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    The Pachena DX is a kayak brought to you by Current Designs Kayaks. Read Pachena DX reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

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    I bought my Pachena used. It…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/28/2022

    I bought my Pachena used. It is 27 years old and in very nice shape. The color and condition of the fiberglass has held up very well. All the other fittings and hatch and seals have also aged well. Some polish and wax and wow! As others have said, it paddles really nice. It will weather cock in string winds, but the rudder deploys and works great. Seat is a bit hard on the bottom, but a thin pad cured that. Its real easy on the eyes also, what a beauty


    Have owned now for four…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/30/2021

    Have owned now for four years. Best boat I have ever paddled. Tracks very well with or without rudder. Glad to have rudder, though, for windy days. Good speed and edges very well. A very stable boat. Truly great fun to own it. I’m 61 and 6'-245 lbs. Handles me perfectly.


    I just took her out today.…

    Submitted by: Flatheadfletch on 4/22/2021

    I just took her out today. I’m impressed. Tracks very well good speed and edges very well a very stable yak. Truly great fun to own it. I’m 60 and 5’11” 245 lbs. Handled me perfectly


    I just picked my Pachena DX…

    Submitted by: Flatheadfletch on 4/15/2021

    I just picked my Pachena DX up today and it almost looks new. No spider cracks and all stickers like price tag are still on it. I bought it because of all the reviews on here. Can’t wait to put it in the water Saturday. Kayak count now 3. Panchena DX and two Cobra Fish n Dives ! I wish I could put a pick on here !


    I've had my Pachena Dx for…

    Submitted by: paddler450994 on 5/12/2020
    I've had my Pachena Dx for two years and would say I've got 30 or 40 hours in the seat, so I feel comfortable giving a review. Let me start with, I live in coastal New England and I've had her in the bay as much as the flat water. This boat is very stable, like extremely so. Now for someone whose only paddled hard chined yaks, this might take an hour to find but I'm telling you that once in the water, you'd have to work to send her over. In the chop and wind she behaves as I would expect, wide hull, high bow, and stern, and a bit of rocker. Equals a boat that isn't the easiest to stay on course. I have a rudder on mine and that solves that issue. Without one, she's would be a handful in anything over a 15 mph wind. Her bow shape lends to a pretty dry ride even when it's a bit sloppy. I've never used a spray skirt and even in a 2' chop the cockpit has stayed mostly dry. The coming is sharp and shedS water off quickly. On flat water this may be the nicest 14 I've ever paddled. Not the fastest but just a wonderful steady and effecient hull. I can hunt around for gear, take small waves broadside and not worry at all about her rolling or bobbing about. With a little finesse she will spin in circles for you and has what seems an endless edge to roll onto. As for her capacity, I am a pretty good sized man. At 6'3" with a 34" leg and large feet, kayaks can be less than pleasant places to spend time. This one has plenty of volume and swallows me with room to spare. Fear not large folks, you will be fine in this boat. The seat, ah the seat. CD isn't known for making wonderfully comfortable seats and this boat is no exception. It's basic kayak fare that leaves something to be desired, but a few hours is fine and a backband change to something from NRS or the like would make it far better. It's not a deal breaker but it's not a Phase 3 or Necky ACS. Visually this boat is beautiful. Fish form, swept bow, flush composite hatches, very sleek and well done. Loads of rigging, flush line cleats, etc. Typical top notch CD fare from its day and still as good as anyone's boats. The CD boats of the early 2000s were known for having some thin gelcoat and this one does. They require a little care and shouldn't be continually dragged or beached regularly on rocky Shores. At 19 years old, mine is starting to show some spider cracks and will need some love. All fiberglass boats do this, so expect it from whatever you buy. These are rare, very rare. I've never seen another one come up in the few years I've been paddling. Nobody I know has one, or has had one. If you are looking at one of these and can find it for between 750 and a grand, buy it. Just go over the skeg line and make sure it's intact. You will be very happy with your purchase.

    The first Pachena we…

    Submitted by: paddler236097 on 1/7/2015
    The first Pachena we purchased was a fantastic boat...until it and its sister Necky kayak had a very brief and very spectacular flight on I-10. Thankfully no one was injured, but the Pachena spent some time in the "boat hospital," going through fiberglass reconstructive surgery on its demolished back end. In the interim, a replacement Pachena was purchased (it's that fantastic of a boat), and now we own a total of 3 of these boats (all fiberglass), in addition to both longer and larger kayaks. The Pachena has proven to be useful in a variety of settings - from casual day-kayaking in rivers and bays, to more prolonged multi-day kayak-camping adventures. It can be a little bit unwieldy to maneuver without the use of the rudder, but it is manageable. On longer trips, we've also used a small kite in conjunction with the rudder when conditions have been good. It's not the fastest, but it's a good all-around boat.

