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Sandpiper Description

With a large cockpit and great stability, the Sandpiper makes getting in or out of the kayak a breeze, even from a dock or boat deck. At 12 feet long, the Sandpiper comes with a comfortable fixed seat that suits paddlers of many sizes. Knee pads cushion the coaming, and the 10 inch hatches in the bow and stern along with ample deck space means plenty of room for gear storage.

Sandpiper Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

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Sandpiper Reviews

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I've had my Sandpiper for…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/27/2023

I've had my Sandpiper for for nearly 6 years and I have been extremely happy with it. I live near a small lake fed by a slow river and it's so easy to get into and out of from dock or shore. It's light weight allows me to cartop it pretty easily and I don't have the best back. I also find it very comfortable to sit in for hours of paddling with friends. The best part about this particular boat is that it's big enough to take my Husky mix out on the river with me when I want. She LOVES it! I recommend this kayak all the time!


I love my Sandpiper! It…

Submitted by: paddler2109271 on 6/21/2022

I love my Sandpiper! It tracks well in calm and chop. I've had it out on the ocean in Cape Cod and the CT Sound twice and it does great in small/medium swells, but with the cockpit skirt in place for rougher water, you won't find a kayak that handles the water better. It's lightweight design makes it easy to get onto my Subaru Outback which i can do by myself and I'm a 57 year old woman. This kayak is perfect for lakes and ponds too, just a superb boat for the casual kayaker.


I am 5'-6" and weigh 165lb…

Submitted by: kvelez on 2/8/2021
I am 5'-6" and weigh 165lb with sciatic nerve and multiple other health issues not uncommon among paddlers that will purchase this kind of kayak. Kayak hull weight is the main factor I consider. Anything above 40 lbs is out of consideration. After 5 + years and thousands of miles on a 40 lb Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Ultralite (unrepairable cracked hull) the only suitable replacement was the Eddyline Sandpiper 12 at 38 lbs, On paper, the Sandpiper is 1" narrower but just as stable. Pleasant surprise it feels a lot narrower. In a sense, it's more my size. I don't hit my knuckles against sharp WS edges anymore. That alone made all the adaptations worth it. It's not any faster than the Pungo but not any slower. It feels more "front heavy" however it glides through the water with less effort. With a lower bow, it doesn't take much for boat wakes or choppy water to submarine the bow something that in the WS was rare. To Eddyline's credit, the design of the hatch is so that water doesn't easily come in. Using a skirt is not an option I would consider. As expected the seat is not Wilderness Systems-like. The seat is unbearable painful to use if you have back problems. Another fellow paddler with almost identical conditions reports the same. Two hours into the paddle I was ordering an Eddyline infinity backband. I ordered two as my friend also was willing to try one. 10 days later the backband arrived. It was an improvement but still very painful to use. Keep in mind not everyone has back problems so your experience could be different. After much research, I added a Yakpads Paddle Saddle (low back version) and that seems to have resolved the issue. The overall build quality of Eddyline feels great. If the seat was more comfortable it would be a 5 star.

I originally purchased my…

Submitted by: paddler781560 on 5/23/2020
I originally purchased my Sandpiper due to its light weight, as it was just getting to difficult to load my old kayak. I am blown away by how well the Eddyline tracks and how effortless it is to paddle.

I bought my Eddyline…

Submitted by: paddler780161 on 5/22/2020
I bought my Eddyline Sandpiper around 2007. It is my first and only kayak. I wanted something light, safe, comfortable with easy maneuverability. It does not have all the bells and whistle current ones have but I added knee pads, seat and back pads and I could not be happier. I bought it for around $1300, not much different from today's prices.

Amazing! Super stable,…

Submitted by: paddler780149 on 5/22/2020
Amazing! Super stable, paddles easy and straight. It had enough storage for my gear on a multi day trip and was light enough to solo portage long distances. Handled the river and some severe weather amazing. I love my Sandpiper and have no regrets with my purchase... perfect ( and the colors are pretty amazing)

We loved our kayaks.…

Submitted by: paddler780169 on 5/22/2020
We loved our kayaks. Beautiful, durable, easy to handle. Perfect for taking kids and dogs out on the bay.

