RAM-X 15

by  Coleman

This Product Has Been Discontinued

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RAM-X 15 Description

The RAM-X 15 is a canoe brought to you by Coleman. Read RAM-X 15 reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other canoe recommendations below or explore all canoes to find the perfect one for you!

RAM-X 15 Reviews

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These Coleman canoes are…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/21/2021

These Coleman canoes are unbelievably durable. My buddy and I have been fishing together for over 30 years. Back when we were in high school we would use his RAM-X to fish our favorite lake. The lake was only accessible by a small dirt road/path that you could drive on to unload your canoe to get into the lake. One day the town decided they didn't want people driving that close to the lake so they put a big mound of dirt across the road. We figured that wouldn't stop us. He decided to back his pickup over the mound with the canoe in the back. Everything went fine as he went up the mound but as he came down the backside, the end of the canoe stuck into the ground and folded the canoe right into an "A-frame". We got out, bent it back into shape and went fishing. Other than a few bends in the side rails, you wouldn't even know what happened. We still use that (disfigured) canoe today when we go fishing.


Great canoe and lasts! 1983…

Submitted by: paddler555250 on 9/18/2019

Great canoe and lasts! 1983 RamX green 17ft. This canoe has been in my family since 83. It was used a lot when family camping, river paddling, and fishing Wisconsin lakes and rivers. Especially, the Big Rib river in the north central part of the state and the Waupaca Chain O Lakes. Very durable and takes a beating. Loading on a minivan can be a challenge. There are loading techniques that make that easier. Two cracks emerged by seat bolts, which was fixed with plastic welding and Flex Clear tape. I made modifications from ideas off the internet. Thank you! Recently added a 40 lb trolling motor and outriggers, which helps with stability and maneuverability a lot in my opinion. It turned out to be a very nice fishing canoe!


Grew up with one. Been…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/2/2018

Grew up with one. Been paddling my own for years and have a good laugh every time I see a 1k plus canoe float by, or better yet, with a cracked keel because of their superior construction.

These canoes are marine pack mules that can be counted on.


Ive owned this canoe over 25…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/13/2018

Ive owned this canoe over 25 years bought it used for $150, best purchase of my life, very durable and even light enough to put on my car myself, ive had 4 people and a dog in this canoe . well over the weight limit & had no issues, if you can find one , buy it.


Bought mine used in 2000. I…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/13/2018

Bought mine used in 2000. I love and hate it, but mostly love.

I hate it because of the instability (didn't take points away, it is what it is: hull cross section looks like a semi circle) but that doesn't stop me from propping up a folding camping chair (with a canopy, Thank you very much,) to make it easier and more comfortable to stand and pole the Mosquito Lagoon flats. It laughs at submerged barnacle and oyster encrusted objects. All my gear (a lot) is easily accessible in front of me. I can bring a friend along with this configuration. I'm in good shape, and if you balance the boat properly, you can paddle into a 15+ mph headwind if you have to make it back to ramp a couple miles away. The trick is don't let the nose deviate from dead upwind. Lighter winds and you can take advantage by bearing off a bit and only paddling in the leeward side. Mine's registered for a gas outboard and occasionally can be seen with a 3.3 hp merc hanging off a 2x4 near the rearward seat, counterbalanced with a 45 lb trolling motor. Because it is a displacement hull, top speed is right around 6-7 mph, but oh the wake it pushes up would make a trawler proud.

If you want tough, versatile, spacious, this is your boat.

If you want stability, tracking, lightweight and good looks, keep moving; not even a prominently displayed YETI sticker can save her.


Dear canoe snobs

Submitted by: paddler312158 on 3/27/2017

To those of you moaning about how heavy and hard to paddle these are, you're right! And completely missing the point. I've owned one for 13 years, along with several more expensive canoes, both fiber glass and aluminum, and the Coleman is the only canoe I've owned that can handle me, a buddy and a 45 inch musky on the end of my line. Or 600 lbs of man, decoys, dog and shotguns duck hunting. Or be rammed repeatedly into shore while fighting a fish without a thought in my head about my hull buckling. Or bounced across the rocks in 8 inches of water because you had better things to pay attention to than where you a were floating at the moment. Or be pushed out of the back of your pickup with a good shove onto a concrete boat ramp, and wink at ya when you flip her over and slide her in the water. THESE ARE NOT PLEASURE CANOES. They are workhorses. They last a lifetime and laugh off what other canoes have nightmares about. Absolutely worth the money.


I have two 17 ft Coleman…

Submitted by: paddler236588 on 11/9/2015
I have two 17 ft Coleman canoes bought in 1975 and 1976 that I have used to float the Norfork and Buffalo Rivers in Missouri and Arkansas with my family on multi-day float trips, and my son has used in the Boundary Waters.

My only criticism would be that as a fisherman I have to dig out lead split shot from under the center aluminum brace, or it will eventually get pushed through the hull and require patching. I wouldn't take them on a Class 4 or 5 river, but for anything else they are fine and much quieter than my old aluminum canoe.


Very durable can take a lot…

Submitted by: Steelpaddle on 10/15/2015
Very durable can take a lot of abuse. The aluminum frame work is hard to replace when damaged. The hull is very tough. The canoe is slow and easily handled by novice paddlers.

My over all experience with the canoe I would say good for most day paddling. I would recommend this canoe for use at a cottage on the water.


Coleman 15.5 Ram-X Canoe duly…

Submitted by: paddler236431 on 8/12/2015
Coleman 15.5 Ram-X Canoe duly named the SS Blazing Paddles. This canoe is great if floating a river. Durable yet flexible. Able to drag the hell out of those cankerous shoals and stable enough to ram a sunken tree in flooded waters. It tacks well enough that one can snooze between bends after too many beers and this canoe can also be loaded with over 700lbs and still paddle on calmer water. And believe me, all of this I've done...many times.

On open water, like lakes and channels, it can really be cumbersome for two people facing the wind. Alone it can next to impossible if sitting in the 'back' seat, BUT THE TRICK TO THIS CANOE IS TO SIT BACKWARD IN THE FRONT SEAT, SWITCHING THE BOW AND STERN. Doing such really improves the single paddlers control in wind and choppy water.

All this considered it's still slow and I'm a bigger male with long arms so I can effectively deal with its shortcomings. And if concerned about keeping up with people willing to blow almost a grand to worry about every time they go out then maybe consider something different...even then, people in your group might whine about waiting on you, but will turn around and ask you to carry their excess gear after they find that really cool geode they have to bring home but don't have capacity for...


I have had two ram-x canoes…

Submitted by: alwayslookin on 9/18/2014
I have had two ram-x canoes in our family since the early 80's still use them every now and then still floating. Did have to replace the keel stiffening bar but for being that old who can complain great boats.

I have owned a Coleman Ram-X…

Submitted by: justdive on 8/5/2014
I have owned a Coleman Ram-X 15 for around 15 years now. It worked great to load up with fishing/camping gear in Colorado and take long weekend trips. It was very spacious inside and darn near indestructible. These many years later it has held up well and still accommodates myself and the kids dutifully around Florida. It has weathered the years well and travelled with me faithfully from one Army assignment to another. I will often attach a clamp on canoe transom and trolling motor to extend my range and make it easier to take the kids farther (excellent for bass fishing in those hard to get to places). It travels from vehicle to shore well on a canoe cart. I look forward to many more years of use out of the old red canoe. Definitely worth the investment.

