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Name: Flatheadfletch

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I am 5’11” and 240 lbs. 60 years old. I was looking for a Sea yak for touring and just found this XL way out in the country in like new condition ( the Kevlar with rudder ). She’s freaking beautiful. Can’t wait to paddler her.

I just took her out today. I’m impressed. Tracks very well good speed and edges very well a very stable yak. Truly great fun to own it. I’m 60 and 5’11” 245 lbs. Handled me perfectly

I just picked my Pachena DX up today and it almost looks new. No spider cracks and all stickers like price tag are still on it. I bought it because of all the reviews on here. Can’t wait to put it in the water Saturday. Kayak count now 3. Panchena DX and two Cobra Fish n Dives ! I wish I could put a pick on here !

I have owned many yaks including 4 Malibu stealth. The Cobra fish n dive is my absolute favorite. Simply put for a man from 200 to. 350lbs you can’t beat it. I’m 250 and the stability is far superior than the Malibu’s. The ride is better. I presently own two fish n dives and the only negative is the molded foot wells. They hurt when barefoot, cure, scuba booties or tennis shoes. Still prefer this beast of a yak over everything else.