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The Merlin LT has been replaced by the Sitka ST

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The Merlin LT is a kayak brought to you by Eddyline Kayaks. Read Merlin LT reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

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I have had this boat for over…

Submitted by: paddler861520 on 8/25/2020
I have had this boat for over 20 years. It is so versatile. Great on a lake or tidal river, the surf or Island hoping on the Puget sound or Maine. It’s lightweight and easy to get on top of the truck. So glad to have it!

I have had mine for years.…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/18/2020
I have had mine for years. Maybe 15 or more years. I am a recreational boater and can’t do big comparisons to other boats, but, among my crowd, mine is great. It turns seem fine, it tracks well. I have loved mine. I just got it out and it has a crack down the center. I will fix it. It is not the boat’s fault, it sat out all winter with snow and ice on it. Shame on me!! Seriously. What is wrong with me. Anyway, I came on this site while searching how to repair it and thought I could give a long term view. My seat pan may be a tad narrow, or my fanny may have expanded in 20 years.

I bought this boat as a whim…

Submitted by: erinruiz on 5/27/2020
I bought this boat as a whim when the seller pkged it with the boat I wanted to buy...Funny because it is the one that gets the most useage...It is shorter than my other boats so easier to load for a 62 yr old lady, and it is stable and quick on the water. My grandkids (8 and 12) paddle it with confidence too. Love love this boat.

Bought used 3 years ago.…

Submitted by: erinruiz on 7/31/2018

Bought used 3 years ago. This boat came in a package deal and it was not my primary purchase. It has turned out to be one of the most used boats in my "fleet". It is easy to grab to take on an adventure, my grand daughter who is 10 loves the Merlin and is able to manage it well even at her age and size! It is light, stable and though not as fast as my other Kayaks, it keeps up and is really fun to paddle. Highly recommend if you can fine one.


After several more months of…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/5/2012
After several more months of 5 a week paddles I feel a little more comfortable with an indepth review of Eddyline and the Merlin LT. First off I am nearly 6' and 190 lbs. so needless to say I am on the larger side of the Merlins paddler capacity. I never once loaded anything besides my bailing sponge in the Merlin but I must say that periodic checks proved that the hatch covers did there job and both bulkheads kept the compartments dry.

The problem I had with the Merlin LT is that it just did not want to carve a tight turn like other kayaks I have had. It did track extremely true but it is a pig to push through a turn. Speed was ok but not much better if at all than a Current Design 120 and 42 lbs. is kind of heavy for a 13'5" craft that retails for over $2100. While I am sure there are those paddlers that like the fancy retractable carrying bands I feel they were excess weight and something to go wrong. I have sat in the Fathom LV and it and the Merlin LT simply don't have much wiggle room in the cockpit. I have been noticing that the Merlin is being offered at $1400 at some dealers so I am guessing this is the last year it will be produced.

While it is a nice stable kayak I just can not get over the feeling that it is also a very boring paddle, not the "responsive kayak" my Eddyline dealer lead me to believe. Legendary design, I think not and I am not alone after reading fellow paddlers that are selling their Merlin LT.

Sorry Eddyline you have a good reputation for quality and customer service which I am not disputing, but it is time to offer your more modern crafts in lighter more contemporary materials.


I recently purchased a new…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/20/2011
I recently purchased a new Merlin LT at a sale price since the Eddyline Samba has become the popular boat in this size range. The Merlin seems to have extremely good primary and secondary stability and handles windy days well considering it does not employ a skeg or rudder. It is not a fast boat by any means and is only marginally faster than Current Designs 12' Vision. In fact I would consider the Merlin more of an overpriced recreational kayak than a small sea or touring kayak.

The seat back leaves something to be desired and the weight of the boat could be some lighter, however it is not too bad. Storage is decent for such a small craft and the hatch covers appear to do a good job of keeping things dry. The most surprising performance aspect that I found is the lack of quick sharp turns. While the Merlin will perform leaned turns, it does so in a rather slow manure. This no doubt has something to do with the excellent tracking the short Merlin Lt displays. The Quality looks good for a plastic boat, but the price seems a bit stiff compared to some of the other more exotic builds coming out on the market.

I feel the Merlin LT is best suited for people of smaller stature looking for a recreational kayak that could be used for over night trips or just simple afternoons of fun paddling and fairly easy car topping. It is a fun boat to paddle, but I feel lack of performance holds it back compared to some of the newer boats on the market.


Just bought a used Merlin in…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/25/2009
Just bought a used Merlin in great condition for $800 so that will affect my rating. My first kayak is an Old Town Casco (polylink 3) 12' x 28". Very stable large cockpit rec kayak.

