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Name: erinruiz

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I bought this boat as a whim when the seller pkged it with the boat I wanted to buy...Funny because it is the one that gets the most useage...It is shorter than my other boats so easier to load for a 62 yr old lady, and it is stable and quick on the water. My grandkids (8 and 12) paddle it with confidence too. Love love this boat.

I have had my Ice Kap for 2 years. It is by far my favorite kayak ever!! Because of the design you can to the same maneuvers forwards or backwards. It is fast and sleek but very stable. I am still practicing rolling but am told it is one of the easiest kayaks to roll. The Ice Kap is made for smaller paddlers. I am 5'6" and about 140 (61 yrs old) and the boat fits perfectly. Can't say enough about this kayak!!

Bought used 3 years ago. This boat came in a package deal and it was not my primary purchase. It has turned out to be one of the most used boats in my "fleet". It is easy to grab to take on an adventure, my grand daughter who is 10 loves the Merlin and is able to manage it well even at her age and size! It is light, stable and though not as fast as my other Kayaks, it keeps up and is really fun to paddle. Highly recommend if you can fine one.