    Sadly, Current Designs appears to have retired the Pachena design, so if you can still get your hands on one, I'd do it!

    As a side note, if you're using a rack and can't find a safe place to tie off bow and stern tie downs on your car...have someone weld tiedown points on your car (or something)!


    I've owned a couple of dozen…

    Submitted by: shortmarie on 9/27/2010
    I've owned a couple of dozen kayaks, and buy and sell regularly. This is the one boat that I will not sell. How do you beat perfection? She's a big boat with maximum abilities... and a true joy to paddle. I hope you get lucky enough to paddle one!

    My Pachena is a 1996 model,…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/21/2006
    My Pachena is a 1996 model, fibreglass, with front air bag. I bought it secondhand from a Kayak Tour operator who felt the fibreglass was not tough enough to withstand his customers and was moving into plastic boats.

    My primary reason for buying it in 1998 was to be able to stow it on the side deck of my 40' sailing ketch. It was perfect for that need.

    My paddling experience has been varied, but mainly sea around Vancouver Island and mostly on the inside waters of Georgia Straight. Wind and wave conditions can vary from glasslike to howling gales. I have paddled this kayak in winds up to 25 knots in rough sea against tidal current.

    At all times I have felt safe and stable in this delightful boat. At slightly more than moderate exertion I can keep up with my companions in their faster 17' - 18' kayaks. Into wind and wave I can easily stay the pace.

    I consider the small extra effort required to maintain speed of the faster kayaks to be a plus; I feel I get a better workout and I have learned to improve my paddling technique.

    As I frequently paddle in waves and current, I always use the rudder. The Pachena tracks well. I do notice when I paddle hard, that the kayak corkscrews, but watching others, they all seem to do the same when paddling hard.

    The biggest plus for me is the storage capacity of the Pachena. I purchased an inflatable bow storage bag to replace the airbag. On a recent camping / kayaking trip, I found I had more storage capacity than my friends with their 17' kayaks. I took a tent, thermarest, bag of clothes, food, stove, pots and wine. It all fitted with room to spare.

    There is plenty of room behind the seat to store a semi-inflated paddle float, 8 litres of water and a dry bag of clothes, sunscreen, camera etc..

    I love my Pachena. The only thing I would like to add is a hammock or small watertight container under the deck up front to store the essential items like sunglasses and sunscreen.


    I have recently traded in my…

    Submitted by: paddler231620 on 6/13/2006
    I have recently traded in my Pachena DX for a Gulfstream. Not because I was dissatisfied with the boat...I just outgrew it.

    Pachena's pluses: Great initial stability. You have to really try to turn it over. Great for playing in moderately big waves on a windy day at the lake. Great for photography. Carries a lot of gear for a 14 foot boat.

    Negatives: Seat is a little uncomfortable on long paddles. Tends to weather-cock. Rudder is mandatory on windy days, and boat doesn't track well in windy conditions with lots of waves unless you engage the rudder.

    A great boat for what it's designed to do. I've had it out on some big inland lakes and had no problem, but this boat is not for those who wish to paddle with other 16/17 foot sea kayaks. You won't be able to keep up unless you are in great shape and your companions are not.


    I give it a 9/10. Beautiful…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/31/2006
    I give it a 9/10. Beautiful boat, I have the red color in fiberglass. The boat is comfortable while cruising and at rest, I'm 220-lbs, 6'1", size 11 shoes. This is my 4th Kayak after two rec boats and a plastic Dagger Charleston. I am glad I paid more upfront for the fiberglass over a plastic hull. Also happy that CD designs hulls that paddle great. I am happy with my purchase and will buy a CD glass boat again in the future. The boat really glides nice, handles well in 20-mph winds without the rudder, and looks great doing it. This boat is a life-long paddling boat for me!

    I purchased the Pachena Dx in…

    Submitted by: dlinnane on 12/26/2005
    I purchased the Pachena Dx in kevlar almost 4 years ago. It WAS a beautiful boat. Last year, circumstances dictated a real road test. I launched my kayak at about 75 mph from the passing lane of I-93 in NH. The first stage of the launch was quite successful. It lifted off the roof of my car and went straight up to about 18 feet in the air, flipped once, came down and kept up with my car for about a quarter mile, tracking fairly well until it veered off to the median (wind cocking?-probably should make sure rudder is down next time. I guess my biggest disappointment with the boat is that the finish did not stand up to the test. There were a multitude of scratches and even some chips!!! The rudder was rendered almost useless, so I guess that would point to a weakness in design also. After retrieving the boat from the median, we proceeded to Squam Lake and paddled for 4-5 hrs. My final review is as follows:

  • The Pachena Dx flies exceptionally, in fact, it almost defies gravity, however, just for short distances. I'd suggest adding wings.
  • I do not suggest road use as it tends to scratch and chip, doesn't track well-maybe wheels?
  • The water test, however, went much better and I really think this what the boat was intended for. Tracks beautifully, cruises well, handles in all kinds of water, and is pretty fast for a 14' boat.
  • As to the Thule rack that came apart-it had functioned fine for as far north as Nova Scotia and all over NE. without bow and stern straps at high speeds. Now, it does not leave my yard without both the bow and stern strap.

    My conclusion is, buy a Pachena-you'll love it, STRAP IT!!! And it will look better than mine does for a lot longer!!!

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    At first glance, the Kevlar…

    Submitted by: mrule on 7/8/2005
    At first glance, the Kevlar Pachena DX from Current Designs seems to be such a collection of deep compromises that it should be versatile, but slow and uninteresting. In reality however, it is such a nicely balanced design that it is a very capable and exceptionally good natured little yak that can do many things well. It is indeed versatile. My kayak needs require rough water capability but are length and weight constrained and experience challenged. Length matters because like any self respecting bachelor, I spent my money for a couch on a nicer kayak and it resides in my living room instead. Weight counts because I live on the second floor...

    As you might expect from its short length (14'1") and wide beam (25 1/4"), it has a limited top speed, great stability and rather relaxed tracking. The real magic of the Pachena for me however is its delightful speed for a moderate effort. Its acceleration is surprising and it coasts forever. Moving the boat at a good clip requires nothing more than going through the motions and its ability to penetrate upwind at a solid rate with an easy effort is uncanny. If you are paddling, you are moving along just fine. Its stability is so robust that you can usually ignore the sea state and paddle finesse and just motor straight towards your destination; an excellent kayak for a tired paddler covering distance.

    This efficiency was apparent at the 2005 Monterey Bay Paddlefest where their Pachena was popular with the smallest paddlers who, despite some complaints of clipping the high, fore cockpit coaming, were able to zip around at surprising speeds. It was clearly the fastest kayak for small paddlers and beginners, no doubt helped by the fact that the wide hull is completely indifferent to sloppy paddling and we beginners could throw our shoulders into the strokes and just fling the lightweight little kayak around. I found it to be much faster and more stable than any of the dozen or so designs I had tried and to have no trace of the false sense of tipsiness that comes from a shallow V hull, although the Pachena is listed as such. Top speed honors at that event incidentally have to go to a magnificent pair of wooden Actionfish kayaks that, with great dignity, effortlessly outran everything on the water, barely disturbing its surface as they glided by.

    The versatility of the kayak does make for compromises. The cockpit of the Pachena for instance is huge, actually too big for a 5"9' paddler such as myself, with an enormous, plastic, tractor-like seat, molded without a drain and capable of holding gallons of water. It will fill quickly too, as an unskirted ride in a Pachena is a very wet affair from paddle drips, with the extended keyhole cockpit catching every last drop that might be missed by the wide coaming. I come back from two hour trips soaked, with an inch of water sloshing around in the bottom. I love it.

    A nice set of thigh braces can be made for this and other kayaks by using Tupperware type containers bolted to the side of the kayak with 3/8" closed cell foam adhered to the lids. I use nylon hardware which is likely to shear before damaging the hull and mount small hooks inside for clipping valuables. This allows dry, accessible storage for suntan lotion, fig newtons and other vital equipment. I found the Sterilite "Ultra Seal" 2qt. cereal container to fit the deep sidewalls of the Pachena nicely and provide that "night and day" lower body fit. These are almost weightless and have nifty hinged lids that are perfect for the purpose.

    The rudder works well, serving not only to help with directionality, but also stabilizing it in roll, and helping neutral tracking by adding a little drag far aft and extending the keel. It reduces the overall liveliness of the hull. It's fun to surf along the crest of the leading edge of waves, using the rudder to keep it on the face.

    Construction deserves comment. The worst aspect of my Pachena is the gelcoat. It seems thin, brittle and chips and scratches easily. It has broken through in two small holes at the aftmost point of the hull where it was unadhered to the mesh. Mine came with an unrepaired bad area with the underlayer showing. The "smoke" color of the hull may be hard to match for repairs; white is not available. All of this is unfortunate as it seems to be largely a materials issue and degrades a well made kayak (and my rating to a 9). The interior layup, bulkhead fitting and most other important details are superb. The hatches are works of art.