First trip yesterday in Merlin LT on Blue Mt Lake NY. Entry was tricky due to smaller cockpit and built in thigh braces. I am 5'2" and 122, mid 50's. Would recommend a much larger paddler try out for entry and exit reasons. The boat turns on a dime, moves along nicely under a short gentle stroke, probably twice as fast as the Casco. I was out in good conditions, light breeze and it handled well. Love the deck hardware. Easy to load on top of high vehicle due to weight.


Bought my Merlin two months…

Submitted by: shooter-x on 10/17/2008
Bought my Merlin two months ago, it's beautiful, fast, and responsive. The seat is comfortably for hours, fit and finish are great. The only thing I dislike is I can't paddle my Merlin everyday. Great company and dealers to do business with, also bought a mid-swift paddle that works well and I think the red blades make me more visible on the water. I love this little boat.

I've logged one season with…

Submitted by: paddler232522 on 4/7/2008
I've logged one season with my Merlin LT and absolutely love it. I paddle primarily on lakes and rivers. It tracks beautifully and is the fastest Kayak I've ever used. After a twenty minute demo, I was in love. The hull is durable enough to withstand the shoreline rocks, and I have found it handles well on fairly tight river twists and turns. You'll love this one.

My wife and I have been…

Submitted by: tupper on 8/17/2007
My wife and I have been paddling our Merlin LT for 8 years. We both love paddling it and have taken it everywhere - ocean, lakes, rivers, swamps. It is very lightweight and easy to handle and it paddles like a true sea kayak.

I have no problem keeping up with 16 foot boats when I paddle the Merlin. The only drawbacks are the cost (although compared to fiberglass it is a good deal) and the durability. It is tougher than fiberglass but not as tough as rotomolded plastic. I cracked mine open last year on the upper Delaware (It's all fixed now- Eddyline has excellent customer service they were very helpful).

If you are looking for a small sea kayak - check out this boat.


My Merlin LT is the 5th kayak…

Submitted by: paddler231439 on 1/16/2006
My Merlin LT is the 5th kayak that I have bought and I love it. One thing keeps it from a ten in my book though is the seat. After a jell seat pad and a few layers of high density foam carpet pad and now I can paddle for hours. I guess my butt was not the mold they used for the design.

Wanted a small, quality…

Submitted by: paddler229090 on 5/31/2001
Wanted a small, quality contructed, light, durable, good gliding, manueverable/responsive, good tracking day tripper instead of taking my longer kayak. Looked at a lot of good small kayaks and chose the Eddyline Merlin Lt. I balked at the price compared to other kayaks of similar length, however the superb construction & inherent characteristics felt with paddling the kayak in my opinion justified the expense. Water tested the boat at the dealer for leakage and the previous hatch/bulkhead issues are resolved. This kayak is worthy of serious consideration.

I just recently got my LT. I…

Submitted by: paddler229259 on 5/30/2001
I just recently got my LT. I was impressed with the construction and finish. The Carbonite 2000 material is impressively rigid and the colors are vivid and rich. It is shorter than I was planning on getting but when I analyzed my needs, I was convinced it would fit the bill well. I plan on frequent paddles on local lakes for conditioning and exploring in Northern California bays, rock gardens and caves.

I was impressed with the initial stability and felt right at home almost immediately. The first time I put it on edge I was very impressed ... this kayak can turn on a dime and you feel confident the whole time. Speed is what you would expect from such a short kayak even though I had no problems keeping up with my wife on her 16 footer. Tracking is very good and even in 10-12 mph winds I was able to keep the boat on course with little correction.

I'm 6'0" and 180 lbs. with size 10 shoe and believe I'm at the high end of the scale on who would fit in this boat. I am very comfortable though and the cockpit fits me like a glove. After just a few minutes, it felt like part of me. The rudderless design is just that, I can't really invision a time I would need one with the way this boat handles. I would definately recommend this boat to anyone with similar kayaking interests.