From the PNW to Mexico, and…

Submitted by: paddler780268 on 5/22/2020
From the PNW to Mexico, and onward to French Polynesia, Hawaii and return, the Eddyline Sandpiper never faded, continued to track responsively, and was admired by many. It's easy maneuverability in currents/waves earned its place on our 40ft sailboat as a "must have" during our sailing journey.

The Eddyline Sandpiper was my…

Submitted by: paddler578955 on 4/21/2020
The Eddyline Sandpiper was my first "expensive" kayak. I've since acquired faster, more expensive boats: a Stellar S-14, and a Huki surf-ski. But I still love my Sandpiper. Here's why: 1. The build quality. It is very well-crafted, of light-weight (38lbs) but durable materials*, and built here in the U.S.A. (*The ABS, or what Eddyline calls "thermoformed Carbonlite 2000" offers a great strength-to-weight ratio: much lighter, yet stronger than roto-molded polyethylene, with excellent stiffness and abrasion resistance.) 2. Fun factor. Because of the Sandpiper's design, it is very stable and comfortable. Somewhat beamy, at 28", and with a generous cockpit opening, it is easy to enter and exit the boat from a dock. The seat is very supportive. And due to the hull shape, it is playful and easy to turn, but tracks surprisingly well, even in windy conditions. 3. Safety. The two sealed bulkheads, for dry storage and floatation, plus the excellent stability of the boat inspire confidence. 4. Aesthetics. The boat is really good-looking, with its sculpted deck design and brilliant color (mine is yellow). Compared to my other two boats, the Sandpiper is less expensive, more durable, and not as fast. The Stellar and Huki are longer, narrower, and even lighter, at 36lbs and 28lbs. But the Eddyline holds its own in my fleet, as a great all-day recreational boat that's user-friendly and fun to paddle. Highly recommended!

This is a beautiful Kayak.…

Submitted by: paddler548996 on 8/30/2019

This is a beautiful Kayak. It’s simplicity leaves you with just the enjoyment of your padding. It’s smooth sleek lines have a nice look and Color is bold but not overstated. Love this!


I have paddled this kayak…

Submitted by: Crinella on 8/29/2019

I have paddled this kayak extensively throughout the Adirondacks and have used it to camp out of. The kayak moves through the water very well and tracks well too. I love how low the sides are which makes it rare that I hit my hands on the sides as I paddle. The larger cockpit is very easy for entry and exit and I like the front height which helps to disperse any waves that get over the bow. The hatches are useful but I would prefer larger openings. The seat back is great but the bottom is not. Very uncomfortable if paddling over an hour and gluing the seat to the hull is a terrible design. I have cracked and repaired the hull several times. The problem is when you get hung up on a rock, a common occurrence in the Adirondacks, the hull flexes up but your body weight presses down and the plastic just can’t take that stress. I would rate the kayak 8 out of 10, would be 9 if they would fix the seat and make the hatches larger.


I have 2 hip replacements…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/11/2018

I have 2 hip replacements and a knee replacement and have trouble getting into and out of a kayak with normal cockpit. Eddyline Sandpiper hits the nail in the head for me with its extended cockpit that allows for easier entry for us more challenged folks. Simply add a splash skirt and I'm ready to go. Eddylines are great kayaks with several models. All are effortless to paddle, highly responsive and carry a sleek appearance. The Carbon 2000 shells are almost bulletproof and suffer bumps and bruises with aplomb. The kayaks are well designed and have strong support/backing from the manufacturer should you need to engage them. The kayaks may seem a bit pricey compared to some of the competition, but well worth the extra cost i terms of performance and durability. I have had my yak for many years and it looks and performs as well today as when I bought it. That old saying that you get what you pay for in this instance is really true. I coundn't recommend a kayak line any more than Eddyline.


The Eddyline Sandpiper is the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/24/2016
The Eddyline Sandpiper is the best all round kayak out there. Weight allows for easy loading/unloading. The Sandpiper tracks great in all of the conditions I have been exposed to from incoming tides, wind and white caps. The cockpit has ample room to store items as well as the bow and stern compartments. Deck has forward and rear gear storage bungees.

