Wooden Canoes

Wooden Canoe Buyers Guide

A wooden canoe can be a joy to paddle and a decorative piece of art. The hand-crafted, labor-intense construction of a wooden canoe makes it extremely stiff but allows some flex. 

Buying a Wood Canoe

If you are buying a wood canoe, there's a few specifications and options to be aware of before you begin. First, you have the choice to build your own wooden canoe or purchase a manufactured wooden canoe. If building your own, there are countless resources available, but it would behoove you to use a kit. The strips usually come full length so you can focus on assembling your work of art. If buying a manufactured wooden canoe, you'll notice that there are still multiple layup options. The ribs of the canoe are wooden and then the canoe is wrapped and finish in kevlar, fiberglass, or a kevlar/fiberglass hybrid. You get all the beauty and awe of the wood ribbed canoe but with the sleek durability of kevlar or fiberglass.

Wooden Canoe Reviews

Wooden canoes have been around longer than you or I. Not only have the designs improved, but your fellow enthusiasts have been documenting their experience and writing wooden canoe reviews. Read these reviews to learn about their experience building, paddling, and maintaining their wooden beauties! Be sure to share your experience with the rest of us!

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