After paddling kayaks for a…

Submitted by: Spickus on 7/12/2014
After paddling kayaks for a couple years I had the opportunity to pick up a Coleman 15.5' canoe for $100. I had hopes of using the Coleman's high capacity for family camping trips and fishing with my dog. But while the boat is well built and virtually indestructible, It weighs 84 pounds making it a bear to move and load. Furthermore it paddles like a barge. For the $100 I paid I shouldn't complain because the way it's built it will last me a lifetime, sitting there in the yard mocking me.

This canoe is a sturdy…

Submitted by: RamseyHFD on 7/9/2014
This canoe is a sturdy workhorse of a canoe. I thought for sure after years of use, we had finally destroyed it last summer. Nope..... The river was low, the rocks were high, and then the dam opened. We ran into class three plus water and made through in one piece. after inspecting the hull and nose, there was no damage. Lots of scrapes, but no damage. We were shocked! It was still sound! These Coleman's can take some abuse and last for years. Amazing!

I have owned three of these…

Submitted by: jefferyn on 7/2/2014
I have owned three of these Coleman Ram-X canoes. Two of them were 15 footers and the other was a 13 footer. I loved them all, they take a beating and keep on going, easy to repair if you happen to damage one. I had mine in lakes, streams and the Susquehanna River in Harrisburg, PA. they are not that hard to paddle and you can make an outrigger system for them and can go damn near anywhere with them. I did alot of fishing in mine and just taking them down to the local stream to cool off on a hot day was fun. i am currently looking for another one.

Borrowed this from a friend…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/18/2014
Borrowed this from a friend for an 8 day 200 mile trip down the Wabah River in Indiana. No complaints. Very durable. Not too heavy. Stable. Couldn't ask for much more for the price. I'd take it again.

I bought a used Coleman 15…

Submitted by: paddler235316 on 8/30/2013
I bought a used Coleman 15 foot canoe for $150 (this was prior to Ram-X) 15 years ago. I have taken it all over Yellowstone Lake numerous times. The thing has a keel, so I wouldn't want to use it on tight, technical streams. For bigger streams it would be fine. I plan to use it to go down the Green River next year (not the whitewater section).

This canoe is extremely durable. Yes, it is heavy, but for the price and durability, it is great.


I bought the Coleman Ram-X 15…

Submitted by: paddler235126 on 7/22/2013
I bought the Coleman Ram-X 15 about 10 years ago. I've traveled all over the Country and been in all kinds of water. And I have to say. I LOVE MY CANOE!! I'll never sell it. And yesterday I found a Pelican 15.5 on the side of the Interstate. Took it out today and it's even better than the Coleman. If you're looking for a Cheaper but Good Canoe. These 2 are worth every penny under $300. All I have to do now is talk my girlfriend into getting in and going Canoeing with me...
Rating is a 10+ on both!!!!!

My son and I used this canoe…

Submitted by: paddler234812 on 10/8/2012
My son and I used this canoe on a few lakes at our state park it was a pleasure to use and I feel safe in it. I would say this canoe is worth the money and would buy again if something happened to this one.

Have had a ramX for about 20…

Submitted by: shoff on 9/12/2012
Have had a ramX for about 20 yrs. still going strong. Great canoe for the price.

I purchased my RAM-X 15.8…

Submitted by: paddler233934 on 4/4/2011
I purchased my RAM-X 15.8 with transom back, used in 86 & used it all these years. Just gave it to a friend. Loved it. I mostly used a trolling motor on it & never had a problem. Bulky. Yes. Heavy, for sure. Always loaded it my self. Learned a few tricks along the way for loading. Sitting upright, I take my foot & place it in the center of the side rail & rock it till the other side comes up. Grab the side & flip it over. Lift the front up onto the rack & push it up on to truck. Easy load & unload the same.

For stability inside floor, I made a screwdown 1/4" plywood floor. Solid for loading & moving around & not very much added weight. For long time in-use, I also added 2 removable fold-down cushioned boat seats. Nice to have a back to lean on & soft on the butt comfort.

I did a lot of night time fishing all over Lake Mead, NV, lakes in AZ., UT. & even the Snake River in ID so I added port/starboard & aft lighting to be night time legal. Has served well, takes a beating & still going strong. Today I purchased a newer version RAM-X 15, as it is much lighter. Will be adding the plywood floor & fold-down seats & taking it out for a weekend run to see how it is compared to the older one. No trolling motor this time.


I have a RAM-X 14.5…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/10/2010
I have a RAM-X 14.5 (Pelican/Coleman). I spent last weekend out on Lake Jocassee with it and had no problems whatsoever. That though, is due in part to some lessons I've learned. Namely, since I'm paddling solo, I added 3 50# bags of sand in the bow to balance my weight in the stern. This kept the bow down so the wind couldn't spin me around as easily as it had before. I also have learned more paddling strokes and can paddle one side of the canoe and still move straight.

I bought this canoe because it was inexpensive and big enough for the whole family. It IS heavy, but I built a block and tackle system that allows me to easily hang it in my garage. Loading and unloading is a matter of leverage and proper lifting techniques. I would not want to portage this a long way though. It is great for shuttling the little ones out on the water and/or fishing from.


A buddy of mine borrowed a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/15/2010
A buddy of mine borrowed a RAM-X 15 for a Father/Son canoe/camping trip we took with our 9yr old sons on Lake Jocassee in upstate South Carolina.

I loaded my Wenonah Solo Plus (60lb in Royalex) on my trucks roof racks, tossed the gear in the back and headed for Bill's house to pick up his gear. When I first saw the red beast, I was concerned if it would even float upright and when we hoisted it up on my roof racks, I couldn't believe how heavy and cumbersome it was. But, it was what he had and we headed for the lake.

Our trip to the campground was about 1 1/2 miles across a large lake. We paddled into a 10mph headwind and light chop. Both canoes were loaded with about 200lbs of gear. Bill immediately struggled to keep the Ram-X pointed toward our destination and no matter how he paddled it, the bow veered back and forth. Meanwhile, My Solo Plus tracked straight as an arrow. I paddled at a lazy pace with my 9 year old and Bill paddled hard and still I had to stop about every 5 minutes to wait on him. The 1 1/2 mile crossing took 40 minutes because the red beast paddled like a bathtub.

Paddling during the weekend delivered much the same performance on calm water. I paddled the Ram-X for a while and found it completely unacceptable for anything more than a small pond and for kids to learn to paddle. It bobbed like a cork and tracking was nil. It was, however, built like a tank.

I know this is a low price boat so maybe I'm being a bit too hard on it but it is a tank. A reasonably well designed Royalex canoe will cost a bit more but will greatly out perform this barge. Spend a few bucks more and get a real canoe....


