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Name: novofish

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I have owned and paddled the OK Nalu 11 for 3 yrs. This hybrid board floats my 5'8" 190lb frame just fine and is quite speedy. Being a plastic rotomolded board means dings and scrapes are practically meaningless. I use this board to fly fish flatwater estuaries, lakes and rivers - as well as pleasure cruising. At times I've found myself drifting and casting while bouncing off rip-rap, knowing that this would destroy other boards. Pros Stable in flatwater and small chop, durable, compact, relatively fast, a good looking board. Cons This is a heavy board, tracking is lacking, no rear handle Usage Primary uses are: fishing, exercising, touring, this board is a good loaner board for friends and kids.

The Moken 10 Lite fishing kayak nicely fills a niche in my kayak quiver. After paddling and fishing this 10 foot long, plastic SOT a couple of times I've come to appreciate the feature rich design.

Moken packs quite a few fisherman friendly elements into the miniscule 10 Lite. Numerous storage compartments make tackle and essentials organization easy, while touches such as molded paddle cradles and a built in transport wheel help the angler get to water hassle free. In addition Feel Free's Uni Track accessory track makes rigging a snap. Uni Trak makes it easy to add a fish finder or additional rod holders.

This yak is a perfect pond and smaller water craft although I could see it venturing into a estuary or protected bay/ocean environment in the hands of a competent waterperson. At 55 lbs this is a fun boat to just throw in the back of your pick-up truck with just your basic fishing tackle and hit that neighborhood pond after work.

Stability is fine for me at 5'7", 185lbs. A short, stubby boat that still tracks pretty good, the 10 Lite is no speed burner. Still, I found it easy to troll at fish catching speeds. Long fishing days demand seating comfort and Feel Free's Kingfisher seating system delivers, with ample padding and a secure slip-free attachment system.

After 4 years of paddling/pedaling my 2011 Hobie Revolution 13, I have realized that I picked a real gem in the all-around plastic SOT category. Coming from a bicycling background I figured that the "Revo" with it's Mirage drive system would suit me well - and it does. But that's not all this versatile craft will do. Hobie also offers an optional sail kit with collapsible mast and high quality sail cleverly mounted, operated and stowed. In fact just about every feature on this boat is thoughtfully designed and engineered to work very well AND be very durable. Sure there are a few more moving parts that must be accounted for when under way, but once you get the basics down you are in for an amazing time on the water. For the purist Hobie also includes a paddle, although one might almost never use it. The Revo paddles fine - for a 80lb plastic yak - not the speediest for sure, but a sound paddle stroke will move her forward at an acceptable rate.

Fishing from this platform is really where this boat shines, the hands free pedal action makes it easy to troll to the fishing grounds and back. Stiff winds, chop, swell, and current are easily overcome and the Hobie user enjoys a clear advantage over similar paddle only plastic boats. Plus, once hooked into a large fish the paddler is "hands free" to facilitate the safe efficient landing of dinner. Having the ability to navigate an ever changing surging ocean while controlling a trophy fish puts these yaks in a class of their own.