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I have had two ram-x canoes in our family since the early 80's still use them every now and then still floating. Did have to replace the keel stiffening bar but for being that old who can complain great boats.

great old kayak. got it used for dirt cheap. After a little work replacing hip pads and what not its a awesome kayak to play in the surf with. I haven't used in in rivers yet and don't know if I will but I imagine it would be great. Even though it's long it is a fun play boat.

I have had a perception search 13 and love it. It is a superbly well rounded kayak. Stable enough to stand, though it does take some good balance to move around. Fairly fast I can keep up with my friends 14' AquaTerrra without to much extra effort.It is a GREAT fishing kayak if they were still made I would get another. in the mean time I keep my eye out for used. Only reason for the score of 9 is that it is a little on the heavy side 65-70 lbs. but it is rock solid. Wish they were still made

I've recently started fishing from kayaks and purchased a slightly used Perception Search 13. It is an older model that is no longer produced, too bad because this thing in near perfect for an average sized and skilled kayak fisherman. Very easy to control and to get going.

I have only been out a handful of times with it and is hands down superior to any that I have rented or borrowed, I can not recall most or them pelican and a castaway are a couple that I have been on. I also have played a little in the choppy surf on the Texas coast and is plenty stable. Fishing and messing around in the bay have been its primary uses. There is abundant storage both internal and in the HUGE aft well. With out a doubt I would not hesitate to recommend this kayak to anyone if they were still available.

The only reason for not ranking it a 10 is that I do not believe that there is anything that is perfect.