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Name: postpicspls

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This is my first kayak and I am really impressed. It's very well designed and well-thought out. Very stable and even with the stock fins it's fast.

I will at some point upgrade to the turbo fins and larger rudder, then get the AMAs and sail kit but that will be after I get a feel for the boat and am ready to go to the next level. I plan on keeping it for a LOOOOONG time and I think it will make me very happy.

Easy to peddle and maneuver
Tracks pretty well
Very easy to learn to ride
Right out of the box it's ready to go, all you need is a PFD!

at 13' it's a bit on the heavy side for smaller people, although the grab handles are well placed at the balance point.
It's pricey, but the resale values are amazing if you want/need to sell it.

Overall, it's a great boat.