Name: RamseyHFD

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This canoe is a sturdy workhorse of a canoe. I thought for sure after years of use, we had finally destroyed it last summer. Nope..... The river was low, the rocks were high, and then the dam opened. We ran into class three plus water and made through in one piece. after inspecting the hull and nose, there was no damage. Lots of scrapes, but no damage. We were shocked! It was still sound! These Coleman's can take some abuse and last for years. Amazing!

Wow what a great kayak to kick off your novice paddling! Very easy to navigate, virtually impossible to tip over, and stable enough to fish out of.

We purchased two of these lighter weight recreational kayaks to use on a slower river, no rapids higher than a low 3, and boy were they fun! Took them this weekend to a small lake, again... Loads of fun! Even did some angling.

These kayaks got us back out on the water and having fun again! Solid and inexpensive, sold along with paddles at Menards.

Bought from an online retailer , had no problems with directions or packing list, once inflated board is very sturdy and feels nice and stable in water adding the seat for beginners to get their "legs" was a breeze. I really enjoyed learning paddling and balance gradually. Remove the seat and SUP is is step two. Beginners will find this board easy to conquer Pros Has kayak style capabilities Cons Inflating was a nightmare . Very difficult to attain proper pressure with pump supplied . Once inflated, it was very difficult to deflate and repackage, it seemed like origami to get back to pack able dimensions . This board is truly not a "fix" if you have storage issues and are thinking of using for recreational paddling and just inflating at whim or every other weekend type plans. It is very difficult to inflate /deflate/pack

Manufacturer's Response:
Sorry to hear you’ve had problems re-packaging the Na Pali into “packable” dimensions. We recommend following these deflation steps below to efficiently deflate the Airhead SUP Na Pali. After fully deflated, simply roll the SUP from the front “nose end” towards the valve on the opposite tail end. Keep the included board strap nearby. Fasten it around the board and tighten to keep the board’s now compact cylindrical shape. Lastly place in the included back pack.


1. Clear any water or fragments out from around the valve area before removing valve cover.2. Press down on the valve pin to let air out of the SUP. Once air starts to release you can press the valve pin in all the way and turn it clockwise to the open locked position. Usage Recreational , small lake