I am new to kayaking and this has met all of my expectations. Looking forward to going out again in the near future.


This was my first outing on…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/20/2016
This was my first outing on the river with my Eddyline Sandpiper. There was a 10-15 mph wind out of the east and the water had a moderate chop. I paddled approximately 4 miles. With the conditions described the Sandpiper handled great; tracked like the water was calm. Some waves broke over the bow but did not affect it performance. Turning was very easy with little or no effort. The Sandpiper was stable minor rocking but no concerns.

Loading and unloading was effortless the weight is incredible 38 pounds. The weight had no affect on the performance or my back. Great kayak for all would recommend to anyone looking. I tried four kayaks before I purchased this one.


I bought a Sandpiper at age…

Submitted by: paddler236697 on 4/14/2016
I bought a Sandpiper at age 55 after looking a several different models, and liking everything that I read about Carbonlite. It was a great choice.

The boat is light for its size, it gets compliments for its appearance, and it easily handles calm ponds and the rougher waters between the islands on Lake Champlain. The cockpit is roomy, and there is plenty of storeage, between the hatches and the tie downs on bow and stern.
I would certainly buy another one.


I inherited an old Sandpiper…

Submitted by: bgvt on 7/3/2014
I inherited an old Sandpiper - and although I own two other kayaks, it's my "go to" boat. It's old enough to have no hatches or bulkheads, and it's bounced off enough rocks and scraped over enough gravel banks to have needed repair to the stern keel to stop it leaking. And it's old enough (and light enough!) to have been blown off the top of a car before it was tied down, cracking around about 1/3 of the cockpit coaming - and it's still my "go to" boat. It's been around enough so that the seat back split and has been pop riveted together and it's STILL my "go to" boat. The light weight, maneuverability, comfort, beauty and style mean that when it finally completely falls apart, I'll have to go buy another one, if I can scrape together the money; there are few others out there with the light weight and good looks.

My wife and I (age 50s)…

Submitted by: paddler235410 on 12/12/2013
My wife and I (age 50s) bought two Sandpipers, and just finished our second year with them. We also enjoy them with our teenage sons, numerous visitors who were novice paddlers, and our small dog. We use them in Northern Wisconsin on a chain of 28 lakes (50 acres up to 600 acres), as well as the headwaters of the Wisconsin River.

I agree with the previous reviews: the boat is beautiful, super stable, easy to use (light weight), and fun. It tracks well, is very efficient, and is even fun when we are in 1 foot+ waves out on the bigger lakes. I don't think either of us has ever even fallen out. Many of my wife's girlfriends have used the kayaks as a first time kayaking experience, and they had no trouble putting them in the lake by themselves. The only regret I have is that I bought a very nice (expensive) canoe the year before I bought the kayaks, and it never came off the garage wall last year. I recommend the Sandpiper enthusiastically, and without reservation!


I have many years of…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/13/2013
I have many years of experience paddling sea kayaks and white water kayaks.
As the owner and designer for Falcon Sails, I always want to know more. Since our sails are so commonly installed on recreational kayaks, I decided to see how well our sails will perform on a recreational kayak. Now that my daughter is 7 years old, this was a perfect time to acquire a boat of this kind.

Up until recently I had no interest in paddling or owning a recreational kayak. After acquiring and paddling my new Sandpiper I have changed my mind.

Today I tried this boat for the very first time. I was very pleasantly surprised. I was amazed how it had the best of both worlds in terms of being easy to keep on course, and at the same time, it was very easy to chance the direction I was traveling. This was true even when I put the sail up in the light to moderate winds we had today. The Sandpiper passed this test with flying colors. A boat that will stay on course well with the sail up, and also change directions easily is truly a gem. All these great characteristics come without the complication of a skeg or rudder.

I like how comfortable the boat is. I could easily spend many enjoyable hours in this kayak. I have not taken my daughter out with me yet, but I think it will work out fine as long as she is still small. It is so stable and comfortable, I think I could close my eyes and fall asleep. The foot pegs are very easy to adjust. If somebody changes the foot pegs, and I manage to not notice until after I paddle away, I will not have to return to shore like many boats require.