I found my canoe next to the…

Submitted by: paddler233592 on 5/17/2010
I found my canoe next to the Ohio one day I was walking down the shore line. I let it sit there to see if it was some ones but about a month later i found it about a mile down the shore line. I had it's cereal number searched turned out to be 11 years old I took the big bad boy down the Ohio about 5-8 mile for a weak in the winter even some time with ice on the beach (I know dumb idea in the freezing water) it has great maneuverability and its maybe 150 pounds has handles on both sides built in it about 15 feet long. basically I love this canoe. luckaly I found mine so i got it for free. Which I love

I have owned the 15-foot…

Submitted by: paddler233577 on 5/11/2010
I have owned the 15-foot version for about 12 years or more (seems like 20). The comments about weight and lack of maneuverability are quite accurate. Getting the thing on top of the car IS a big deal, and, to be honest, it's displacement and general hull shape remind me of the battleship Missouri. That having been said, the thing is pretty indestructible. I do take issue, however, with the stability comments. Although I have never found it a problem, my wife is extremely unfond of the way it rolls. I am picking up a set of stabilizers this week, which solves THAT problem, and the rotating hitch-mounted lift/loader devices available do solve the one-person loading issues. I am also looking at a slick folding canoe cart.

So, if you are willing to either build your own carts, carriers, etc., or spend a few dollars, then you can get around the limitations in this particular canoe (oh, did I mention the electric trolling motor?). However, if you really are into canoes, then try to find a Grumman aluminum (many hours on Lake Shasta chasing bass in one of those) or pick a nice Old Towne canoe. I would also recommend kayaks as we went down the Illinois River north of Lake Tenkiller that way and it was a lovely way to travel that river. The problem with acquiring a Grumman is that current owners usually don't want to part with them. Oh, if you really want a red Coleman 15 footer, I'd probably be willing to part with mine as the adult kids don't want it...


This canoe is a 9 out of 10,…

Submitted by: paddler233529 on 4/2/2010
This canoe is a 9 out of 10, just because it's hard to be a perfect 10.
All of these low ratings are written by people whose needs are different than what the Ram-X provides...

... Clunky, heavy, wide turns, ugly: yes.
... Indestructible, buoyant, stable, high carrying capacity: Yes!

I have owned a $200 15ft Coleman Ram-X and also a $2500 kevlar Wenonah. I am currently shopping for canoes to take out on local (Philadelphia-MD-NJ) creeks, rivers, and lakes. Guess what I am shopping for??? A Coleman Ram-X!

I want something that can scrape over rocks, a lot of rocks ... bash into fallen trees ... run up on shore for easy exit, any shore (cement, asphalt, rocks, sand, etc.). I want something large for carrying my cooler full of ice cold beverages. I want something stable so I can stand up and paddle or sit tight while being pounded by 30" waves in windy and choppy waters.

I don't need to go fast, I canoe to get outside and relax on the water, not to race. If I was in a group, that would be an issue though, but I would only want to canoe with leisurely canoists/canoers/folks. If you want to go fast, you should invest in an entirely different knid of canoe, and they are very very nice, but not rugged.

If you have trouble lifting heavier canoes, then don't buy this, you should buy a shorter canoe or a canoe made of a different material. But hey, I have a herniated disc and do not lift more than 25lbs due to this, and I manage all right. Girls can lift it just fine, but not old ladies. Plus, the actual lift takes only a few seconds, not too bad. But really, if you are frail and need to lift the boat, this is not the boat for you.

I will but a Coleman Ram-X and I will load it up as I take a leisurely cruise down local rivers/lakes ... and I will punish it and let it protect me as I take it down Class II creeks, enjoying the quiet ride in calm spots.

It would be a 10 out of 10 if the seats could be a little lower to make paddling more effective, but hey, now you are getting into the fast boat design parameters.


I give this boat a 9 out of…

Submitted by: roanoke on 12/29/2009
I give this boat a 9 out of 10 based on a fair consideration of how much it cost. I might give it a 1 out of 10 if I were comparing it to an expensive canoe, but that would be an unfair comparison. If you expect a $500 canoe to be as easy to lift onto your car as a carbon-fiber boat, or as fast to paddle, you're unreasonable. You get more than you pay for when you buy a Ram-X. I've paddled mine mostly on rivers for over 10 years, hit plenty of rocks and Class I - III rapids, and it has held up well. The biggest problem has been in high winds on flatwater without a companion, which allowed the wind to lift the bow and spin it, but I don't consider that a major flaw, just something to keep in mind.

Verdict: If you want a canoe for rivers and you find a good deal on a used Ram-X, and you don't need (or can't afford) a more expensive boat, buy the Ram-X. If you want a boat just for flatwater, you might want to buy something else, but remember that you can't hit many rocks (which is part of paddling many rivers) with aluminum boats without damaging them.


I bought one 150€ a last year…

Submitted by: paddler233411 on 10/9/2009
I bought one 150€ a last year in France from a canoe club where it has been used for years. Have no idea how it came to France! After some minor repairs, I have been using it going down rivers, paddling around. Everybody liked it, particularly the stability and robustness. Capsized once, but clearly my fault, not the canoe's! Not so difficult to carry, thanks to the handles. I am thinking of put a third seat in the middle. If I can find a second one, I'll buy it!

This canoe is indestructible,…

Submitted by: paddler232347 on 8/25/2009
This canoe is indestructible, I bought one so long ago it only cost about $250 new. It lay out in sun and snow for about 16 years and is faded but serviceable. I recently stuck some outriggers and and sunfish sail on it and had it going about 12 knots in high winds.
Downside, very heavy and the ramX material does not make a smoothly contoured hull. But this boat owes me nothing.

I have enjoyed this…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/27/2009
I have enjoyed this wonderfully stable watercraft for over 27 years. Yes, it is heavy, but the reliability on the water has been great for gliding through the weeds in Florida (and bumping over an alligator even!) and paddling in small creeks in South Carolina as well as open water on small lakes in Pennsylvania!

My dad bought the 15' footer…

Submitted by: paddler232802 on 8/5/2008
My dad bought the 15' footer almost 30 years ago. Like everyone says it is heavy and turns slowly, but man is it tough. The one place the flexing in the hull is great for is ocean swells, which we discovered off the coast of Maine.

The weight is an issue and if you plan on cartopping it, definitely get or make a swiveling mount for your car. I modified a canoe/ladder rack for a receiver hitch, so that it rotated. All I have to do is drag the canoe to the car, lift one end onto the rack and attach it, then lift the other end and walk it around onto the forward canoe rack or foam blocks.

As for the lousy paddling, I mounted two 10" gate hinges on the inside of the rail so that the long end sticks out just like sculling boat out riggers, mounted oarlocks on the ends... and now I have a boat that can pass any canoe, no mater what my loading is. This allows my wife to deal with our kids, read, or paddle from the stern seat as she feels like. I row from the front seat facing backwards with my feet braced on a bracket I mounted on the center post.

Don't buy the "improved" Pelican version of this boat, when they removed the center keel pole and seat frame poles it took the backbone out of the canoe, the pelican also doesn't have the flotation in the ends like the Coleman and I've heard of a couple sinking when they were rolled. The only time this Coleman was rolled was when I was paddling from the stern with the canoe empty and clowning around, it rolled right out from under me... but this has never happened any other time when I used it, in fact my wife who never was in small boats until we met, thinks this is very stable and has no problem with our three children climbing around in it while we are out. My children hang over the side to drag their hands in the water with out a noticeable tipping, however I notice any out of trim in my back when rowing for a long time. In fact more than once while out rowing on large lakes I have had the local patrol/harbor master come over to get a closer look thinking I had a motor with out a registration number. I guess the Coleman 15' just needs a little more power to get a good speed rating.

