold water. I took the bottom of my seat apart and added a cut-to-fit 1 inch closed-cell foam pad to the existing pad and sewed it back up. The added height does keep me much drier and the balance is essentially the same. The seat is comfortable and I have sat in the Hobie for 9 hours without getting out--it was a long day of fishing! The Revo 13 is a fast kayak and you can peddle all day. If the wind picks up, the Hobie really shines!

I have upgraded the rudder to the sailing rudder to make tighter turns. I like the standard Mirage Drive fins as I mostly fish inland and don't need the extra speed. I have added slide tracks to the rear and used them as an attachment point for rod holders (on the rear left) and a bait bucket. I also have a slide track mounted in front right side and I mount a rod holder here (which is cut down a few inches) where I place my rod when I land a fish. To this rod holder I have attached a magnetic fly drier (to hold my hemastats), a rubber O-ring (to hold my Boga Grip 15) and a Bomerang Tool Snip (for cutting fishing line). I have YakAttack Mighty Mounts in the front left for my GoPro camera and in the center back for a YakAttack Visicarbon light/flag (highly recommended). I have a Ram 1 inch ball mounted in the front right for my Garmin fish finder and have the fish finder battery mounted in a glued-in closed-cell foam cradle located beneath the rear hatch. Everything else is I need is carried in the milk crate.

After peddling the Revo 13 for 5 years, I can honestly say that it is money well spent. It is a solid fishing kayak and I have enjoyed it in rivers, lakes, inshore flats, and a couple of miles out in the Gulf of Mexico. The only kayak I would exchange it for is a new Revo 13 or Revo 11 with the elevated seat.
I also paddle a Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 and a Perception Pro 100.


The Revo-13 churns through…

Submitted by: paddler236681 on 3/29/2016
The Revo-13 churns through the rapids like spawning salmon; glides thru wind-swept salt waves like a humpback whale; endures swift current like a magic dragon. Highly recommend taking for a half-day spin in Lake Muchawakee.

Purchased the 2016 Hobie…

Submitted by: paddler236663 on 3/8/2016
Purchased the 2016 Hobie Revolution 13 on Friday and took it to Dana Point (CA) harbor for my 1st ever kayak experience in 50mph winds! The standard configuration performed wonderfully - peddling into the wind was much easier than I expected. In fact those using paddles gave up on the upwind run through the channel and went the more protected route. I had no issue at all. I wonder how much easier it would have been with the turbo fins and sailing rudder - though I had no problem steering the boat at all in spite of the extreme double red flag day.

I was a bit stumped in trying to get into things in the boat as nothing but a center hatch was reachable, but I guess that is an issue with all kayaks. I am sure in more stable water and perhaps with an optional pontoon (rigid I hope - I don't think the inflatable is good with fish hooks) I will be able to shift weight enough to gain access to more of the boat.

All in all this is a fantastic kayak!


The Revo-13 glides like a…

Submitted by: paddler236650 on 2/18/2016
The Revo-13 glides like a sneaky snake thru the erosive waters of Lake Moneewapah; it endures the rough surf at Hunnington Beach; it hovers like a stale clam across Nantucket Bay. Good choice for a fun and disparate gaming revolution.

The Revo-13 glides like a…

Submitted by: paddler235414 on 2/11/2016
The Revo-13 glides like a penguin thru the choppy waves of Lake Windifro. It cuts like a shark thru the Hateras surf. With sail option, it slips like a fur-lined glove thru the wind swept waves of Blomedoun.

I purchased the 2014 Rev 13…

Submitted by: santora on 10/13/2015
I purchased the 2014 Rev 13 early last year. I use it mainly in Jamaica bay near the inlet and bridges. It is a very stable boat, but I did flip once when a wave/wake combo took me by surprise. I was able to get back in with no problem. Had to upgrade the rudder to the sailing rudder as the original was inadequate for tides, currents and wind. Also upgraded to the turbo fins which did increase my speed a bit. The original fins are too slow, my buddy was able to paddle faster in his kayak than I was able to peddle the Hobie. Although you are technically hands free, you have to keep your hand on the rudder control to keep it straight even with the sailing rudder.