The construction, and finish are very well done. Based on my sea kayaking friend’s experience with Carbonlite, I have always known it is a great material. I have been watching this material for over 10 years, and the reports are always the same. Eddyline boat owners consistently say great things about Carbonlite. It has the great look of a fiberglass boat, and at the same time, out performs all the other plastic boats in what plastic does so well. Not that I suggest you abuse your boat, I can tell you Carbonlite 2000 material will look great even if you do.

After taking the time to install a sail rig on this boat, my impressions of this material have only improved. I knew Carbonlite was good stuff before I owned a Sandpiper. My experience with the Sandpiper only confirms this belief. Carbonlite is stiff, smooth, and makes a light weight boat that is a pleasure to carry.

A long time sea kayaking friend of mine that is very hard his boats, asked me to take some for sale pictures of his "old boat" which is an Eddyline Fathom made of Carbonlite. Even after 6 years of constant heavy use that boat looks almost brand new. My 24 megapixel slr camera could not reveal anything except hard to see scratches. There is less than one 20th of the scratching you would find on a fiberglass boat, or the typical rotomolded polyethylene boats. His "old" boat shows very few signs of aging. It is truly amazing.
Carbonlite will hold their value extremely well even after many years of use.

The fact this boat has bulk heads, sets it apart again from other boats in the recreational class. First if you keep the hatch covers on, it makes swamping the boat impossible. The bulkheads also add structural strength to the deck and hull. The bulk heads also allow for storage where you can organize and keep dry whatever you want to bring on an adventure. Since my boat has been made, Eddyline has improved the Sandpiper to include some very nice rubber deck hatches which is ideal. They are plenty big so you can quickly load and unload the dry storage area. If my boat had these like the upgraded design does, I would like this boat even more.

I talked about looks, but this deserves another mention. The boat looks great. The one I have has a red deck, and a white hull. The deck has contours to it that add to its structural strength, and at the same time just look really cool. This boat has a black cockpit coaming that really makes it look great.

The bottom line is the Sandpiper is a comfortable, easy to paddle, easy to carry, stable, light weight kayak that looks great, and will continue to be all these things over many years. If you want a very good quality light weight recreational kayak, this boat has to be on your short list. If you want a recreational kayak that sails well in moderate conditions, this boat does very well.


I bought mine because I like…

Submitted by: DonSchimpff on 7/31/2013
I bought mine because I like to take my dog along and the cockpit is perfect for a medium size dog of about 50+/- lbs. The kayak is lighter than most so I can handle it alone and it tracks well, even with my dog in front between my knees and feet. It seems to be the perfect kayak for we Senior Citizens because of the weight and handling. I highly recommend it to my friends.

This was one of only few…

Submitted by: kaszub on 7/5/2012
This was one of only few kayaks I considered to buy for solo paddling. Weight for 12 footer was putting it on top of my list. Unfortunately this kayak has very low back support. I can't see myself sitting in this kayak and not being able to take some rest.

I owned a Pungo 120 and…

Submitted by: paddler234470 on 3/26/2012
I owned a Pungo 120 and thought I would move up to a lighter craft. So I bought the Sandpiper. Frankly I can't tell much difference between the two. Certainly it's not worth the $300 more. Am looking to sell the Sandpiper and moving up to a longer (16 - 17 ft) boat.

I just got a 2011 Sandpiper…

Submitted by: paddler234233 on 8/19/2011
I just got a 2011 Sandpiper after paddling 6 or 7 similar boats. What I love:
The carbonlite 2000 material is top of the line and does not flex at all that I can tell.
The boat is only 38lbs. I can lift it easily and carry it by myself (40-something female).
The cockpit is long and wide.
The boat is smooth in the water and tracks well with decent speed for such a wide boat.
This boat is stable!
I live in Oregon and the boat was made by a family-run company right up in WA. I like buying local when all things are equal.
Dual bulkheads on these later model Sandpipers - if you flip it (I can't see how you would unless you took it into the sea) you can get it back up easy enough.