30 years and no holes even though it was dropped off the roof of my sisters car going down the road, and it has had many encounters with rocks, trees, and even once I dragged it across a parking lot to get it to my car.

My dad has dived from it many times from it and just had to add a ladder to get back aboard from the ocean. As you can tell we pass the canoe back and forth many times right now it is in his back yard on the edge of the lake waiting for his next paddle.


I would have to give coleman canoes an 11. I purchased my…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/28/2008
I would have to give coleman canoes an 11.
I purchased my first one in 1980 and have put it through hell since. I have struggled with much heavier canoes. I have probably put 1,000 miles on my first Coleman and it goes strong today. I use it for canoe camping and class I and II water. It slides over obstructions easily and has great stability. The weight has never been a problem if I remember to use leverage. I wish that every product had the value that Coleman produced with that 17 foot canoe. I will give it to my stepson upon my death.

I either own or have paddled…

Submitted by: vcmtthws on 1/28/2008
I either own or have paddled everything from the Old Town, to the Mad Rivers, to the Clippers, to the aluminum Grummans, to the Home made strippers and fiberglass kits, to the Wenonahs, to the Moore Venom Racer, and a few in between.
My sister gave us her old RAM X-15, and somewhere along the line we picked up a RAM X-17. Both of these were aptly named the "Orange Brick" and the "Big Red Brick". Thought she was doing us a favor giving us the first - she wasn’t really. It was great at times, because we could loan it to anybody and always get it back. We have about 17 canoes and kayaks. The Ram X is the only one that we never had to worry about because nobody could hurt it, and… because nobody wanted to hang onto it. Worse, we had to sit and wait for the darn thing to catch up every time we took people with us. Morning adventures became an all day chore. No fun.

I could see it as a cheap and reliable duck hunting boat if you mount a motor, but then it wouldn’t be canoeing, would it? Highly recommend it for a Boy Scout camp boat on a small pond without wind. I keep hearing "you get what you pay for". In this case, I think you pay much too much for what you get.
Let’s break it down: $300.00 - $400.00 = an uncomfortable outing, broken back, over worked adventures, and a maintenance free yard ornament.

Now I’ve purchased old beat up canoes for under $100.00. Fixed them up for another $100.00, and had them ALL out perform the RAM X hands down. Sure the other canoes require some maintenance (although not much), but then again, I could own a door mat for a lot less and get more use than I would out of a Coleman RAM. We happily got rid of ours. We now let our friends use other canoes we’ve resurrected, and good canoes for the fiends who know how to canoe. I’d rate this backache barge a -5 if it were possible, since I can’t really equate it to a canoe…but alas, I’ll have to settle for a 1…And I’m being nice.

I just think this beast gets way too much praise without enough research backing its appeal. I fear it will lead to well intentioned buyers being suckered into getting one because well meaning novices don’t know any better.


After countless trips on the…

Submitted by: paddler232428 on 1/21/2008
After countless trips on the Black River and Vermillion River in northeastern Ohio in my uncles coleman ramx canoe, I finally decide to purchase my own with money I received from a summer job. I do see why people knock it cause of its weight, but we've had it on white water class I-II with no difficulty what so ever. It is by far one of the most inexpensive and durable canoes imaginable. Mine is currently less than a year old - purchased in August - I've had it out on the water three times (would be more but I don't have my drivers license).

I'm very impressed with it, the only difference between my uncles and mine is flex (his interior does not include a center seat but instead two aluminum thwarts with down bars which greatly improve hull rigidity). At around 300 dollars it is unbeatable... I can't wait till Spring


I just bought a Ram x 15,…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/12/2007
I just bought a Ram x 15, about 7 yrs. old, excellent condition, great durable, affordable family, canoe... wish they still made them... the pelican models they now have are poor quality. They ruined the good reputation of Coleman, when they bought them in 2001!

I bought my Ram-x 15 from my…

Submitted by: paddler232086 on 6/8/2007
I bought my Ram-x 15 from my brother-in-law when he got his bass boat. Sure it's a little awkward when trying to load solo, especially on a SUV. Try getting one of those new gadgets they sell that lets you put up one end and then it rotates letting you walk it around to the front. A definite back-saver if you use it a lot.

I love this canoe. It's perfect for calm waters (I don't do any swift-water running). Never been tipped even in some decent swells from nearby passing boats. I always feel very confident and safe in it with the kids. And with gas what it is, it sure beats anything else!


I bought my coleman 15.5…

Submitted by: paddler231957 on 3/14/2007
I bought my coleman 15.5 ram-x conoe 4.5 months ago. A beast,for portage. Does not sem so bad in the water. takes a hell of a beating. Still Its a beast and I am going to put a Honda fourstoke 2hp on it. Should be fun.

I've had a 17' Ram-X, a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/31/2006
I've had a 17' Ram-X, a Scanoe Ram-x and currently have two 15'Ram-x's. My 1999 Model Ram-X,- - This weekend on a 24Km river trip we hit a rock in a rapids and cut a clean hole about 2cm in diameter. This meant carrying our gear and lining the damaged craft the final 2 Km.I never carried Ducktape. I understand repair is not a recommended option, but I'll try, and if OK, I'll hide the canoe at a remote fishing spot for occasional limited use, Not in a river again. I think I'll finally upgrade to a Nova Craft Prospector, an "Old Creel" or maybe even an "Old Town." I do a lot of paddling, and I'm beginning to believe I may enjoy it more in a better craft. I have enjoyed my years in the Coleman, thank you. My first car was a New VW Beatle, loved it, but wouldn't want to drive one today.

I just picked up a ram-x 15…

Submitted by: paddler231858 on 10/23/2006
I just picked up a ram-x 15 canoe. I have yet to take it out but I love it so far! LOL. I've had "buy a canoe" on my list of things to do since I was 8 or 9 (almost 30 years ago) and finally have one my wife and kids can enjoy. We're not into canoing for the speed and whitewater, I just want to explore the back bays and waterways of Virginia Beach and get some fishing in as well.

This is the rental boat of…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/17/2006
This is the rental boat of Choice for the Ontario Provincial Parks System and for good reasonp; it's cheap, tough and a barge. Almost wrecked my back trying to hoist one of these monsters off the rack at the rental launch. Moves through turnslike a semi turns; WIDDDDDE. Seems like it'd be the canoe you load up with gear if you need an extra boat on a trip. Portages must be an absolute BUGGER with this on your back.....

I'd recommend this as a first boat, but I'm afraid it'd dissuade people from ever actually continuing, because of its clunkiness and weight........


We've owned a Coleman 15'…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/1/2006
We've owned a Coleman 15' RamX since 1982. We bought it, paddles, and foam blocks at Sears for $300 (with tax). We lived in an off-base trailer and I put it togther on the living room floor (getting it back out was tricky!).

In that canoe we spent many evenings on Delta Lake (near Rome, NY), survived one very nasty blow on some large lake in the Adirondacks, participated several 'races' from Tapawingo island to Camp-of-the-Woods beach, took many cruises with kids, took several 'canoe trips' down Mill Creek in Lancaster County, spent countless fishing afternoons, and paddled for two week-long trips down the West Branch of the Susquehanna.

