Folding Canoes

Folding Canoe Buyers Guide

Folding canoes have been around for a long time but have continued to improve and innovate the technology that makes them a remarkable watercraft. The construction and assembly process will amaze you- from the wide set of cross ribs to the canoe skin, you'll be

Benefits of a Folding Canoe

When you own a folding canoe, you get the unique experience of assembling and disassembling the canoe in its entirety. What better way to learn the anatomy behind a canoe? You touch and assemble each piece: gunwales, flotation mat or device, bows, keel, ribs, seat, and skin. Did you know that the ribs are different sizes? Think about it- the canoe gets widest in the middle, so the largest rib belongs there. Some models even allow you to swap out for wider ribs than standard for enhanced stability.

Folding canoes provide that wide, stable structure that affords enough space for 1-2 canoeists and the equivalent weeks worth of gear. Whether you're looking to paddle solo or tandem, there's a folding canoe here for you.

Folding Canoe Reviews

Browse individual models above or select one of the top folding canoe brands below to see all of their products. As always, be sure to read folding canoe reviews before you buy. You'll get a glimpse into things like: How easy is assembly or transport? What's the tracking like on a folding canoe? Are they good for expedition?

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