Overall an excellent boat, very spacious and stable, able to mount transducer under kayak. Drawbacks-heavy (but it is 13.5'), could use keel protectors, should come with turbo fins and sailing rudder.


Perfect addition to my kayak…

Submitted by: mcmaggiemagg on 8/25/2015
Perfect addition to my kayak collection. I needed the peddles to continue kayaking during shoulder surgery. Get the turbo fins! I'm a small woman (105 lbs) and can handle it fine. I keep up with my kayaking buddy and even chase the lake wakes.

Took my new Revolution 13 out…

Submitted by: paddler236452 on 8/25/2015
Took my new Revolution 13 out for its maiden voyage. It just so happened I picked a day when the winds picked up and the small Oregon bay I was in developed white caps and a three foot chop. "The ocean was angry" that day! The marine patrol officer encouraged me to seek a less exposed creek. But, I pushed on. While weather won the battle of course, the kayak handled very well. I could even make headway directly into the wind when peddling continuously.

I felt stable and never in danger of rolling. I could not stop to fish or throw in a crab trap. But, it was a good maiden voyage building the confidence I will need to eventually, once I have acquired the necessary safety gear, take this kayak out on the ocean. I am very please with the handling, speed, and especially the comfort of this kayak.

The new 2015 seat is amazing. I would encourage anyone seriously considering a Hobie to save up the additional money and forgo a second hand kayak from years past, treating yourself to the new and improved 2015 model.

I gave this kayak a 9 as opposed to a 10 simply because the rudder broke off on my first attempt to take the kayak out. The dealer I purchased it from, Scappoose Bay Kayaking saved the day and repaired the kayak free of charge, despite Hobie's reluctance to do so. The dealer you get your kayak from really does mean a lot.


After 4 years of…

Submitted by: novofish on 8/4/2015
After 4 years of paddling/pedaling my 2011 Hobie Revolution 13, I have realized that I picked a real gem in the all-around plastic SOT category. Coming from a bicycling background I figured that the "Revo" with it's Mirage drive system would suit me well - and it does. But that's not all this versatile craft will do. Hobie also offers an optional sail kit with collapsible mast and high quality sail cleverly mounted, operated and stowed. In fact just about every feature on this boat is thoughtfully designed and engineered to work very well AND be very durable. Sure there are a few more moving parts that must be accounted for when under way, but once you get the basics down you are in for an amazing time on the water. For the purist Hobie also includes a paddle, although one might almost never use it. The Revo paddles fine - for a 80lb plastic yak - not the speediest for sure, but a sound paddle stroke will move her forward at an acceptable rate.

Fishing from this platform is really where this boat shines, the hands free pedal action makes it easy to troll to the fishing grounds and back. Stiff winds, chop, swell, and current are easily overcome and the Hobie user enjoys a clear advantage over similar paddle only plastic boats. Plus, once hooked into a large fish the paddler is "hands free" to facilitate the safe efficient landing of dinner. Having the ability to navigate an ever changing surging ocean while controlling a trophy fish puts these yaks in a class of their own.


I bought one and just…

Submitted by: paddler236407 on 7/31/2015
I bought one and just recently got the sail kit for it. I have to say it handles A+ out in Lake Ontario in NYS and in the shallow rivers. I never have to worry about it tipping over, handles wakes excellent and is a fast whither you paddle, foot paddle, or sail it or all three. I love this kayak with all it's room and it is relative light for what you get.

The Revo 13 is a perfect…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/10/2015
The Revo 13 is a perfect compliment to reluctant foam and waterfall. It handles near perfection in the muddy water of Lake Minalta, CA. It skims through the brown lake in Ontario, OR. It operates with justification in Virginia and NH. Please consider the mirage system for ultimate fulfillment.