The Coleman has spent too many winters and summers leaning up against the house outside, yet maintenance consists of hosing out the bugs and dirt. It's a barge, sinks deep in the water with two full-sized adults, and the aluminum struts have corroded and bent.

We're still deciding between a Bell Northwind an Old Town Penobscot. Either way, we'll have a new canoe in a few weeks. But I don't think any canoe will have as many adventures and good memories associated with it as our 15 foot plastic tub. If you're looking for a bargain, have kids, are not an equipment snob, or perhaps can't afford even a used quality canoe, you can't go wrong with a Coleman. It is the ticket to many enjoyable hours out on the water.


After a week in the…

Submitted by: paddler231135 on 6/14/2005
After a week in the Adirondacks I can say that it was worth the money. It's good for beginners and weekend warriors because it takes a beating. The down side is that it's heavy. It handled well (we made it through some snotty conditions). It's affordable. Do not compare it to a $1500 boat. If you wreck it you can donate to the dump on the ride home. A good first boat that you'll keep alongside a higher end model, if you decide to stay with the sport.

Yes it is heavy, but they…

Submitted by: paddler231134 on 6/13/2005
Yes it is heavy, but they make caddies for that and for the money, you can afford to beat the heck out of it and buy a new one every few years. I've had mine 6 years before she finally sprung a leak and I leave her in the sun, rarely empty the sand out under the gunnels and take care of it like teenager. Great shallow river boat. I live in AZ and rivers are few and far between, tend to be rocky. This boat has been dragged on its keel for miles on portages, bumped into all sorts of things, been buried in swift water, facing the current with only 6 inches of the bow sticking out (I still cant believe we got it out of the water)...and it takes a licking and keeps on ticking. I have seen people wrap them on rocks on the Verde River where it was folded like a taco and they stomped on it for an hour or so and were able to finish the trip. It's a super fun ride on class 2 and 3's and rides nice with current. My dog can jump in and out with out tipping it. I will always own a Coleman Ram X. P.S. Duct tape holds real well for a quick temp fix on holes...I now bring it with me on every trip....beats bailing!!

You do get what you pay for,…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/23/2005
You do get what you pay for, perhaps. Had to paddle one of these for one day and the best I can say is that it floats. Flexible oil canny plastic, solid seat material prevents getting legs under seats; basically a toy that floats.

I bought my 15' Coleman RamX…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/9/2004
I bought my 15' Coleman RamX 7 years ago. I'm part of a group that floats at least once every weekend in the summer, sometimes more. We also float in the winter time with no worries about overturns in this boat. The rivers that we float are shallow and slightly swift and with this boat it moves over the shallows even with a load where other canoes such as aluminum and old towns have the occupants getting out dragging. This boat shows very little wear after 7 years and is never stored inside or babied on the water. It is a bit heavy and that is the reason for the 9 rating, but it works well on moving water and is definitely good for several different uses. I have an aluminum canoe also and it is used for a loaner as I always use the Coleman myself unless my father comes along, then I let him use it due to ease of use.

I have owned this canoe for…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/22/2004
I have owned this canoe for many years. Despite the fact that it is heavy, slow, and hard to steer; it gets used the most. Why? Because I do not mind bouncing it off rocks or scraping bottom. I do things with this boat that I would never do with kevlar or fiberglass. Despite its obvious faults, it just keeps on going.

I have to give at least a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/11/2004
I have to give at least a "5", out of respect to a product so cheap and so indestructible. Unfortunately, if I rated it for its paddling enjoyability, I would rate it a "2". While it has excellent initial stability, it moves pretty much like a bathtub. I bought mine 20+ years ago when my wife and I lived on a small urban manmade pond - fine for 20 minute evening paddles. After 2 decades as a drying rack in the basement, we moved it to a Maine 148 acre pond. Even on calm water with no wind, the effort to move the Coleman was more chore than fun. It's great as a moving dock and you can drop a bomb on it, but even if you can't afford a high quality canoe, spend extra for a used Old Town or even an aluminum Grumman, and you will get out on the water more often.

Just bought 2001 15' Ram-X…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/9/2004
Just bought 2001 15' Ram-X with 2001 Trailerex canoe trailer, Minnkota trolling motor, battery, battery charger, 2 paddles, 4 life vests, motor bracket, and 2 anchors from a man in his eighties. Always garaged and as new. He had it set up for fishing. A bit sluggish to paddle solo, but rather stable and good to fish from. The trailer is a float-on so I don't worry about portage and carrying from truck and back from water. Just launch and go.

Coleman RamX gets a 10 for…

Submitted by: paddler230779 on 9/7/2004
Coleman RamX gets a 10 for the value. A 9 for primary instability, lack of speed, and taking on water over the bow. It has seen the BWCA several times, the first few miles of the Mississippi during flood season, and our own 6 mile long lake in the back yard. We haven't been too careful about storing it in the MN winter, it has been outside for its entire life and uncovered for a few winters.

It can be a bit unstable when not loaded down with packs. My husband did flip it when fishing solo and casting rather vigorously... But with packs and 2 toddlers in Baby Mississippi whitewater, we bounced off rocks and strainer trees without incident. The RamX hull seems to be fine after scraping over several rocks.

Definitely NOT the fastest canoe around, but I guess that's OK for what we needed. We drilled holes in the center aluminum thwart and made our own portage pads. Just returned from a 4 person BWCA trip with a 17' Grumman and on each and every portage I wished for my own Coleman...

Can't imagine having as much fun for $20 per year as we have had with the Coleman. Will likely upgrade soon, but not because the Coleman is dead - we can better afford it now. Frankly I dread worrying about an expensive canoe - was nice to be able to hit a few rocks and land at a portage without counting the dollars at risk!


My Ram x was purchased used…

Submitted by: paddler230633 on 6/17/2004
My Ram x was purchased used in 1984 after it blew off the top os a car at 70 mph. I replaced the aluminum braces and used the canoe for everything for the next 20 years. it has been shot with a 50 pound compound bow, run over rocks and waterfalls, and seen heavy use on lakes and rivers. This is not the lightest or the most manuverable of canoes but it has to be the most indestructible. There is no better canoe built for a novice or a family wanting a minimum maintainance canoe. 20 years of outdoor storage has not damaged the canoe in the least, a far cry from the wood and canvas I learned on.

I bought it used for $100,…

Submitted by: paddler230560 on 5/17/2004
I bought it used for $100, and that is about what it is worth. On the plus side, it floats! The seats are tougher than those of some more upscale canoes. But it is too flexible, too slow, too hard to handle, and too heavy. One would do better buying a composite, royalex, or even aluminum used canoe.

I have had my ram-x 15 for 8…

Submitted by: paddler230545 on 5/3/2004
I have had my ram-x 15 for 8 yrs. I use it for fishing and pleasure paddling. The flex of the polypropelene hull allows bumping over rocks and logs easy and damage free but it makes for a slower and more cumbersome handling canoe than those with a more rigid hull. It is great for flat or nearly flat water. The price and durability overcome its faults for my purposes.

