Inflatable Canoes

Inflatable Canoe Buyers Guide

We've all seen (or can envision) the eager paddler trying to overhead carry (portage) a canoe that's more than twice their height and a few pounds too heavy. You see them sway forward. And sway back. A little left. Phew, they made it. Yes, some proper instruction on how to portage a canoe would certainly be helpful. Or another option for them: the inflatable canoe. Gone are their days of trying to haul, store, and transport a canoe that's just too much for them. These things pack down into a closet, shed, or the trunk of your car! Continued innovation in inflatable canoes with things like drop stitch assembly allow them to get lighter, more versatile, and pack down even smaller!

Inflatable Canoe Reviews

Whether you're looking for a 2 person inflatable canoe or 3-4 person inflatable canoe, your fellow paddlers have you covered. We've been collecting inflatable canoe reviews since before you knew you wanted one! As you read the reviews, pay attention to the marks on durability, stability, and tracking!

And when you've made your decision, please submit your inflatable canoe review and share with the rest of us!