I recently took the Hobie…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/4/2015
I recently took the Hobie Mirage Revolution 13 out on the Severn River in Annapolis and it handled beautifully and moved powerfully through the water by pedaling. The rotomolded polyethylene kayak has a newly designed Vantage CT seat that is extremely comfortable. The turbo Miragedrive propulsion system is easy to insert and remove and you fly by people paddling kayaks. It also turns on a dime with a hand lever. The best part is how you can concentrate on looking around while moving.

If you want to fish, its stable and has dual rod holders. There is even an optional sail kit power. I took a break from pedaling and used the paddle, which otherwise attaches to the side, and that makes this operate like a standard type of kayak.

This is a fantastic product that I highly recommend to every kayaker on rivers and lakes.


I rented this kayak on a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/8/2014
I rented this kayak on a recent fishing trip in the gulf of Mexico. It performed well in calm and choppy water. Fishing out of this kayak was a breeze. Mirage drive was fantastic! A four hour outing was no problem for me or the kayak.

This is my first kayak and I…

Submitted by: postpicspls on 8/17/2014
This is my first kayak and I am really impressed. It's very well designed and well-thought out. Very stable and even with the stock fins it's fast.

I will at some point upgrade to the turbo fins and larger rudder, then get the AMAs and sail kit but that will be after I get a feel for the boat and am ready to go to the next level. I plan on keeping it for a LOOOOONG time and I think it will make me very happy.

Easy to peddle and maneuver
Tracks pretty well
Very easy to learn to ride
Right out of the box it's ready to go, all you need is a PFD!

at 13' it's a bit on the heavy side for smaller people, although the grab handles are well placed at the balance point.
It's pricey, but the resale values are amazing if you want/need to sell it.

Overall, it's a great boat.


I have a Sport, Revo 11, and…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/5/2014
I have a Sport, Revo 11, and this one. I use the 13 for coastal waters, large & slow rivers, and large to small lakes. I just wish the hull had a larger stern tail fin or harder chines to allow for it to be paddled more effectively- only reason to give it a 9.

The tracking stinks w/o the rudder. I use a sailing rudder and ST Turbo fins on this one, and love it. I have bad shoulders and knees, but I can go farther and longer with my legs than paddling. Fishing is just pure joy when pedaling vs. paddling.
Great kayak.


My first kayak and I love it.…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/2/2014
My first kayak and I love it. The drive system is really neat and easy to use. Helps against the wind in ND. Bit heavier than I would like but a compromise to get a great water toy. Main use is goofing around when my wife doesn't want to join me in the canoe.

The Hobie Revolution is an…

Submitted by: paddler235179 on 7/26/2013
The Hobie Revolution is an awesome boat. With the drop in Patented Mirage Drive cassette and a choice of two additional style flippers in addition to the Penguin Flipper-shaped OEM units gives you two additional options in pedaling. The "ST" (Square Tip) flippers have a tension adjustment on the rear of the fin so you can opt for either speed, power or a middle range of both. The Turbo "ST" flippers are longer and require more pedaling strength but also speed is greatly increased. Sailing is also an option and their catalog is full of great accessories. A Five Star boat all the way around.

When I was looking for…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/4/2011
When I was looking for reviews on this kayak, I couldn't find what I needed pertaining to the style of fishing I do so I am writing a detailed review for shallow water salt marsh fishing on the gulf coast.

I'd been considering a peddle kayak for some time now and had narrowed it down to the Hobies because of the ability to tuck the fins flat against the hull when shallow. The Pro Angler is too big for me as a 5'5" female, the Outback too slow and so the Revolution 13’ it was. Earlier this year I test drove a Revo 13 in deep water but I am a marsh rat and if it isn't useful in the super shallow marshy stuff then it's not for me. I needed to take a Revo shallow first before I committed. Well, about a month ago, I won one in a kayak tournament! After several delays, I finally got a chance to add a little rigging and get it out on the water. It did not come with an anchor trolley so that was the first addition.

