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I purchased the 2014 Rev 13 early last year. I use it mainly in Jamaica bay near the inlet and bridges. It is a very stable boat, but I did flip once when a wave/wake combo took me by surprise. I was able to get back in with no problem. Had to upgrade the rudder to the sailing rudder as the original was inadequate for tides, currents and wind. Also upgraded to the turbo fins which did increase my speed a bit. The original fins are too slow, my buddy was able to paddle faster in his kayak than I was able to peddle the Hobie. Although you are technically hands free, you have to keep your hand on the rudder control to keep it straight even with the sailing rudder.

Overall an excellent boat, very spacious and stable, able to mount transducer under kayak. Drawbacks-heavy (but it is 13.5'), could use keel protectors, should come with turbo fins and sailing rudder.

Purchased the Pungo 120 as my first kayak about 5 years ago. Used it for three years fishing Jamaica bay around the bridges and in strong currents/tides, boat wakes and large swells. I never flipped in this kayak. Stable and tracks extremely well. Sits low in the water which allows it to be relatively unaffected by wind. Although I now kayak/fish in a peddle sit on top kayak, this is still one of my favorite kayaks to paddle when the water is not rough (feel safer in a sit-on-top in rough conditions). Tends to nose down if you directly paddle into waves/wakes, have to hit them at a slight angle to avoid nosing down.

Great recreational kayak, seat is very comfortable, knee padding on sides is welcome, foot peddles can be adjusted fairly easily. Dry hatch in back can be opened while on water, after several years seal on bulkhead inside leaks a bit into the dry area, will apply sealant to prevent this.

Overall a great starter sit inside, paddles easily, tracks great and is light weight.

Tried out the Dirigo 120 a couple of weeks ago. Pros:…

Tried out the Dirigo 120 a couple of weeks ago.

The angler version comes with just about everything. No need to modify. The seat is very comfortable. The hatches can be accessed while on the water. The drain plug is very useful.

Seat set forward more so than the Pungo 120 I own, which was a bit odd. I felt like I had little forward room, but it is my perception only, there certainly is enough room. The boat I tried out did not track well, it drifted to the right which I found to be distracting enough that I would not want to use it. It is priced high enough that it should track straight, I was disappointed. The knee padding is cheaply constructed. The carrying handles are attached to the deck bungees which stretches out the deck bungee every time you carry it.

I would have given the angler version of this boat a 9 had it tracked straight, because of all the added features. Unfortunately, the poor tracking is something I cannot accept.