What I don't like:
no storage on deck - no bungees or anything (but the cockpit is huge).
A little more money than similar boats... That's really it.

I give this boat a 9.5 really. It is pretty close to perfect. I wish they made it in a 14ft length and had deck storage but no boat has everything I guess.


My Sandpiper is the BEST! I…

Submitted by: henryd on 3/3/2005
My Sandpiper is the BEST! I can load it, launch it and enjoy it alone or with a group. It is very maneuverable, comfortable, tracks beautifully. I have been paddling with very bad knees and never had a problem getting in or out (most times w/ a little help from friends. I now have 2 new knees and am anxiously awaiting "Ice Out" in NH so I can be one with my Sandpiper!

The Sandpiper is a great…

Submitted by: ShawnaM on 3/1/2005
The Sandpiper is a great little boat. Lightweight, roomy, and beautiful to look at as well as paddle. Very stable. I even take my granddaughter out with me. If she doesn't go, my dog does. Lots of room.

Into our third season with…

Submitted by: paddler230675 on 7/12/2004
Into our third season with our Sandpipers. Both my wife and I are delighted with these well-designed, nimble kayaks. We were initially attracted by the light weight(38#), large cockpit, excellent lines and spiffy finish. We paddle regularly with a group using mostly high end touring kayaks, and we have no trouble keeping up with the pack--and we can outmaneuver them any time we poke into narrow estuaries and rivers.

I'd suggest the Sandpiper to anyone looking for a highly stable, easily paddled and carried boat. Although we do alot of loon watching, photography, and poking around shores and islands, we've been in two foot chops on large lakes. In those circumstances, an Eddyline skirt (about $70) is a very good idea. One shortcoming which can be remedied: Our boats came with no bulkheads or watertight compartments. When capsized in a self-rescue drill, they became submarines and couldn't be pumped dry enough to permit re-entry after capsizing. Fortunately, we found adding four bags in a split configuration (available from NRS) completely remedied this problem. The bags are unobtrusive and add no weight.


The Eddyline Sandpiper is an…

Submitted by: paddler230674 on 7/9/2004
The Eddyline Sandpiper is an underrated kayak...I use this 12 footer mostly in bays, off the coast of Maine...tracks well, manuevers easily...absolutely love this kayak...No complaints whatsoever...if anyone has a problem with cupholders and no rigging...I suggest they go horseback riding...!

Purchased the Sandpiper this…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/24/2003
Purchased the Sandpiper this spring. Great looking kayak with fine lines and low profile in the water. Enjoy the open cockpit and light weight of the kayak. Probably the most attractive kayak on the market for its size and style. On ponds and streams it has tracked well. Fast enough for a kayak of this width. Have yet to take on waves or whitewater. The limits of this kayak would be in med. chop or anything over class 2. Don't reccomend using this kayak to bounce off rocks in a low stream but it can go over some shallow spots. Price is high but the quality is clear to see.

The Sandpiper is a delightful…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/27/2001
The Sandpiper is a delightful recreational boat. (My other kayak is a Dagger Baja.) I spend much time on flat slow moving east Texas creeks/rivers. The Sandpiper is ideal for maneuvering in and around the plentiful cypress coves found in this part of the state. The Sandpiper tracks well and cruises nicely for its length. We call it the "party barge" -because of its excellent stability. Also nice for fishing. The sizable cockpit - makes a spray skirt necessary in winter (paddle dripping). Also difficult to edge without the aid of a 2 X 4 across your lap :) I agree with the previous reviewer re: the cupholder. I too, find it a bit unusual.

This is a great kayak with a…

Submitted by: paddler229102 on 2/8/2001
This is a great kayak with a few flaws. No deck rigging, no hatches, and not cheap at about $950.00. It is a beautiful boat, lightweight (35lbs) and very fast and manuverable. The worst problem believe it or not was the cup holder(I understand it has been modified in the 2001 model) it felt like someone pushing their foot into my crotch...ouch! Bad design. Without that, I probably wouldn't have bought my Pungo, but all is well as they say.