    So, if you are looking for a kayak to keep forever as you expand your uses for it rather than change equipment, the Pachena is pretty ideal. As a fishing boat, or five day campout boat, or one to take to the big family picnic at the lake where it will be fun and safe for everyone, the Pachena is a great choice. Or, if you are like me who prefers birding to bracing and enjoys ignoring 18" broadside waves while sitting with both feet hanging in the water, and then being able to streak back to the shore at sundown, the Pachena is perfect. It always seems to be 10% more than I expect while so many others were 10% less. It is not inexpensive, but it is the cheapest Kevlar to be found and a top notch product. Besides, It looks fabulous in a living room.


    I have owned a Pachena for a…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/22/2003
    I have owned a Pachena for a year and have paddled it in every imaginable body of water including ditch, canal, river, reservoir, waterway, borrow pit, lake, bay and ocean, and in a variety of weather/sea conditions. This boat has never let me down. I went to a “try before you buy” event and immediately liked it. I consciously sacrificed the speed/range of some of the other kayaks for the added comfort/stability of the Pachena and haven’t regretted it. I’m quite sure this is considered kayak blasphemy in some circles, but I live in the Tidewater area of Virginia - heaven for kayak day-trippers.

    I recently purchased a GPS, so I can give the speed characteristics for this boat. On flat water with no wind or current, I can indefinitely maintain a speed of around 4.5 mph. 5 mph is full speed ahead – in good conditions and with short water breaks I have sustained this for well over an hour. 5.5 mph is flank – you can get there and stay there, but only with maximum effort. Flank III for this boat is 6 mph – you can get there, but you can’t stay there very long. This is where you “hit the wall” with this hull shape. I recently tried some “fast” boats and found that cruising speed for them is around 5.5 mph. So basically, you give up around 1 mph with the Pachena with similar paddling effort as compared to full size 17-18’ touring boats. More importantly to me is how the Pachena performs in adverse paddling conditions. I have found that even in the most severe wind/sea conditions I have experienced, I was able to maintain at least a 3mph speed of advance with some effort. I’m talking about conditions where you get that spooky “I’m not getting anywhere!” feeling. If I didn’t have a GPS, I wouldn’t have believed that I was maintaining 3mph. In these situations, I have really appreciated the Pachena’s endurance and stability. It’s nice to know you can still make decent headway even when you go out and get bushwhacked by a sudden weather front.

    Taking advantage of the Pachena’s extra stability I have purchased a Spirit Sail down-wind sail rig (full size). I highly recommend getting one for this boat simply because it’s a blast. I’m sure the purists would be appalled, but I like the idea of making the wind work for me occasionally instead of always against me. With a gentle 10-12mph wind I can go 4.5 mph without paddling. I can easily maintain 5.5 with paddling. I’ve even been caught in a passing weather front with my sail up and been propelled up to 8.5 mph! You definitely need a rudder for this type of kayaking, however. The Pachena’s rudder system is first rate and I also recommend it for this boat to help out in adverse conditions. Comparing kayaks is a lot like comparing apples and oranges, but I give this boat a 10 of 10 because it is very well made, does what I expect a boat of this type should do, and provides me a level of comfort I couldn’t find in other boats. I’m 5’11” and 200lbs and for me, comfort = endurance. What I like best is that the Pachena is a very versatile, all-around kayak. It will take you almost anywhere.


    I have the kevlar Pachena…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/15/2002
    I have the kevlar Pachena with the rear bulkhead and front airbag. It only weighs 40 lbs and I can lift, carry and load it by myself with no problem. It is also beautiful, an eyestopper. It is very maneuverable but not as easily trackable as some. The biggest problem with it is that because it's so beautiful (and expensive), I hate to mar it. It's tough but does show scratches, so I hesitate to drag it through the rocks, etc., like I would do with a plastic kayak.

    I have been paddling plastic…

    Submitted by: paddler229706 on 5/29/2002
    I have been paddling plastic boats for twelve years. My most recent plastic boat was the 17'2" Perception Eclipse (Sea Lion). This past March I purchased the Current Designs 14'1" fiberglass Pachena DX. I walked into the showroom and bought it on the spot (no test ride). It was a beautiful boat just hanging on the wall; but, the proof was in the paddling. I have paddled this boat in nearly every conceivable weather condition over the three months; This boat is a dream! I weigh #225 and am 6'1" tall. There is more than enough leg room, I have not needed to use the rudder yet (even in 30 MPH gusts), you can use binoculars to veiw wildlife without toppling over into the water, and (yes) you can even take a snooze in it without toppling over into the water! I paddle on eastern Lake Ontario and on the St Lawrence river in northern New York;so, the weather conditions for paddling can get quite gruesome - this boat can handle all of it! I do not feel that I have sacrificed anything by moving to this smaller craft. I do feel that I have gained the stability that I was looking for (and was never able to find in the Eclipse). I can't wait to try one of Current Designs bigger boats (the Solstice). And for that reason I will give this boat a nine (9) so that I can leave some room for improvement. Overall, if you are looking for a boat that can handle a medium sized to an extra-large body, yeilds excellent primary and secondary stability, tracks well, is light weight, good looking, resonably fast, and allows the paddler to use a camera, binoculars, or just plain take a nap - then this boat is worth every penny that you spend on it.

