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Got this yoke pad for my Mistral, it has a black breathable material on top and rubber grip material on bottom to prevent slipping. It has a slit in the middle of the bottom so some of the padding can be removed to adjust thickness and the Velcro straps have ample length to fit wide contoured yokes. Give it a 9 for being made in china.

Bought a used Mistral a few months ago and really love it,beautiful black Twin-Tex ,cane seats, a contoured yoke and airbags. Fit and finish are very good, the only thing I think about changing is the yoke has a single bolt but I believe tandems will be stronger and hopefully stop the squeak every time I touch it .She paddles well solo and tandem,the rocker seams to make the bow catch the wind on open lakes and makes control a bit harder but I got it for the sole task of River Travel with my Australian Shepard. Weight is listed at 60 lbs. so heavier that Kevlar but not near as heavy as the Old Town Discovery 158 and Kevlar was not in the budget. Great boat

The Java is a Beautiful Paddle,love the pinstripe look. The paddle is so light I thought the box was empty when I picked it up, craftsmanship is very good and the fiberglass wrap and rock guard take care of it being tough. Love It

I've had the glide n set saddles for 5 years, they have faded some and I had to get Lexel to reglue the felt pads. I really love the straps and ratchets that came with them. The felt pads let the boat slid and then be set on rubber front saddles that grip the boat. No Worries

Got this rack 5 years ago and have just done some work on it, had a couple of end caps crack and had to get a lock handle that was stripped - my fault, I twisted lock to far and stripped it out. The plastic cover over the aero feet have faded some but it is in the weather all the time. The rack is rock solid.

I've not used a lot of paddles so I'll state what I know. The paddle has a good ferrule with no loose play, light fiberglass blades have held up well and the red color of the blades I hope make me more visible on the water to power boaters. Nothing bad about it!!!

Been using a Drifter for a few years and like it a lot, it has held up well, is very comfortable with the mesh sides in hot weather. The only cons are mine says made in China and it has just one pocket in the front right side. Good PFD!

Very Good racks, nice wide straps and even came with safety straps that buckle insuring that there is no way kayaks can roll off rack from the vertical position. The reason I gave them a 9 was the plastic washer under the screw head cracked on the first one I tightened, maybe it was bad or I like stuff tight - either way I e-mailed Suspenz and they sent 2 in the mail. I just think they would be better in aluminum so you won't have to worry about over tightening the screws.
Love the racks and I got fast reply e-mails from company.


Suspenz now has powder coated Rectangle Tubing on the JAY-Rack. It can be attached directly to a wall with any washers - it is FLAT against the wall or it can mount to the Free-Standing Rack. The J-Rack mentioned above is still available for Marine environments, it is made out of no-rust Aluminum

I bought this for my teen daughter but I like it as well for narrow creeks and rivers. It is well rigged with perimeter and bungee lines and so far the hatches have not leaked. Little on the heavy side but I guess most rotomolded kayaks are. The seat has a high back rest and is pretty comfortable, good day boat for me.

Bought my Merlin two months ago, it's beautiful, fast, and responsive. The seat is comfortably for hours, fit and finish are great. The only thing I dislike is I can't paddle my Merlin everyday. Great company and dealers to do business with, also bought a mid-swift paddle that works well and I think the red blades make me more visible on the water. I love this little boat.