The stock paddle that comes with the Revo isn't a great paddle, a little heavy, but its decent and functional enough. I don't care for the black blades since they do nothing to aid visibility of the kayak on the water but the paddle does feather one setting each direction so that's good. It also came factory set up with a bungee paddle keeper on each side so I use one for the stake out stick anchor. The bungee paddle keepers aren't going to be easy to switch out to paddle clips if you are so inclined because of the way they are mounted but they are sturdy and wont be breaking any time soon.

The Mirage drive is VERY easy to pop in and out, couldn't be easier really. I leave it out until I actually launch the kayak and then pop it in because I launch into deep water off my dock. When launching in shallow water you are going to have to put the drive in first and use two people or a cart because the fins need to be straight down to get through the scupper in the floor of the yak (I wouldn't try sliding the kayak on the bottom because you will catch the fins.) Either that or launch and paddle out deeper and then pop the drive in. I realized that this would also work in reverse for taking the drive out if you get too shallow. I wont be able to get the drive out if I am already grounded and will have to back up into deep enough water to get the fins vertical under the kayak. Fortunately it doesn't look like this will be an issue often, maybe only rarely. I can see the fins under the kayak being a problem for hanging up feisty redfish that like to dive under the kayak. I didn’t have any bad wrecks in the 8 reds I brought to hand on the maiden voyage but it will happen eventually.

The storage seems to be adequate. The front hatch is big enough to store the mirage drive if you have to take it out while on the water. I do like the hatch right in front of the seat and thought I would use the specially made round tackle box provided by Hobie that fits right into the hatch but what I found instead is that I preferred to use it for things I wanted to keep in easy reach like my dry box with phone, camera, etc. I traditionally have used a short milk crate in the tankwell behind me for my small tackle box, stringer, lunch, and a few other odds and ends but I am used to having my dry box at hand. I ended up putting the dry box, lunch, scupper plug for the mirage drive hole (in case I needed to take the drive out), rain jacket and a few other things in that tackle box hatch which means the tackle box was in the way. I might have to come up with a better system but I can still forsee using that center hatch for things other than tackle which makes the round tackle box that fits in there useless for me. I do like the netted "nooks" on each side of the hull for waterproof camera, sunblock, etc. Those were very useful but I can see them being treble hook magnets so the jury is still out on those.

I do not like the factory molded rod holders but then I rarely like factory mounted ones on any kayak. The ones on the Revo are too far back to be useful for me. I prefer to mount a couple of rod holders on my milk crate and have my rods (2) right behind my left shoulder vertically so that I don’t catch them on a backcast. Plus I like having the reels higher up away from the water since I fish salt. Since I don't troll or fish offshore I don't forsee using those factory holders. Its possible to make a pvc rod rack of sorts to fit in them though. What I have found that I was wanting is a vertical short rod holder right where the cup holder is. When peddling, I want my rod right there at my right hand but I don't really want to be hanging onto it all the time. I may try to find a way to mount a short rod holder vertically down in that cup holder. This will render the cupholder useless but I don’t use those anyway. Even though you will have to put your rod behind you when paddling, that rod holder still needs to be short or you will bang into it on your paddle stroke.

As for comfort, it's ok. The seat that came with mine (not sure if it’s the standard Revo seat) was adequate although I found myself squirming around after a few hours. When shallow and needing to paddle, I thought the mirage drive would be in the way since one peddle has to be all the way forward and one all the way back but its not bad, there is still room for my legs and knees to be comfortable. The product reps will tell you to "feather" your peddle stroke when shallow, meaning to take little half peddles with your legs so that the fins aren't going all the way vertical. What I've found is that yeah, this works but its annoying and slow so I just end up paddling when too shallow to make full peddle strokes.

As to how it did in the really shallow stuff, I was pleasantly surprised. I thought that perhaps even with the fins tucked up as far as they would go up against the hull that the inch or so that the mirage drive sticks down would be inhibiting. I purposely took my maiden voyage around a very familiar 8-mile loop that I have traditionally made in my Ultimate. There are many spots where I am shallow enough to rub the hull along the bottom. I found though, that the Revo does fine. Sure I have to paddle quite a bit but that's expected. I do rub in some of the same spots as with the ultimate but I don’t think I rub much more, maybe a hair. I think I lost maybe a half inch of draft with the Revo which is acceptable for me. Now what I haven’t done yet is take it in many oysters. I know they will tear up the fins and I'm not ready for that yet. An added bonus when peddling is that it is very quiet.