    I purchased this kayak, brand…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/12/2002
    I purchased this kayak, brand new, in fiberglass for fishing in my local Florida lakes and waterways. I have had over thirty years experience in boating, both power and sail, and previously been a partner at a boat building company. I have used the kayak about a dozen times and I am very pleased with it. It is very light to carry, about 45lbs, and easy to load on the S.U.V. top. The boat has plenty of room for my soft cooler, tacklebox, and fishing rod, all stored inside. The seat, with the addition of a cushion, is very comfortable and supportive. The kayak's initial stability is very good, ideal for fishing. The boat turns on a dime, leans easy, and is relatively quick. I selected a boat with the rear bulkhead and forward airbag. This provides the clearance for fishing rods to be stored inside. The only problems I have found on this boat are the racking, and the blemishes on the fiberglass deck.

    I find the boat hard to paddle in a straight course for any length of time. This is probably a compromise to the turning ability. Maybe a little too much rocker.

    The fiberglass work, in my opinion, has some defects. I have found several dimples in the deck of my boat. Two of these were right at the location of the company's logo decal, obviously noticed during manufacture, and two where a rudder control might be. These should have been fixed at the factory. If they are drill points for accessories I can understand, but I don't agree with the practice.

    This company has a fine line of kayaks. I would buy another boat from them. Overall, a good boat for my intended purpose.


    I purchased the fiberglass…

    Submitted by: paddler229524 on 11/20/2001
    I purchased the fiberglass pachena this past summer and its lived up to my expectations. I needed a lightweight boat that I could easily lift on top of my car and not stress my back. This is done quite nicely with the saddle and roller system. At 6' and 195 LBS. I'm a perfect fit in this kayak. I've used it on mild rivers and large lakes and have been quite happy with the performance. I'm sure there are kayaks that track a little better but if I had to purchase a kayak again I'd make the same choice.

    I purchased a Pachena at…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/20/2001
    I purchased a Pachena at Kittery Trading Post this past weekend and I love it. I'm a pretty big guy (6"1' - 250) and I have not found a more comfortable boat to get in and out of or for sitting long periods of time. This is the first time I have been out on the water for three hours without getting numbness or cramping in my legs. Also, I needed a boat that was light and easy to load on my Class C camper (12 feet to the roof) this boat is ideal - I can load it myself. What it lacks in speed it makes up for in comfort and I expect to be able to have one boat that does it all - light sea touring - rivers and esturaies - I'd give it a 10 for meeting my personal specs but a 9 is probably more appropriate because of the speed and tracking (offset by the rudder).

    This is my wife's boat and…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/23/2001
    This is my wife's boat and she loves it. I paddle it mostly in mangrove tidal creeks as well as estuary and ocean. It is very maneuverable, has a very well defined "edge" and is delightful for wildlife observation and photography. As expected it suffers slightly in speed and tracking. All boats are compromise.

    The fiberglass Pachena I…

    Submitted by: paddler228510 on 3/25/2000
    The fiberglass Pachena I recently purchased is an extremely well constructed boat. The boat is designed as a multipurpose kayak with good stability and a large cockpit - the result is that speed and tracking has been compromised.

    Positives: Light, around 45 pounds with the rudder. The Relatively short length (14'-1") a real plus when storing and loading. The boat has good Manuverability but only so-so tracking.
    Great finish and top quality fittings. A truly beautiful boat to look at. The fiberglass, however is easily scratched. Perfect for fishing (the reason I bought the boat) - very stable! The rear hatch and bulkhead is very well constructed.

    Negatives: The boat is really affected by the wind and tends to weathercock - definitely requires the rudder! Tracking could be better. Seat is well constructed but back rest is uncomfortable. The Boat should be designed with a forward drain plug - difficult to flush out cockpit.

    Bottom line - If I had to do it all over again I would look for a boat with a little more speed and better tracking. In all fairness, however, I think I would be hard pressed to find the "perfect" combination of speed and stability in a boat under 15'