This was the first kayak I…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/22/2001
This was the first kayak I actually owned, not borrowed. I was spoiled by a sleek 17' X 20" custom-made wood and Kevlar kayak which I used for many years: fast, lightweight, strong. What attracted me to the Eddyline kayaks was the rudderless design and the easy-care and performance of Carbonlite. The 13.5' Merlin LT has a long waterline for its relatively short length, and so tracks as well as many longer kayaks. Its design allows for extreme edging, so it also manuevers well--you can even spin around a paddle. This kayak paddles easily in calm or rough water--great surfing boat. The bow lifts over waves--keeping you dry, but bouncing playfully. The Merlin LT rolls easily. It is stable enough for a beginner, and doesn't limit the experienced paddler. I am 5'7" and 170lbs. and found the fit perfect whether day tripping or loaded for a week's camping voyage. Problem with leaking hatches has been solved by Eddyline, and they really support their products and listen to! users. Details of Eddyline kayaks are fabulous -- from recessed fittings to smooth ends on inside so your drybags don't tear. Graceful lines make it beautiful to look at mile after mile! Worth every penny for the pleasure.

My wife and I both got this…

Submitted by: paddler228742 on 9/18/2000
My wife and I both got this boat. It came highly recommended from dealers, paddling club representatives, and close friends of mine who are seasoned paddlers. I have not heard any negative things regarding the LT, and I don't have any to add.

I am a medium sized (I HOPE!!!) paddler, and my wife is considerably smaller than me. I weigh around 165. The boat is quite roomy for a small kayak. I've been in a couple of larger boats with far less cockpit room than the LT. The seat is easy to adjust and stays where you want it. Plenty of leg and foot room forward, as well as roomy forward and aft hatches. The hatch covers are exceedingly waterproof, and I can't wait to start learning the roll!!! It's a nice feeling to know that the hatch covers in this boat do exactly what they're supposed to. The deck fittings are recessed and laid out in a logical, attractive manner. The boat is very light weight and easy to handle solo. A breeze to car-top. The carbonlite material is very "glass-like" in appearance and in performance characteristics.

As for performance....some would say that not one boat does it all. I think that this boat comes as close to meeting all the sea kayaking criteria as any could. It's short for a sea kayak, but it's not slow at all. I just did a 16 mile circumnavigation of Siesta Key, in Sarasota, FL, in just under four hours....with a couple of leg stretching breaks and porpoise-chasing episodes. Because of a high-volume bow, it surfs exceedingly well. I never felt out of control, following the sea or head-on, or even broadside. The generous rocker of the boat makes it very manouverable, yet it tracks well with little or no weathercocking. Stability, initial and secondary, is superb. I took a few wakes from large yachts broadside just to see how good the stability is. Never had a problem at all. This kayak WANTS waves!!! Easy to put on edge to aid in turns.

At a price of $1549 (I believe this is the current retail), it's somewhat of a steal. It's price is approaching that of a similar glass boat, but I think that the advantages of the Carbonlite over other plastics certainly more than justifies the price tag. It's light, nimble, and pure fun to paddle.


I demo'd this boat and, after…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/17/2000
I demo'd this boat and, after 20 minutes of paddling, discovered that my feet were angles caused my circulation to be cut-off.

This kayak has been…

Submitted by: paddler228542 on 4/17/2000
This kayak has been everything I hoped it would be. I am a birder and take it over to the Coast a lot, paddling estuaries, lagoons, and sloughs. Also paddle it on Klamath Lake which is very huge and windy. This kayak turns easily, rarely weather-cocks, tracks straight, is quiet, and the carbonlite material is light weight and very durable. A great kayak for Nature lovers. Probably could not keep up with the longer kayaks cruising, but is not slow. Perfect for my paddling needs and very Highly Recommended.

Recently took delivery of the…

Submitted by: paddler227984 on 7/22/1999
Recently took delivery of the Merlin Lt. It handles extremely well in all aspects compared to my previous kayak. I find the Merlin LT stable, excellent tracker, turns easily, cruises & glides well, and light weight. Overall just plain fun to paddle. It would have earned a 10 if the stern bulkhead and both hatches did not leak. My dealer has provided exceptional service to repair these current production defects. I suggest prior to taking delivery of this otherwise fine kayak, have your dealer test for leaks.

Had this boat for a season of…

Submitted by: paddler228078 on 4/29/1999
Had this boat for a season of kayaking on Long Island Sound. It's light, tracks well, fast and stable for surfing. I love it, but have found my friends who are over 165 pds find it a bit tight.

My wife loves this…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/2/1999
My wife loves this lightweight kayak. Meets all her needs. Has been on the Mississippi and Rum River in Mn. as well as BWCA. Packs a lot of gear. Great for birding and pure recreation. Takes a lot of hard use with few scratches, the Carbonlite material is fantastic.

This is a great boat, tracks…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/8/1998
This is a great boat, tracks well, lightweight for a non fiber glass kayak. Turns easily, edges well. Took this boat on a 2 week trip on the coast of Maine & it worked great. Highly reccomended.