Its not fast, Its not light,…

Submitted by: paddler229330 on 3/22/2004
Its not fast, Its not light, but for the occasional use it gets its been undestructable. Me and my wife both have Kayaks that are used almost daily in the summer. We got the Coleman 15 used about 20 years ago when the kids were still home and used it often with 3 kids aboard going on picnis and such. Now the kids borrow it, the neighbors borrow it, people I work with borrow it,Everyone still uses it after all these years except us. Its nothing the avid paddler would want but its served us well over the years.

15' ramx... NOT a top of the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/23/2004
15' ramx... NOT a top of the line ride -but- for the money it's been great. Adirondack lakes and Long Island bays. I go out and enjoy a day on the water without worrying if it gets a new scratch. Yuppy boats are dull, affordable boats are fun. Hell, if it sinks I can buy three more for the price of yours! Besides, getting wet is half the fun. Just buy it, throw it on your car and let it float from the campsite. All around a fun day on flat water.

This is a good fishing boat,…

Submitted by: paddler230435 on 12/29/2003
This is a good fishing boat, I've mounted a trolling motor and without anything in it it's not that heavy (to me, if it is to you, you need to invest in some good ole exercise) I pick it up and load her onto my pathfinder roof solo.

After looking around at cheap…

Submitted by: paddler230289 on 7/31/2003
After looking around at cheap used canoes I decided to purchase this canoe new from a store. Used it for a week and took it back be an exchange. The keel was warped in two places. Also the seats did not fit exactly right and when sat on, would cause the sides of the canoe to warp. Exchanged the canoe but found the same problems, warped keep and hull. Talked with Coleman, looked at all the other Colemans in the store and all were the same. Decided to get a refund on this canoe. I then bought a Clipper and now am very happy. Note - Coleman did change the design of these canoes, a neighbour has a much older one that has aluminium struts inside for support, his is much better than these new ones. Maybe these plastic tubs will bet fixed one day.

Purchased a 15' six years ago…

Submitted by: paddler230031 on 1/20/2003
Purchased a 15' six years ago because of price after my Old Town fell apart . The Coleman has taking a beating and looks fine but handles poorly if running swift water . The keel causes problems in swallow water when you go over rocks , hangs up and wants to tip then canoe ( Old Town slides over rocks much easier ) If you do take on a lot of water its next to impossible to handle ( The old Town was much safer and eaiser to handle with water in it )If your looking for casual paddling it's a great canoe , if your running rivers with swift water and sliding over rocks don't buy a Coleman.

Mabye for toughness this…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/25/2002
Mabye for toughness this barge is ok, however I have seen many of them hogged. The RAM-X line is also the least fun paddling canoe I have ever used. If one is in the market for a cheap canoe there are better units available. If you like how and old Dodge mini van handles you will like this canoe.

We bought our 17'er three…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/24/2002
We bought our 17'er three years ago. It was a choice of big bucks or what we could afford. The best thing we did was by the Coleman Ram-x line. We ended up buying a coleman made 3rd seat for the middle of our canoe for one of our children. The boat is so tough it's the only one that can blow off of your car and still be intact when you pick it up. It's a bit heavy if you're a serious portager, however if you're raising a family who are still learning to canoe, get this product, it's indestructable no matter how hard they bang into the rocks along the shore. Look for end of season deals at Wal-Mart, they usually clear them out then.

I've had my Ram-X for nearly…

Submitted by: paddler229935 on 9/25/2002
I've had my Ram-X for nearly 10 years and I don't believe you can find a better canoe for the money. I've taken this canoe down the Esconoba and Big Two Hearted rivers in th U.P. of Michigan many times - loaded down with camping gear and two fat guys!! As well as countless lakes from Michigan to Pennsylvania. I have never had her flip on me, and I always feel real comfortable both paddling solo or with a pal (by the way, I love those stadium seat backs!). My best paddling buddy has an Old Town 17' we call the barge - he's always asking if we can take my Coleman! I don't really find the Ram-X to be too heavy, I can get it into the back of my pick-up no problem. In my opinion the Ram-X can carry the load and paddle with the best of them. I only wish I could freshen up her faded hull.

Guess I'll put in my two…

Submitted by: paddler229913 on 9/9/2002
Guess I'll put in my two cents. I give this canoe a 9, not because it's the best canoe out there, but because it's one of the best values out there. I have had a Ram-X 15 since 1987 or so! Talk about a boat that has seen abuse. Initially I used this boat on the Erie Canal in NY, where launching almost always consisted of sliding it down a sleep slope of large rocks. For lack of a better location, the cannoe was stored outside, ucovered, through hot summers and cold winters for at least 10 years. I used the canoe heavily in the Genesee River and all the Finger Lakes. I remember once taking the canoe out on the south end of a lake in 40 mph gusts (not kidding), blowing from the north, just to see what it could do. I had a second paddler and all we were able to do was paddle into the middle of the lake and keep the canoe pointed into the waves and wind. It was a fun ride cresting over waves that were several feet high, and the canoe never took on more than a bit of water. I'm sure if we had turned broadside we would have been over immediately, but head on into the waves this canoe does an excellent job. It was definitely a confidence builder for future outings in not so rough a water.

Later on I moved to Indiana, and here I have used the canoe on large lakes with lots of boating traffic like Lake Monroe and Patoka Lake, and the White and Blue Rivers. Anyway, after almost 15 years of abuse, this canoe is scratched beyond belief, faded, etc.., but it works as well as it did the day I bought it. I think I paid around 200+ when I got it back in 87 and I can imagine anything that I have paid so little for and gotten so much enjoyment from. I agree it's heavy, and doesn't paddle like a $1000 canoe. I have paddled and portaged aluminum canoes that make you think you are paddling a pontoon boat when you go back to the Coleman. I'm a weightlifter and although I can get the canoe on a truck rack, it's not fun by myself. Still, I have decided that after 15 years I want a little more room and the ability to mount an engine (for long upstream runs), and what am I going to...the Pelican (Coleman) Gamefisher. I'll still have the weight issue, but after all I have been through with my first purchase, I know 100% that I'll get more than my moneys worth from this next purchase. I'll write a review of my new boat as soon as I get it shipped and can get it out on the water.


I haven't had the "pleasure"…

Submitted by: paddler229307 on 5/6/2002
I haven't had the "pleasure" to paddle a Coleman canoe in years. Do keep in mind that the ratings given here are assigned by first-time canoe buyers who don't know how good a canoe can be. After reading these reviews I can only conclude that those of us who paid 2 or 3 times as much for a canoe that only gets the same grades as a Coleman must be nuts! Granted, you can't beat the price for getting out on the water, but at what cost? When I stepped up to an Old Town (I now own two) I was amazed at how fast it was and how easily it was to paddle.

Whenever I see a Coleman -- which is often because they're inexpensive -- I'm reminded of a group canoeing outing a few years back. On this outing those of us in the upscale canoes were lazily paddling along, leading the pack, while the Coleman canoe crowd was huffing and puffing as if they were in a race, but they were just trying to keep up!

If you want a cheap canoe that'll give you plenty of exercise, this is the canoe for you. For twice the price you can get good looking canoe that'll last you a lifetime and be a joy to use (ask yourself: how many times did reviewers refer to a desire to mount a motor in these Coleman reviews?). Go for quality. You get what you pay for. I'm past the half-century mark and I can envision my heirs fighting over my canoes.