When the rudder is up, it has a tendency to wind cock pretty strongly. The rudder is short enough that it can be down most of the time when shallow although you may not be able to lock it down. I did have to put it up part of the time and was a little bit frustrated at the way the wind likes to catch the stern. I am used to paddling a rudderless ultimate and the Revo seemed worse than the ultimate in the wind with the rudder up, rudder down it did just fine and it turns very responsively with use of the rudder.

All in all, now I can say that I would buy one and may end up getting one for my husband. I loved peddling down my canal and out into the bayou to the mouth of the marsh, a journey of a mile and a half that is always slow and irritating to paddle. I could finish my morning coffee since I had at least one hand to use (the other was on the rudder control). There are many occasions when the fishable marsh is a paddle of some distance though deeper water. This Revo will make it so much easier!

Sorry this is ridiculously long but I wanted to be detailed. Take it for what its worth. Hopefully this info will be of aid to someone who is on the fence like I was.


I have used this unit for one…

Submitted by: paddler233927 on 3/29/2011
I have used this unit for one year fishing mainly saltwater marshes and bays. It tracks very well, dry, and excellent secondary stability. I have both the standard fins and the Turbo ST's but mainly use the standard fins due to water depth. The Turbo fins are faster yet tear easier due to construction. I fished the Hobie Pro Angler for a year also and loved this boat. The only reason I sold it was the weight. I often fish remote spots in La. in the marsh and had trouble getting the kayak to the water when I was by myself. The lighter weight is helpful. I have it rigged with a anchor trolley, Wildcat LED fishing lights, Colored depthfinder, Rod extenders, small ice chest, and a fishbag in the hatch and it handle that weight and my 225lbs superbly. The hatches are tight and are in a good location. I have gone offshore in it and it did ok. I am not impressed with the stability when standing, but will gladly give up that ability for speed and maneuverability. I tend to only keep a kayak for a year because I enjoy experiencing other types of boats. I plan on keeping this one in the fleet due to versatility.I would rate this boat among the very highest I have used.

I have had this kayak for 2…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/13/2009
I have had this kayak for 2 seasons now. It tracks well and is great in choppy waters and large waves. When I put the pedals in I am doing circles around my friend in his kayak. This year I am adding the sail and sidekick ama kit and the ST turbo kit. You can add so many things to this kayak. love it.

My REVO...Sporting the unique…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/13/2008
My REVO...Sporting the unique pedal power "Mirage Drive", somewhat heavy but very stable and surprisingly fast. Not one to leave well enough alone, and in search of a fishing platform, I've added a GPS/sonar and battery to the package along with larger STS Fins and more effective Sailing Rudder. Detachable/adjustable outriggers allow me to stand while fly fishing flats and estuaries and greatly extend my sight fishing range and capabilities.

With the readily available paddle snugly stored via bungy cord, the pedal system allows for hands free and moderate speed...occasional left hand rudder corrections maintain a desired track... holding and maneuvering in currents while fishing is a snap.

Fairly dry ride and stable in moderate chop and blustery winds...
The "plug in" cart is convenient and effective but, if I'm going over soft sand for an extended portage, I prefer my over-sized "roll eez" fat wheel cart.

I've added a hi-viz orange mast topped with a 360* light and orange flag to be better seen by boaters and have position lights for night ops... On and on, you know how it goes!

I have and enjoy the aesthetics of paddling a Redfish by Heritage but the Revolution is my choice for a day chasing Striped Bass and enjoying this place called Cape Cod...FAR from route 28 gridlock, boat ramps, and the maddening crowd

I gave it a 9 because only a few things in life are "perfect"... NO REGRETS and NO WORRIES!