Name: dlinnane

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Purchased the Skimmer 140 last year. No problem with keeping up with other kayaks of the same length, tracks well.. both of which are not the norm for SOTs. This boat is a blast in ocean or lake, the bigger the wave, the more fun the ride. I have lots of other kayaks, but this one is fantastic for exercise, fun to get off and back on and is pretty light for a sot of this length, weighs far less than my Tarpon and is easy to load onto my car. If you're looking for a non confined ride that's pretty comfy for a few hours, look no least take it out for a demo.

I purchased the Pachena Dx in kevlar almost 4 years ago. It WAS a beautiful boat. Last year, circumstances dictated a real road test. I launched my kayak at about 75 mph from the passing lane of I-93 in NH. The first stage of the launch was quite successful. It lifted off the roof of my car and went straight up to about 18 feet in the air, flipped once, came down and kept up with my car for about a quarter mile, tracking fairly well until it veered off to the median (wind cocking?-probably should make sure rudder is down next time. I guess my biggest disappointment with the boat is that the finish did not stand up to the test. There were a multitude of scratches and even some chips!!! The rudder was rendered almost useless, so I guess that would point to a weakness in design also. After retrieving the boat from the median, we proceeded to Squam Lake and paddled for 4-5 hrs. My final review is as follows:

  • The Pachena Dx flies exceptionally, in fact, it almost defies gravity, however, just for short distances. I'd suggest adding wings.
  • I do not suggest road use as it tends to scratch and chip, doesn't track well-maybe wheels?
  • The water test, however, went much better and I really think this what the boat was intended for. Tracks beautifully, cruises well, handles in all kinds of water, and is pretty fast for a 14' boat.
  • As to the Thule rack that came apart-it had functioned fine for as far north as Nova Scotia and all over NE. without bow and stern straps at high speeds. Now, it does not leave my yard without both the bow and stern strap.

    My conclusion is, buy a Pachena-you'll love it, STRAP IT!!! And it will look better than mine does for a lot longer!!!

  • I currently own several carolinas, one corona, and a pachena dx. I am extremely satisfied with all. The pachena is extremely comfortable, the corona is fast, and the carolinas are my choice for dealing with questionable weather. 4 or 5 ft waves are no problem, tracking-no problem, and moving at a reasonable speed through choppy water is a lot of fun. i've been rescued in the bay of fundy(corona-very stomy weather--really, really bad idea) and the pachena floats like a cork and is extremely light but tends to move with the wind, but the carolina ignores wind, tracks straight(with rudder), and moves fairly fast. I like the carolina a lot and would recommend it to anyone that would like to try rivers, large lakes, and ocean voyages. if you are just into enjoying kayaking, this model works well-i'd give it a 10, but would recommend any seat enhancements available because the back of the seat ends at at a bad point in the lower back.