Bought 15' Coleman used about…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/11/2002
Bought 15' Coleman used about 2 months ago. I use it primarily for fishing on small ponds and slow rivers. Performs the task quite well! I do have a few complaints: middle thwart rubs the roof of my Taurus when loaded, canoe is quite heavy (can't load solo!), and I had a tuff time finding a motor mount for it. Ended up purchasing a Colonial Castings motor mount to use for a 34lb. thrust trolling motor... works perfect! Canoe is prone to leaning quite a bit, so getting that fish off the end of your line requires quite a bit of concentration.

First bought canoe. Bought it…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/13/2002
First bought canoe. Bought it for the price 350.00. Over all this seems to be a good boat. I would rather have an Old town, but not enough pennies. The boat handles well in moving water as well as flat water (great for fishing). The wind will blow the boat around if there is a cross wind. The boat is almost to much for one man to load and unload.

I had my Ram-X 15 for bout 5…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/28/2002
I had my Ram-X 15 for bout 5 years and love everyminute of it. For 300 bucks it is a great value. I primarily musky fish in small streams where I have to portage some. It is very stable while fighing big fish. The only drawback is the weight, I cannot successfully get it on top of my truck by myself. I always have to have a passenger with me. Overall I love the canoe, would only trade if for a Lighter coleman, but they don't make one, until then I will stick with my Ram-X 15.

15.7 Coleman, 3-seater. For…

Submitted by: paddler229358 on 7/20/2001
15.7 Coleman, 3-seater. For under $300, you can't beat this canoe. The initial stability in boarding isn't great, but on the water, it tracks well and is extremely stable. After many, many outings on rivers, canals, lakes and even Lake Michigan (I don't reccomend the big lake for just anyone) it has won me over as one of the best canoes, certainly the best value, out there. I've also come to appreciate it's attractiveness.

My wife and I recently…

Submitted by: paddler229317 on 7/2/2001
My wife and I recently purchased a Coleman Ram-X 15 new for $240.00 at a local sporting goods chain (I think they were being closed-out because the new Coleman canoes are now made by Pelican, Int'l and the Ram-X line is being discontinued). At any rate, we were very pleased with the price, and even moreso with the Ram-X 15's performance on the water.

We have taken both our boys (18 mos and 3 years old) out for extended trips on Mission Bay (San Diego, CA), and the boat has performed beyond our expectations. It is stable, tracks well, easy to paddle, and surprisingly fast. For those familiar with Mission Bay, you know how choppy and wake-filled it can be on the weekends (with all the Jet-skis and ski-boats). We cut across several wakes with no problems, it was actually fun! The boys do fine in it, with each one sitting in front of my wife and I. That is, one seated in front of the stern seat, and one in front of the bow seat. We plan to take it camping on a local lake later this season.

Definately a good choice for families with young children, and also a good first canoe. Certainly a bargain for under $300.00. I would also say that it is a better value than a similar Old Town sporting canoe, which are as much as three times the price of the Coleman. Although the Old Towns are constructed of multi-ply poly/foam/poly, I still don't think they are worth the significant increase in price.


I bought my 15 ft. Coleman…

Submitted by: paddler229281 on 6/11/2001
I bought my 15 ft. Coleman used in 1988. It has served my family and I faithfully every year since. We use it for everything from class 3 water to 3 day camping trips. I eventually will be buying a 17 ft. Coleman for the camping excursions, as we now have a German Shepard who likes to canoe too. I'd recommend Coleman to anyone getting started in the sport.

Excellant durable canoe for…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/9/2001
Excellant durable canoe for recreational use. Handles well and is very stable. I and my wife used it for fishing.A small Min Kota 10 moved it nicely.A elect. motor mount would be nice item.

I bought my Coleman Ram-X 15…

Submitted by: paddler229148 on 3/16/2001
I bought my Coleman Ram-X 15 in June of '75, from K-Mart in Wichita, Ks. It has been on top of 3 different truckcampers and a statiowagon and the weight is only a minor problem when loading/unloading. I have never had to portage more than about 1/2 mile so really found the lbs to be something to have to worry about. I was in the US Navy in Jax, Fla with my boat floating and paddling the St. Johns river and the backwaters in the area for 3 years. Tess (my boat), earned my respect for solid strength and duribility there by oilcan flexing over many log stumps and submerged fenceposts while giving me the freedom and quiet times I sometimes needed to "Get Away!" I took Tess to Europe and added rowing locks to her after seeing some Dutch campers working a long punt boat on the slow rivers and canals. It was a grand experience to exchange times with all who ask about the Canoe as most had only seen Kayacks on their waters. It handily carried 2 adults and a child with gear for 2-3 day trips. It has floated the Med Sea, the Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Sea Coasts and the California, San Diego area Sea Coast and backwaters. She is very stable in all areas up to 2-3 foot waves without tipping unless taking them broadside. She has been fully awash filled with water, floating myself and a Teenage Son who insisted in standing on a seat to reach overhanging limbs for a butterfly. I "Love" this boat and recommend it to all Newbies as a pracitcal boat to learn and use when other boat are to costly, shifty, and harder to manage on low time paddlers.

Purchased my Coleman 15"…

Submitted by: paddler229025 on 12/10/2000
Purchased my Coleman 15" at the Coleman outlet store nearby in June. It is my first canoe and I have used it throughout the summer and fall. I am very pleased with it. It is a bit heavy but has performed well. Hard to tip - I tried. I have used it for fishing and paddling. Swell first canoe.

Bought my ram-x last summer…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/20/2000
Bought my ram-x last summer at a yard sale. It was in nearly new condition, less than a dozen scatches. Price was good too. This is our (son age 12) first canoe to own but have been out in Old Town and aluminum rentals previously. Very satisfied with our coleman. Weight is a bit on the heavy side. We fish on local lakes and streams so portaging is normally short. stability is good as is tracking. Speed in a race with a similar old towne left us two lenghts behind!

Just bought one yesterday…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/20/2000
Just bought one yesterday (8/19) after looking at several brands for several months. Been on the lake the past two days and first impressions are that it is a great first canoe. Handled great with me and my 6 year old son. Tracked very well and had good stability. For the price ($299) I don't think it can be beat for first boat. I bought it unassembled and assembly was no problem. Only lost my religion once! Based on my limited experience, I would recommend it to nearly anyone wanting a boat just to paddle around a smooth lake on. Only problem I have with boat is relatively low weight limit of 645lbs.

I bought a new Coleman 15ft…

Submitted by: paddler228786 on 7/30/2000
I bought a new Coleman 15ft in May. I really wanted to just get started in canoeing and I feel I made a good choice. Its stable, easy to load on top of my 4-runner and its seen 3 buffalo river trips and at least 8 trips on the Red river, and other than sratches its took a good beating so far! These things are tough and inexpensive!

This is a great…

Submitted by: paddler228748 on 7/16/2000
This is a great deal...handles well and seems to be well made...Ram X is tough and resiliant...not too heavy...tracks well and moves pretty fast for a wide beam...if you want a cheap canoe...this one isn't...but it is low priced.

While living in Alaska I had…

Submitted by: paddler228726 on 7/6/2000
While living in Alaska I had the opportunity to use a Scanoe and did so for 5 seasons. It is tough and I thought very highly of it. A champion testimonial to the durability of the Ram-X material came from a local fish and game pilot who had one come loose from the rigging and fall from his float plane from a couple hundred feet up. The only parts needed to fix the boat where a new aluminum bowcap, the gunwales where straightened with heat. The plastic was unscathed.

I noticed a tendency for people to get excited here and post perfect 10's rather easily. No Coleman canoe product that I have ever seen deserves a 10 because toughness and longevity are two different things. The nature of the Ram-X material makes it decompose badly if left out in the sun for extended periods of time. If it can't sit outside without being pampered it's not a 10. UV light is no friend of a Coleman canoe. I live in Arizona now so we get more than our share of UV and if you don't have a garage or carport to store it under - it's just a matter of time. I realized this to the full extent when I went looking to purchase a Scanoe in Tucson. I for the life of me couldn't find a used boat without at least one gaping crack in it. The melted plastic fixes that the various owners tried where shoddy at best. One anxious seller proceeded to "fix" the boat right before my eyes with a bic lighter and some green weedwhip line. He made a big gummy mess and the crack popped apart a few minutes later. I could have bought a new Coleman for not much more but what's the point. If this is what I'd have to deal with down the road then... no thanks. Bottom line - Ram-X is tough as cobbs but if you leave it out in the sun - forget it. If you own one and truly love it, be nice to it and put some kind of roof over it's head.

I ended up purchasing a Grumman aluminum canoe that spent 24 years outdoors in the sun that remains unscathed - other than the faded drab paint.


What a great conoe!!!!going…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/29/2000
What a great conoe!!!!going on three years of many overnite trips in northern wisconsin. takes a severe beating (rocks,logs) and keeps floating. I had water filled to within 4 inches of lip and loaded w/ our gear and it still floated!!!!DON'T ASK....

The RAM-X 15 is my first…

Submitted by: jasonb on 6/24/2000
The RAM-X 15 is my first canoe. I love it; not only for the price ($299.00...ok, $300), but for it's functionality. It rides beautifully atop my Thule rack attached to my Honda Accord. It's easy to lift and carry by myself. I take the kids out at one of the many lakes in our area and paddle for an hour or two several times a week. Definately a good first canoe; low maintenance, durable, cost-effective.

I am very pleased with my…

Submitted by: paddler228599 on 5/10/2000
I am very pleased with my canoe its a great boat & buy and lots of fun buy one you can't go wrong with this boat trust me. Ggood luck & happy paddling.

Bought my coleman for $250 at…

Submitted by: paddler228590 on 5/7/2000
Bought my coleman for $250 at Dunhams in Pleasant hills PA, good investment! I needed an inexpensive canoe for running my trapline and fishing. First time out I had my 16 yr old up in front it handled well, had a great time, second time out I was solo put a cooler full of water in front for weight,the canoe still handled well. If you're looking for an inexpensive canoe,I think you will be very happy with Coleman.

Owned one in the 70's then…

Submitted by: paddler228500 on 3/20/2000
Owned one in the 70's then sold it. Was so sorry that i sold it i bought another one from the coleman outlet (camp coleman) in PA. About $ 279. They improved the seats, otherwise its the same great canoe. Very versatile and easy to handle. Loads of fun. The ram x material is tough.

I love my Ram-x ,its a real…

Submitted by: paddler228460 on 2/19/2000
I love my Ram-x ,its a real great boat. I've had mine for two years.Its perfect, not to heavy,good size,really nice. I,d recomend it for anyone!If your looking for a new canoe,this is the one.

Have had my 15' green canoe…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/14/2000
Have had my 15' green canoe for 15 years! The only problem is I must repair the hole I make by dragging it so often. I do this with old green plastic soda bottles and a soldering iron. The plastic melts and can be welded to the existing material. Would buy another in a minute. I mount the battery in the front for better weight distribution. Excellent fishing canoe. Only drawback is the weight.

Nice boat. Does what Iwant it…

Submitted by: paddler228405 on 1/4/2000
Nice boat. Does what Iwant it to. Stays on top my Honda Civic just fine with foam blocks and straps. When solo, I must paddle from the center of the boat otherwise the bow rides too high and tracking is impossible. When anchored in a breeze, a bow and stern anchor are required or you will spin like a top in variable breezes. The bottom does flex nicely when going over tree stumps. I suppose theonly real down side of the boat is that the seats are designed in a way that prevents you from placing your feet underneath the seat. A great buy at around $350 (on line).

I love the canoe. It is…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/24/1999
I love the canoe. It is light, and durable and It manuevers well and is very inexpensive. It tends to get dragged around a lot so you might want to make sure you have an anchor. It really gets to the hard to reach places easily for fishing purposes.

I've quite enjoyed my Ram15.…

Submitted by: paddler228359 on 11/14/1999
I've quite enjoyed my Ram15. The only problem I had was its weight. In fact I must now sell my canoe as I was injured in an automobile accident and can't lift the canoe anymore. If anyone's looking to buy please contact me. And happy canoeing to everyone!

As I departed for a 20 mile…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/4/1999
As I departed for a 20 mile trip down a sometimes shallow Ozark river, I sat wondering if this fully loaded canoe was going to get my wife and I to our destination safely... It did, with flying colors. It's alarming to see the bottom flex so easly but you soon learn to trust the toughness of the RAM-X material. Good inexpensive first canoe.

I know a 10 is considered…

Submitted by: paddler228283 on 9/16/1999
I know a 10 is considered perfect, but that's what this canoe is for my family. Light enough to lift by myself (carefully), but big enough for the 3 of us, plus our 2 dogs. $299 at Sports Athority and the cheapest new canoe I could find. We're tickled and look forward to years of fun with it. My 8 year old daughter LOVES it!!

These canoes hold up…

Submitted by: paddler228157 on 7/4/1999
These canoes hold up tremendously well and are easy to navigate. I have put mine to the test through some rough rivers and over some big trees and rocks. I have mere scrapes and nothing compared to what I have done to other canoes I have used.

Good price, only 70 lbs.,…

Submitted by: paddler228118 on 6/14/1999
Good price, only 70 lbs., tough material, overall it's a good canoe. Only color comes in red, rather have it green. seats have improved, now with removable back suports. Keel needs to be bigger, because slight wind will put you in circles in open areas. When fishing bring anchor and seat cushions!

Superb canoe to fish in…

Submitted by: paddler228113 on 6/12/1999
Superb canoe to fish in difficult to reach spots. Need a design to make a motor mount for my 3 hp motor.

This is a very good buy.…

Submitted by: paddler228052 on 4/11/1999
This is a very good buy. $299.99 from B.J.s' Wholesale club in Ohio. Stability has been very good and the seats with backs has made a day of fishing much easier. Plenty of room and comfort make it a deffinate buy. If you know of a good electric motor mount please contact me at tocscot@hotmail.com

Although it's rather heavy…

Submitted by: paddler227985 on 1/18/1999
Although it's rather heavy for it's size, it has taken an absolute pounding and I've patched the only hole with marine sealant... (trust me, the hole was earned).